Senator Ed Markey Autopilot concerns

Senator Ed Markey Autopilot concerns

I had written to Senator Markey's office when it became public that he was concerned about tesla's Autopilot. I just got a response today, the gist of which is on his website It would seem that this is less of a full scale attack focused on banning Autopilot than it seemed at first having ended with recommendations that we can live with - Naming/branding for clarity, and continued work on more features to keep people from defeating the system. I would vote for turning on the internal camera and monitoring the driver!

Magic 8 Ball | 24 Janvier 2020

Maybe someone should tell Markey that when a plane is on auto pilot the pilot has to take over when shit happens.

Newsflash, a brick on the go pedal is not a trick, it is purposeful misuse.

What a bunch of BS, don't they have budgets to balance or something?

Bighorn | 24 Janvier 2020

What’s ironic is that he’s part of the GND.

M3D | 24 Janvier 2020

I offered to let him test drive my car :) I also pointed out - in gentler terms - that there is no stopping stupid! People will find ways to defeat any safety system. In the end I would characterize this as a gentle retreat....

yudansha™ | 24 Janvier 2020

@M3D “I would vote for turning on the internal camera and monitoring the driver!”
What’s wrong with you?

calvin940 | 24 Janvier 2020

He's a fucking moron.

Joshan | 24 Janvier 2020

I never thought I would say this, but here goes.

I agree with Tanya!. More government oversight into our personal space is not the answer.

NorthValley | 24 Janvier 2020

@M3D..."I would vote for turning on the internal camera and monitoring the driver!"

How do you know it isn't already turned on and monitoring you?

Joshan | 24 Janvier 2020

If cameras are the answer why do we not put an interior camera in every car to ensure every buckles up, doesn't text or anything other law breaking actions. /SlipperySlope

derotam | 24 Janvier 2020

@NorthValley... little piece of black electrical tape. ::)

yudansha™ | 24 Janvier 2020

I put a smiley face on the camera.

kevin_rf | 24 Janvier 2020

Please let someone run against him so I have a choice come November. I'll take a coal executive over this clown. My MA 2016 ballot only had two congested races (President and governor's council), rest only had one canidate. Puke.

Gordon87 | 24 Janvier 2020
Wormtown Kris | 24 Janvier 2020

@kevin-rf: Markey might not make it to Nov. Joe Kennedy III is giving him a strong battle in the Democratic primary, leading in several polls. Seems MA voters may have finally realized Markey has done nothing in his 40+ years in public office.

M3D | 24 Janvier 2020

@NorthValley hey, it may already be on, i just want it to work for me.

@joshan for the record, I'm not asking for it to pull over and drive to the police station and report that my seatbelt was not buckled. Let's get to full self driving so I can nap, play games and drink a beer while the car drives itself...

apodbdrs | 24 Janvier 2020

As a kid, we all used to ride our bikes on Auto Pilot, by taking our hands off the handle bars. Talk about stupid people! It is just a word, no different than "Breakfast of Champions" use to be, but was it really?

M3phan | 24 Janvier 2020

Markey sounds like a reactive jackass

bjrosen | 25 Janvier 2020

Markey is a left wing pinhead. I'm a MA resident so I just used his site to e-mail him and tell him to keep his hands off of Tesla and not to do anything to slow down the progress of self driving. I told him that the number of incidents of idiots abusing the system can be counted on the fingers of one hand, there is no excuse for government intervention in a non problem.

If you are from MA let him know how you feel.

thedrisin | 25 Janvier 2020

It is a non problem until you are the victim of one of those idiots.

WW_spb | 25 Janvier 2020

Democrats love to control every aspect of your life. That is why they promise free stuff so they can control your ass completely.

Magic 8 Ball | 25 Janvier 2020

oy vey

rxlawdude | 25 Janvier 2020

Rikkity crockity.

Uncle George | 25 Janvier 2020

As a MA resident, I have reached out to Ed Markey and politely asked if a "hands on demonstration" of how Autopilot correctly. A lot of it is ignorance. Not just on Autopilot. Ev's in general.

I am also tempted to start a Tesla education series on YouTube (separate from the current Tesla you tuber) Sort of like a Drivers Ed.

Bruce | 25 Janvier 2020

I agree with Markey's suggestion that Tesla rebrand and re-market the system to reduce misuse. I suggest changing the name from "Autopilot" to "Co-Pilot."

crmedved | 25 Janvier 2020

I feel like the people who misuse autopilot know full well what they're doing and the dangers... they just have "it won't happen to me" syndrome. With all the news coverage on Teslas crashing, how could a Tesla owner have not seen any of them?

kevin_rf | 25 Janvier 2020

How about we just rebrand Markey. Glad to see a primary challenger, not thrilled Joe Kennedy, but hey I would love to see a ballot with more than two congested races. Has any other party put up a candidate? Not expecting much from the Republican side, they are virtually nonexistent in this state.

bjrosen | 25 Janvier 2020

It's a non-problem because hardly anyone abuses the system. You have to do something to deliberately fool the system into thinking you are paying attention when you aren't. A pinhead who does that sort of thing is the problem not the car. In fact I submit that a pinhead with Autopilot is less dangerous than a pinhead without Autopilot because the car isn't drunk and it isn't texting it's just not a great driver but it's better than no driver at all which is what you get when someone texts and drives.

M3phan | 25 Janvier 2020

@ Bruce, Autopilot is an appropriate label consistent with its function. Markey appears to have zero understanding of how it works, even if someone were to fall asleep.

Brian | 26 Janvier 2020

So, if Tesla does rename Autopilot to something more acceptable, such as "Slight Driver Assist", does that mean that no one will ever have to read how it works? No, absolutely not. Every one that wants to use it should be reading the instructions, The only thing that changing the name does is sooth the people that don't have a Tesla. How does that make it safer? Or what if they go in the other direction? What if they name it "Flying Carpet" with a "Base Jumper" option. Does that mean that Tesla is responsible when someone drives off a cliff because they read too much into the name but not the instructions?
Yes, some people do find ways to defeat the safety built into the system. That's not good, but the name has nothing to do it.

Brian (The one from Massachusetts)

jordanrichard | 26 Janvier 2020

Teslas are a thinking persons car. Not everyone qualifies........

So instead of holding people accountable for their stupidity, we are to put on soft furry gloves and go, “.....there, there, it’s not your fault. Tesla should have called it something that your IQ can handle”

Politicians say whatever makes them look like they are only thinking about their constituents, even though it is completely meaningless.

As perfect example of people by-passing “monitoring systems”. In the 70’s, the government for a relative short time mandated that in order for a car to be started, the driver’s seat belt needed to be buckled in. So, all people that didn’t want to wear seats did was leave the seatbelt buckled and sat on top of the belt.

M3phan | 26 Janvier 2020

@Brian/jordanrichard, great points!

shank15217 | 26 Janvier 2020

Haha 'thinking person's car'..

Scrannel | 26 Janvier 2020

Well, let me ask you one question: did he get your attention?

Brian | 26 Janvier 2020

Absolutely. When it comes time to vote and I see his name on the ballot, I'll remember it.

Brian (The one from Massachusetts)

kevin_rf | 26 Janvier 2020

Hopefully he gets eliminated during the primary... Through, Joe Kennedy, eeewwww....

Sarah R | 26 Janvier 2020

@jordanrichard You've got that exactly backwards and inside out. A Tesla driver is a thinking car's person.

As for rebranding Autopilot,... screw that. The name Autopilot stakes the claim to what the goal is: Full autonomy. Rebranding it now to please a politican is simply wrong-headed. It would send the message that not only are we not there yet, but we probably won't be within our lifetimes. If Tesla were forced to rebrand, the average idiot would refilter to say, "Tesla failed." Musk has staked his claim on the future with that brand. Changing it now would be seen as giving up on that vision.

I wonder if Senator Markey has had lunch with Brian Sparks?

If Markey wants to do some good, he can make tampering with our disabling the safeguards in driving assistance systems a felony at least as serious as tampering with the smoke detectors on an airplane.

Sarah R | 26 Janvier 2020

As an afterthought, it probably wouldn't be very difficult to train Autopilot to recognize the difference between real human interaction at the steering wheel and a weight taped to one side.

But if I'm the AI in the car I'm thinking, "Why do I have to monitor that ugly bag of mostly water? I've got quite enough to do just driving the car and watching out for all the other ugly bags of mostly water who think they can drive. They scare the hell out of me sometimes!"

M3phan | 27 Janvier 2020

If AI gets to thinking like that, Arnie can’t be far behind. ; )

raffidesigns | 27 Janvier 2020

I did come across an idea?

At this time, if an owner fails to head the autopilot warning it shuts off. A notification pops up that Autopilot can not turned on until next drive. What if Tesla banned Autopilot for that vehicle for 30 days. The owner pays the reckless driving/negligent operation fee (Cost Per state). Continuous failure will result in permanent ban. FSD/Enhanced AP price refunded. Can no longer purchase a Tesla with FSD or use a Tesla with AP. This will tied to their VIN, Account, SSN.

For those who think that i'm crazy or this is too harsh. It only take 1 person to ruin everything. With FSD on city streets, all it takes is 1 person to do something for the US government to make sure FSD never sees the light of day or leaves it up to the state. FSD coming. We should all be great full for what we have. It could very well be all we have for a while.

WW_spb | 27 Janvier 2020

Emmm no

Joshan | 27 Janvier 2020

@raffidesigns if your going to big brother driving, should we not have radars on streets mailing you tickets? Should it monitor you are wearing a seat belt and not allow you to drive for a week if you fail to wear it? We do NOT need the government to regulate stupidity. HORRIBLE IDEA.

yudansha™ | 27 Janvier 2020

@ raffidesigns Let’s test it on one driver only. You.

Joshan | 27 Janvier 2020

Damn I am starting to like Tanya

WW_spb | 27 Janvier 2020

Tanya joined us, yahoooooo

yudansha™ | 27 Janvier 2020

No way I’m not joining any KCDG!

WW_spb | 27 Janvier 2020

Kitty Cats Dancing Gang?

kaushal | 27 Janvier 2020

@raffidesigns if your going to big brother driving, should we not have radars on streets mailing you tickets? Should it monitor you are wearing a seat belt and not allow you to drive for a week if you fail to wear it? We do NOT need the government to regulate stupidity. HORRIBLE IDEA.

Use of traffic cam to mail tickets is already happening, some schools here in metro Atlanta area just installed Cameras to mail stupid drivers tickets who speed in school zone with yellow flashing lights.

WW_spb | 27 Janvier 2020

Weak argument

M3phan | 27 Janvier 2020

@ raffidesigns, massive over reaction

Varricks | 27 Janvier 2020

Politicians talking about cars. Nothing else I need to hear about it.

If they were worth a crap, their goal would be to eliminate a law a day.

yudansha™ | 27 Janvier 2020

@ Varricks Are you Elon Musk talking about Tesla? Politicians, like any other citizen, have every right to talk about whatever they want.