Door pedestal cameras fogging up

Door pedestal cameras fogging up

I have been getting an error message stating that the visibility of the door pedestal cameras are limited and upon inspection saw that they were fogged up. This has happened twice on cold days, and eventually fixes itself after a while, but somehow does not feel right. Is this a known issue? Should I take the care to service?

M3phan | 20 Janvier 2020

Known, normal, unless it doesn’t go away.

FISHEV | 20 Janvier 2020

If condensation on the inside, it’s broken. Setup a service and Tesla will fix it.

If water on the outside, nothing to be done there, just have to wipe it off and wait for camera to reacquire the image. The four side cameras go offline frequently in the rain.

M3phan | 20 Janvier 2020

My side cameras do not go off frequently in the rain… If yours do, take it to the service center.

Lonestar10_1999 | 20 Janvier 2020

If the four cameras in FishEV’s car go offline, it’s likely due to incompetent installation of third party accessories.

franc210 | 20 Janvier 2020

Happened to me today too. Left camera had frost on the inside. While parked in the sun, it went away. I'll see if it repeats in the next few days of below freezing weather.

M3phan | 20 Janvier 2020

Frost or fogging?

PteRoy | 20 Janvier 2020

We’re suppose to get this fixed? I get that fog several times a week now that it’s always below freezing. It goes away after a little while.

Tcloutier5890 | 20 Janvier 2020

I had the fogging issue once. Parked it with the sun on the camera and it went away within a short time. Hasn’t reoccurred.

vmulla | 20 Janvier 2020

Turn on the heat remotely on cold days, that will heat the areas around the cameras and you can avoid the problem altogether. Oh there’s nothing wrong with your car BTW.