FSD Missing from Account Information

FSD Missing from Account Information

FSD had been shown on my account, recently noticed it's gone. I purchased it early last year, after I got my car. I'm a bit concerned that it's not shown on my account now. Anyone else?

dsnodgrass3 | 4 février 2020

Same here

belnot | 4 février 2020

Same for me. Recently, I ask TESLA to show again my FSD purchase on my account. Nothing done yet.......

derotam | 4 février 2020

Same here, not worried, I have my receipt.

ramoska | 4 février 2020

Same here.

wfickas | 4 février 2020

Vanished for me too, also the ability to control Premium Connectivity subscription seems to be gone. Perhaps they're revamping their billing system? It definitely screwed up when they first turned on billing for Premium Connectivity.

Joshan | 4 février 2020

now that you mention it, mine is gone also. Anyone talk to chat?

Joshan | 4 février 2020

Just spoke to Tesla chat (took less than 5 mins for all the people who complain). Here was the response.

There seem to be a known issue at the time with our Tesla Accounts no longer showing the FSD purchase, but don't worry we are working on a fix, and your vehicle still is configured with FSD. We will e-mail you once we have a resolution for your online Account issue.

tompat15 | 4 février 2020

My EAP and FSD purchases were also erased from my account. I went to Tesla chat and a rep responded in about 3 minutes. She assured me that their records correctly indicated my purchases, but was unsure as to how long it would take to fix the problem. She also said that this issue would not affect the schedule for the HW3 upgrade. I was pleased that Tesla responded so quickly and hope that this is an indication that their online support is improving.

derotam | 4 février 2020

The more people that report this issue, the less worried I am about it.

Bruno442 | 4 février 2020

Mine is missing as well. I called yesterday and all he could tell me is that what he sees on his end I have FSD linked to my account. I assume the glitch is with the website because now my premium connectivity agreement is missing as well.

He also told me that I am ready to upgrade to HW3 so I booked the appointment this morning. I am hoping I don't get a call later to cancel because they don't have the computer.

Pepperidge | 4 février 2020

No problem for me.

Premium Interior
Enhanced Autopilot
Full Self-Driving Capability

dborinski | 4 février 2020

Mine has been missing for about a month. For a while, car details didn't list anything. I hope Tesla can get these issues under control and restore faith in their ability to manage account data; especially considering everything must be done online. | 4 février 2020

Mine is missing as well, but when I check the app, for upgrades it still says that I have all purchased upgrades (I am RWD, so the $2k boost is not an option), thus I am sure Tesla knows I have FSD and not just EAP

teslamazing | 4 février 2020

Mines there. July 18’ owner.

gballant4570 | 4 février 2020

I bought FSD during the fire sale last March. I just checked - FSD is not listed on my vehicle details page.

However, last Friday when I scheduled an SC appt to replace my cracked windshield, the SC informed me that I will get my HW3 upgrade at the same appt next Monday. So I am inclined to believe the posts above bout responses from Tesla.

kvn.wong2 | 4 février 2020

Add me to the list, I bought FSD and EAP in March 2019. Contacted Tesla chat twice, first time they said they have no record at all, second time they said they found record of the purchases. Second rep has requested IT make updated to My Tesla Account to reflect my purchase.

Still panicking as I only have the credit card statements showing these purchases. I didn't realize I could download the purchase receipts until recently. :(

EVRider | 5 février 2020
gmkellogg | 5 février 2020

Mine is also gone.

Fredvanngo | 5 février 2020

My basic AP upgrade is not in my account as well? but if i click on the upgrade button , the basic AP is included and option to buy FSD for $7K plus tax.

EVRider | 6 février 2020

@Fredvanngo: Basic AP became standard early last year, so depending on when you bought your car it wouldn’t necessarily show up as an option. Maybe someone else with standard AP can confirm.

Tcloutier5890 | 6 février 2020

Ditto, FSD suddenly disappeared on manage page.

Greg.f.arroyo | 6 février 2020

My FSD has not been listed on the account since I upgraded in May. But last week, I've lost all AP and FSD capability in the car. I'm still waiting to hear back from support as there is an IT request outstanding.

joe | 6 février 2020

Don't worry about it if your car has the FSD features. I went through months last year of trying to get Tesla to show my after-purchase FSD on my profile. Eventually, they got it up, but it disappeared again a few months ago. They always reassured me that the car was configured with FSD (it shows in their secret, separate computer system), and I always had the features. Just got the HW3 computer upgrade, which now shows FSD in the car 2020.4.1 software info window.

Greg.f.arroyo | 6 février 2020

Should I ask for some sort of compensation given that I'm going on a week without the FSD features that I've paid for?

joe | 6 février 2020

Wow, you really lost features? I'd drive to a service center if can...

Greg.f.arroyo | 6 février 2020

Yeah, I reached out to CS last week to look into why FSD wasn't showing in my account. Then they said when IT looked into it they couldn't find any proof of purchase and shut off FSD. So I immediately sent over a receipt, this was all one week ago.

Resist | 6 février 2020

So I contacted Tesla chat and was told FSD is shown on their end as being on my car. But they wanted me to send them a copy of my receipt so IT could fix it on my account page. I can't seem to find a copy of the receipt and only have my credit card statement, which they want me to send instead. They also said that we can schedule to have HW3 installed now, if the service center has the parts. Not sure how true that is considering how misinformed many Tesla employees are, but I schedule it via the app. I'm expecting my service center to contact me and cancel the appointment. Either way, this is one of the downsides to having a software based vehicle with regards to this bug in our account FSD status.

rob | 6 février 2020

How did you get to Chat? I went to contact but could not chat.

coselectric | 6 février 2020

Same. But I've got my receipt, not worried.

yudansha™ | 6 février 2020

To get to chat:
Go to
Choose any option
Click Yes button under "Do you need more help?"
Click Chat with Us button

nvjx | 6 février 2020

Just noticed mine is missing too but my HW3 was installed a few weeks ago.

brineck | 6 février 2020

As pointed out, the Tesla app on your phone continues to show Full Self-Driving when you click on UPGRADES>Purchased (if you do have it the feature). Mine also disappeared online a while ago, but I checked the app immediately and was happy to see it there.

M3phan | 6 février 2020

It’s not showing in my app as of the last week…

M3phan | 6 février 2020

Ok it’s showing back again in my account page and in my app as of tonight, February 6, 10 PM

teslamazing | 6 février 2020

Paranoia. Just relax.

wfickas | 7 février 2020

FSD reappeared in both the app and on the website. FWIW I had sent a message to Tesla support, but I didn't get a reply. I don't know if the correction on my account is due to my complaint or Tesla fixing it in general.

wfickas | 7 février 2020

As noted above, my FSD listing came back. Several of you others mentioned not being worried since you had receipts. I'm wondering how you got them. I purchased both FSD and Accel Boost and for neither of them did I get anything via email. AB appears as a Post Delivery Option and has a link to get the invoice. FSD, both previously and now that it's restored, shows in the Options section (as if I bought it with the car.) There is no link to get an invoice copy. The app shows it in the purchased options, but also has no link to get a receipt.

rob | 7 février 2020


M3phan | 7 février 2020

@ wfickas, you should still have credit card receipt/charge as proof of purchase.

TeslaYVR | 7 février 2020

Opposite situation for me. My other information shows “Autopilot : Full Self Driving”.
I didn’t purchase FSD and I don’t have any of the FSD features in the other display screens.

Resist | 8 février 2020

FSD in back in my account status and app now too.

joe | 8 février 2020

My FSD just came back on my vehicle page. I guess they are catching up.

wfickas | 9 février 2020

@M3phan Yes, I do have my credit card receipt, but the only information it shows is a charge to Tesla, not what it is for. I'm one of the guys that bought the M3 in that narrow window when FSD wasn't available and the best was EAP. I then bought FSD at the beginning of 2019 when they added it back as an option and gave a reduced price for the EAP to add it. However, it didn't show up in the Post Purchase options, but in the delivered options. Now that it's restored, that's where it is again. I just wish there was a way to get an itemized invoice; so, I'd have it if there is any question later.

jdhagin | 10 février 2020

I too am having the problem that the FSD that I purchased in March 2019 is missing from my vehicle page, Post Delivery Options. It was there when I check after I also purchased the Acceleration Boost in December 2019. It still shows the Acceleration Boost but has dropped the FSD invoice. I have copies of everything so not too worried. I called Tesla to make sure they still have it in their records and the person said I do and it is on my Tesla 3. He also said he will be contacting someone and it should be corrected in a few days and show up on my account page. Also, on my Tesla phone app it says "You have all of the eligible upgrades. Will let you know when and if they update my web page.