my road to solar energy

my road to solar energy

I ordered my solar from Tesla on September 6 with an offer of $500 price reduction.
Here's my time table:

Purchase agreement 9/6/2019
Permit submission 9/24/2019.
Installation day 1: 10/16/2019.
Installation day 2: 11/7/2019.
City Inspection: 11/21/2019.
PG&E SNEM application 11/30/2019.
PG&E issued deficiency on 12/4/2019 (i found out on 1/10/2020)
on 1/13, i called Tesla to find out what is going on. Tesla confirmed that they received deficiency notice on 12/4, and they are trying to submit permit by Wendnesday 1/15. No physical work needed, just paper work.
on 1/14, Tesla responded me that they are still working on the paper work. Tesla also asked my who offered the $500 reduction so he can follow up (i called more than once in December trying to have them mail the $500.) further, tesla email said the gateway was delivered, if i have not receive one, they can mail another.

What a mess!

i've going in circles, back and forth on the same items. no one ever followed through anything until i call again and again.