DashCam playback

DashCam playback

Has anyone found or used a Windows 10 (Laptop) program that will display the recorded DashCam videos like the TeslaCam app for Android phones? And, is there a way, other than manually, to stop recording when in a specific location, like inside a garage. Everyday I start the day with 60 minutes of DashCam video of the inside of my garage.

JBWillows | 9 février 2020

One Windows program I'm aware of is SentryKeeper

Have you turned off Sentry mode at your home? There is a GPS aware option so it turns off and should stop recording. It will also use less power overnight as you'll lose about 1 mile of range per hour Sentry mode is on.

Joint | 9 février 2020

you can disable sentry at home, work and favorite locations

rehutton777 | 10 février 2020

I echo TeslaTap's recommendation of SentryKeeper. I use it all the time for reviewing dash cam and sentry videos on my laptop. And yes, you can turn off Sentry Mode recording at home.

gmr6415 | 10 février 2020

I like this one because it's web based and can be used on any device.

EVRider | 10 février 2020

@gmr6415: +1

@jbwillows: Although you can disable Sentry Mode at certain locations, there’s no location-based feature for the dashcam itself. However, the dashcam shouldn’t be running for an hour without you in the car, unless Sentry Mode is on.

gmr6415 | 10 février 2020

@EVRider, Ultimately I'm hoping Tesla will provide playback on the touchscreen with their own app, but for a shortcut if they would only set it up so the car will recognize the video files in the same manner it does with audio files one could go to using the web browser and view the video files.