vampire drain of 18 miles per day

vampire drain of 18 miles per day

Since about mid-December (perhaps related to the latest firmware update) my Model 3 has been loosing 18 miles per day of charge. I schedules service and got an e-mail from Tesla saying this is normal. I have not added any apps to my car, it should be in the standard configuration. Previous to December it was loosing less than 10 miles per week. What sort of drain are others seeing?

Rscherms | 13 Janvier 2020

Same here!

stingray.don | 13 Janvier 2020

Turn off sentry mode and summon standby

teslamazing | 13 Janvier 2020

What stingray said. Usually the most common reason

teslamazing | 13 Janvier 2020

Smart summon standby mode is defaulted to ON. Has similar drain as sentry mode.

Pg3ibew | 13 Janvier 2020

I dont have summon in my Model 3. I do have Sentry mode. Sentry mode stays OFF at home.

Massive drain to power.

Joshan | 13 Janvier 2020

but wroth the drain the first time you need it!

Wesla207 | 13 Janvier 2020

I commonly see 10-15 miles of range loss overnight during the winter in Boston.

nnguyen72 | 13 Janvier 2020

^^Same. I would most likely attribute it to the cold weather. | 13 Janvier 2020

You can figure a little less than 1 mile of range loss per hour Sentry mode is on. You can elect to have it automatically set off at home and/or work in Controls or disable it entirely.

yudansha™ | 13 Janvier 2020

I was losing to enabled Cabin Overheat Protection. Check turning it off too.

St☰v☰ | 13 Janvier 2020

I got the same rhetorical BS as well. Mine can park in my garage, all weekend, no systems running, no sentry, and I still lose up to 1.5 range miles per hour. The guy at the SC said, "that's normal, we have reams of data showing your loss is in line will all other 3's out there". Well,that doesn't make it right, it just supports the fact that there's something wrong..

Pg3ibew | 13 Janvier 2020

My model 3 sits outside in NYC weather. No garage. I shut Sentry. I lose 1-2 Miles over night.
Shut Sentry and Summon modes.

stopnair | 13 Janvier 2020

same here... and i think its cold weather in L.A (for me).... ridiculous why Tesla just doesn't say so.

FISHEV | 13 Janvier 2020

Kona EV provides a list of what is using power. Tesla should do that also.

Joseb | 13 Janvier 2020

Sentry mode and smart summon are usually the culprits.
I see in average 1-2miles a day.

I recently had a trip and left the car for 2 weeks in those park and shuttle places, turned off sentry mode and summon, and sit for 2 weeks on temperatures ranging from 45F to 38F, lost in average 1mile a day.

18 miles a day does sound excessive.

spuzzz123 | 13 Janvier 2020

Ah this thread is pure fish food (fud)

Randyb359 | 13 Janvier 2020

I lose 5 to 20 miles per day. On days I drive very little it is usually on the low end. If I drive a lot it will be on the high end. Summon and Sentry mode are both off. Set up a service appointment. They told me to charge to 90% then discharge to 10% a few times and canceled my appointment. | 13 Janvier 2020

For those with 15-20 miles of day loss, and you think Sentry is off - have you checked the dashcam video? If it has recordings during the hour before you get into the car, Sentry mode is not off. You can also walk by the car without your fob when the car is locked and see if Sentry mode is triggered. Not sure what else to try. It sure sounds like the AP process is remaining on for Sentry mode and consuming power. | 13 Janvier 2020

"...without your fob and without your phone..."

teslamazing | 13 Janvier 2020

Kona reminds me of a knock-off Chinese model iPhone

vinayasurya | 13 Janvier 2020

Yes, I also faced the same issue. In my case though there were 14 Sentry mode events. A single day vampire drain was 13%. I never used to see that much drain in a single day. After that, I haven't faced that much drain, so I am not sure what all contributed to that.

coleAK | 13 Janvier 2020

It’s not vampire drain if it’s from: sentry/summon/cabin overheat/cabin pre heat/waking car/ or any other reason the car is legitimately using power. Our 3 sat for 10 days unplugged at 50% SOC in our garage at 55F (heated). No apps running, didn’t wake it up once from checking the app and didn’t lose any battery %.

billroger | 13 Janvier 2020

Need to leave my Tesla parked unplugged for 31 days. Will the battery be totally dead when I return? Any suggestions as to how to avoid this be greatly appreciated.

yudansha™ | 13 Janvier 2020

@billroger Do you have any trustworthy friend in case you need to charge it? We can only speculate it will be fine if you disable all vampires for the time being and do not check your car constantly via app.

rehutton777 | 13 Janvier 2020

billroger: How much charge are you losing on a daily basis now? Normal loss with sentry, cabin overheat and smart summon deactivated (OFF) is 1-2 miles per day. While I don't have it, I have seen cases where a 3rd party app such as TeslaFi can cause significant drain, so turn off any apps that ping your car. If your loss is in the range of 1-5 miles per day, you should be fine. I would check once a week using the Tesla App to make sure your battery is fine.