Amazon Prime Video & Disney+ under "Entertainment"

Amazon Prime Video & Disney+ under "Entertainment"

Any idea when Amazon Prime Video & Disney+ will be available as options on the "Entertainment" screen ?

We just cancelled Netflix so those options will be very desirable.

GHammer | 15 Janvier 2020

Some time between tomorrow and never.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 15 Janvier 2020

Not true about never. Elon said they will Add Disney + | 15 Janvier 2020

I would also like Prime Music as a Radio option. I have not used the video options, as I do not really super charge, and have no other reason to sit in my car for that long amount of time

neylus | 15 Janvier 2020

You may already know this hack, but, you can use the YouTube app and search for "Disney". There will be a visit site box in the upper right-hand corner. Click it and you can login to Disney Plus there. It works great.

vmulla | 15 Janvier 2020

Hmmm...I doubt anything Amazon related will be supported on Tesla.

Kary993 | 15 Janvier 2020

Isn't HBO coming?

GHammer | 15 Janvier 2020

"Elon said they will Add Disney +"

Elon has said lots of things that have not and never will happen.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 15 Janvier 2020

GHammer, like? | 15 Janvier 2020

@neylus - Have you tried that? The browser doesn't allow video, so I don't see how that would work in the car. It might work at home on a PC. The only way to get video is via a Tesla offered app - similar to smart TVs and other streaming devices - you need the app!

GHammer | 15 Janvier 2020

Off the top of my head, AP1 capabilities. | 15 Janvier 2020

@neylus - Ignore my last thought. Yes, you should be able to get to other services if available on YouTube app. Wasn't thinking it through.

calvin940 | 15 Janvier 2020

GHammer | January 15, 2020
Off the top of my head, AP1 capabilities.

One = Lots?

rxlawdude | 15 Janvier 2020

Actually, @TT, videos DO work fine in the browser. Even went to and played videos, as well as videos on cnn and (ahem) foxnews. Obviously, only in Park.

rxlawdude | 15 Janvier 2020

Has anyone tried to use the browser to get to Disney+?

calvin940 | 15 Janvier 2020

@rxlawdude | January 15, 2020
Has anyone tried to use the browser to get to Disney+?
I don't have D+ but I used the YouTube method to load plex to get to my plex server. worked like a charm.

GHammer | 15 Janvier 2020

OK, App store and screen mirroring for MCU1. Solar power at all superchargers. Battery exchange.

GHammer | 15 Janvier 2020

Oh, and lets not forget FSD capability with the original hardware.

MYWBear | 15 Janvier 2020

The YouTube workaround seems to work fine for Disney+ and Amazon Prime. But, I have to log in each time I want to use it. I'm not too keen on logging in with my password on a large bright display in a public area each time I want to watch Disney+, Amazon Prime, or something else that is not natively supported by Tesla.

tdwin2000 | 15 Janvier 2020

The Youtube workaround also works great for Plex.

tony.taylor442 | 16 Janvier 2020

@MYWBear - I subscribe to Prime instead of Netflix - how can I watch it in my Tesla using the "YouTube" workaround?

hokiegir1 | 16 Janvier 2020

The browser works for videos. I've watched Plex on it. Just open your browser and go to the service you want to use. The youtube method is good if you want full screen viewing, but if you don't care if it's partial screen (regular browser window size), then it's much easier.

And @GHammer -- battery swaps were made possible for the S, but superchargers were more popular so they abandoned further roll out. There are some superchargers that have solar, and I believe that as they get their megapacks up to full production, those will increase -- but solar without battery is only minimally helpful in the use case of superchargers. MCU1 suffered from a partnership split and Tesla had to redesign from the bottom up when MobilEye left. I wouldn't completely rule out new functionality going to those cars, but they are focusing efforts on the 80% of the fleet rather than the older 20%, some of whom might be getting toward upgrade time anyway (cars are now 6-7 years old for the most part). MCU2.0 is probably the even shorter end of the stick, since those are "in house" chips that still can't do many of the things 2.5 and 3.0 can do. But I do expect that they are still working on an upgrade path for both 1.0 and 2.0. The housings have just changed (my understanding -- could be incorrect), so it's not a simple chip swap. That's why the S/X 2.5->3.0 can happen with mobile, but the 3 has to be in the service center.

Prashanthsharma | 17 Janvier 2020

@hokiegir1 I tried going out to amazon prime video from the YouTube app but after being asked to login, when I tried to play a video, the display said that the browser is not able to play videos.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong..

michaelclark14 | 18 Janvier 2020

Disney+ works on least for me.

rsingh05 | 18 Janvier 2020

@ michaelclark14 - yes Disney plus has been working for a while in the browser. I don’t know if there’s a way to get the browser full screen though.

vmulla | 18 Janvier 2020

Just this thing between EM and Bezos makes me think anything Amazon will not be playing on Teslas.

I shared this obliquely earlier here:

vmulla | January 15, 2020
Hmmm...I doubt anything Amazon related will be supported on Tesla.

Prashanthsharma | 20 Janvier 2020

YEs, Disney+ works via the YouTube steps. But AmazonPrime video does not.