Autopilot Saved Our Lives

Autopilot Saved Our Lives

Christmas Eve early morning driving northbound on the Baltimore Washington Parkway headed to Johns Hopkins for my husband's all-day cancer treatment. Car headed southbound lost control, crossed the median, passed in front of us and collided with the car in the lane next to us. Autopilot slowed the car to avoid the head-on collision. Sadly my brand new car was impacted by debris from the two cars colliding beside us and sustained considerable body damage, but my husband and I were unhurt and the car was driveable. We were lucky to be alive and unhurt! I don't think I'll ever drive another car.

mazers | 13 Janvier 2020

So happy to hear you are safe. Tesla is the safest car to drive. I was in an accident on Rt 70 last Thursday and wonder if I was using autopilot if the car would have done anything. If the car is totaled, I'm ordering another Tesla that day.

82bert | 13 Janvier 2020

Fantastic that the car did its job and all are safe! More headlines like these would be nice.

vmulla | 13 Janvier 2020

Great story.

cmh95628 | 13 Janvier 2020

Whew! So glad you are safe.

Joshan | 13 Janvier 2020

Did you save the dash cam? I would love to see it. I had the same sort of thing happen and did not have my flash drive in at the time :(

Big_Ed | 13 Janvier 2020

That's awesome. So glad you are ok. H2H collisions at freeway speed are incredibly dangerous due to all the energy. Seen some around here where cars were literally cut in half.

If AP was off, I assume FCAS would have performed similar function, but I don't know enough about the system to know.