Tesla releases gen 3 wall charger

Tesla releases gen 3 wall charger

"Tesla has launched a new, third-generation Wall Connector home charger with new Wi-Fi connectivity for over-the-air updates, a new cord length, and a tempered white glass faceplate."

Don't we already have these features through the app? I don't understand the benefit of this "new" charger.

shawncordell | 15 Janvier 2020

Nope. The new WiFi can be a game changer.

Now when traveling to a destination charger, you can check it’s occupancy like you can at Superchargers.

You can also link up to 16 HWPCs over WiFi instead of 4(and there’s no need for the comm wire).

For business owners with destination chargers, they can monitor usage and disable output if needed(especially for free loaders).

For people with powerwalls, like myself, the chargers can talk to your Powerwall and NOT charge your car when the grid is down. Nothing worse than waking up with a depleted Powerwall, no power but a fully charged Tesla. Lol

If you share your charger via plug share and charge a fee, this is a great way to monitor usage.

Just a few examples. But I think this will be huge.

ADinM3 | 15 Janvier 2020

My current 14-50 serves me well, but this definitely looks nice and makes the Wall Charger a much better value at $500 versus the 2nd gen.

I couldn't quite tell from the article, but will the charger act as a Wifi hotspot to receive software upgrades, maybe watch videos, etc. or am I reading too much into it?

andy.connor.e | 15 Janvier 2020

"Now when traveling to a destination charger, you can check it’s occupancy like you can at Superchargers."

I had not even thought about that at first. This is key to Tesla navigation.

ross_gary | 15 Janvier 2020

since we are talking wall connectors! I have a generation 2 wall connector that my electriction tried to install and discovered that the LA1, I believe, anchor to the 249 line was shipped stripped. Screw just goes around and around

Would like to exchange for one that works. Anyone know who to contact or a fix. I have tried several different efforts of contacts but all I get is the "Ghost Tesla". GR

ksrehman | 15 Janvier 2020

Nice. Thank you for letting us know. I ordered one.

Pg3ibew | 16 Janvier 2020

The Tesla store says, MUST BE INSTALLED BY QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN. I wonder if that means that they will only sell it to you hire one of Tesla certified electricians.

kevin_rf | 16 Janvier 2020

Didn't the gen2 have the same must be installed by a qualified electrician tag?

Kathy Applebaum | 16 Janvier 2020

@Pg3ibew That just means there's some wiring involved and they aren't responsible if you do it yourself and burn your house down. Any qualified electrician can do it.

coleAK | 16 Janvier 2020

@ Pg3ibew. The other wall connectors said the same thing about electrician installation. There have been many threads on the topic over the years. So yes All of the ones that must be hard wired into a breaker have that wording. Most areas per code any work done where the “box is entered” requires an electrician and I’m sure there are many places it also requires a permit.

andy.connor.e | 16 Janvier 2020

The installation manual does such a good job of explaining how to do it that i could do it. Anyone who has a qualification such as being an electrician will easily be able to read those instructions and install this charger.

bjrosen | 16 Janvier 2020

I wonder if it will tell you how much power you've used. I have a bunch of WiFI smartplugs that I use for my air conditioners and my server room, I'm able to see how much power I'm drawing and how much I've used on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Would love to have that info for the car.

007bond | 16 Janvier 2020

"Now when traveling to a destination charger, you can check it’s occupancy like you can at Superchargers."

I doubt that current locations are going to rip out and replace what they have so this at best is min advantage for many years to come.

coleAK | 16 Janvier 2020

@andy... if you feel comfortable wiring a new breaker into your main panel box and understand the existing load to your main panel and how much the wall charger will add it is an easy process to install the wall connector. The instructions cover how to Install the wall connector on the distal end of the line and what gauge wire sizes to use. But it tells you nothing about how to tie it in with a new breaker on the proximal side.That said I installed ours myself.

andy.connor.e | 16 Janvier 2020


"Anyone who has a qualification such as being an electrician will easily be able to read those instructions and install this charger."

venpol | 6 février 2020

PSEGLINY has extended the $500 rebate into 2020. Does anybody know if the gen3 qualifies for this?

Jvpsav3 | 6 février 2020


Hello Long Islander I spoke to someone from PSEGLI yesterday & she told me that it is not on the list, she said that tesla did not want to participate

rickrparker | 3 avril 2020

I am about to do this in my home with a NEMA 14-50. Nowhere can I find on the web if the 6 gauge wire should be solid or shouldn't be stranded (stranded is a bit easier to pull thru walls and attics but I would assume stranded is the what be mentioned in the install kit. Also I can't really see the benefit of the WIFI on the wall of my charger when my home router is on the other side of the wall. Am I missing something? I only need the pre-conditioning aspects of home charging as I work just a block or two from my local Supercharger. I suppose I could always spend the $500 later and change the NEMA out. Your thoughts appreciated and thank you in advance. And yes, I am a qualified electrician, this ain't hard if you are remotely handy.

Patronus | 3 avril 2020

rickrparker - the Tesla Wall Connector is hard wired only, so don't put a 14-50 in. I'm not sure about the 6-gauge wire specs, sorry. I'd say do what Tesla recommends.

Wi-Fi is on the Wall Connector to connect to the Internet for setup, firmware updates and usage information (coming later). Because your router is on the other side of the wall, it should have an excellent connection.

Lorenzryanc | 3 avril 2020

My cousin made an interesting point. He ran the 6 gauge wire for the 14-50, but didn't use the "neutral" wire. Tape it off and install your Charger with the 2 hots and ground. This way, when he moves out, he'll have a 14-50 ready to go for new owner. Might I recommend you do the same. I used stranded for mine too FYI, but I don't recall reading if it should be solid or not, sorry.

andy.connor.e | 3 avril 2020

Good luck trying to bend solid 6 gauge wire. Stranded is fine.

Lonestar10_1999 | 3 avril 2020

For 6 gauge wire be sure to use a 2p-50A breaker.

sleeper service | 3 avril 2020

I have had my generation 2 charger replaced with a generation 3. The generation 2 had conduit connecting to it and after removing the charger the generation 3 charger was installed with no changes to the original layout. It was basically plug-and-play.

Lorenzryanc | 3 avril 2020

@Sleeper Do you see much value in the 3rd Gen vs 2nd? Did you do it for the Wifi or other reason?

sleeper service | 3 avril 2020

I bought it for the "smarts". I have 22 PV panels and 2 Powerwalls. With the version 3 charger there is the potential to have my M3 become part of my overall system. Maybe as a pseudo powerwall or using excess PV generation to charge the car. Being firmware based there are probably loads of other possibilities.

I'm also anxiously waiting to hear whether there will really be a Tesla HVAC that could become part of the system. The thing I really like about Tesla is the rethinking of how things should be. I like the surprises.