Reduced Power - Service?

Reduced Power - Service?

Happy Model 3 owners in New England since Oct 2018. Recently, we've been getting some error messages...that last a drive or two, then disappear. They include, "Power reduced.. may need service.. get out and back in..with a turtle emoji" and "steering assist reduced..." these messages don't last more than a drive. Indeed, the power is reduced, and the steering is stiff when those messsages come on.

At last, we hit the schedule service button, hoping a tech could consult the error log, and diagnose. But, now the mobile service appt was canceled, with a message that said we'd need to bring to a service center. And our appt is now scheduled for the Montreal service center next week. But a quick call to the Montreal service center, they say, "yeah, no that is a mistake, you need to bring it to an American service center- we can't repair cars that are from outside of Canada."

1) Do these error messages warrant a proper diagnosis from Tesla? or just ignore... and
2) Where to call to sort out the country scheduling error?


RedPillSucks | 3 février 2020

Probably call your New England service center and discuss with them. They might be able to arrange something with the Montreal service center | 3 février 2020

Perhaps nothing to worry about, but I'd set up an appointment to have it checked out. Before that, when it next occurs, issue a bug report, by pressing the voice button and stating "Bug report - Power reduced intermittently" or what the issue is in a few words. This stores a copy of the logs and makes it far easier for the tech to look at the specific log time.

Bluep3d | 8 février 2020

I would definitely have it checked out at a service center. My 5 month old model 3 (performance) experienced this error message around 7k miles. It was in the shop for 23 days and they ultimately told me it was a shorted penthouse harness. 2 weeks after getting the car back, I got this same error message (in addition to several others: brakes disabled, power steering disabled, front motor disabled, etc). The car kept powering off while I was driving, the brakes and steering didn’t function properly, there was a loud sound from the rear, etc—and the car ultimately became inoperable. Tesla towed the car back to the service center and now I wait.

M3phan | 8 février 2020

What’s a penthouse harness??...

Ang_ontario | 9 février 2020

I had the reduced power and turtle emoji about a month after getting my car. Service centre did some distant diagnostics and told me not to drive it in (I live about an hour away), but to call roadside assistance. Turns out I had a cracked superbottle. They replaced it and everything has been great since. The turtle emoji is the saddest sight on a car that usually goes so quickly!

Bluep3d | 10 février 2020

M3phan | February 8, 2020
What’s a penthouse harness??…

I have no idea. The service invoice said "replaced shorted penthouse harness. Correction: power switch -HV battery- (remove & replace). Correction: harness -HV battery- high voltage controller (remove and replace)."

FISHEV | 10 février 2020

"Do these error messages warrant a proper diagnosis from Tesla? or just ignore"

More than messages if you lose power and steering is difficult. That's a non-driveable car.

That a Canadian Tesla service shop would not service a US car is a crazy twist. A Tesla rule but for what reason?

Xerogas | 10 février 2020

@M3phan: "What’s a penthouse harness??..."
Search for “penthouse” in this article

M3phan | 10 février 2020

@ Bluep3d, thanks
@ Xerogas, ok, I’ll have to search for penthouse carefully. Lol

Just_Ted | 10 février 2020

Dear Penthouse harness,

I never thought this would happen to me, but....


M3phan | 10 février 2020

Tesla Model 3 battery pack penthouse/integrated components module. Click image for high-res version in new tab. (Image: EVTV, illustrated: Iqtidar Ali)

Fantastic article, Thankyou! A keeper. So the battery penthouse is a dense module of components designed to help reduce the amount of wire: “Tesla has tightly knitted several components in a limited space presenting the ideal combination of advanced design and expert engineering. The setup of these major components saves well above 1,000 meters (1 km) of cables while providing ease of servicing as well.”

M3phan | 10 février 2020

(Apologies for that first paragraph above…cut and paste of section of article mucked up a bit)

vmulla | 10 février 2020

"The turtle emoji is the saddest sight on a car that usually goes so quickly!" @Ang_ontario

I beg to differ, I saw that turtle icon when my car's estimated range was very very low and I still had a few exits before I can reach the charger. That icon was a relief, and I eventually made it to the charger without much problem (just embarrassed at myself). It's all about context, I support that mode and love the turtle icon :))

Manjushr | 10 février 2020

well, earliest dedham appointment is for Feb 17.. so they say just drive it in the meantime... so we are... and now we have a right turn signal fault too....
will circle back with y'all when we get a diagnosis. with the diversity of error messages, my first hope is that it's not a family of mice setting up shop and rearranging the wires....

Bluep3d | 13 février 2020

Manjushr | February 10, 2020
well, earliest dedham appointment is for Feb 17.

Are you still receiving the same error message? My car has been at the SC for a total of 29 days now and they're still unable to diagnose the issue.