Why do I suddenly need my key card?

Why do I suddenly need my key card?

For the first 8 months, I can't ever remember the car requiring me to use my key card. Then suddenly, earlier this week, it stopped recognizing my phone in the morning. I had to use my key card to open the car, then everything was fine. It happened 4 mornings in a row. Also, twice this past week, it suddenly wouldn't let my phone stop the car from charging while plugged in in my garage. I had to open the car and turn off the charging on the computer screen. This is all new, any ideas?

jjgunn | 14 février 2020

Had it happen to me today too. Really weird.

Force stop Tesla App. Wait a couple minutes then re-open app & ensure it's connected to car. Should be ok. Mine is.

EVRider | 15 février 2020

Make sure background app refresh is enabled for the app.

lilbean | 15 février 2020

I’m getting a lot of use out of my fob lately.

leo33 | 15 février 2020

It happened to me one time in the year that I've had the car. Rebooting the car didn't fix it, so I rebooted my phone. That cleared it up, and it has not happened since.

FISHEV | 15 février 2020

Likely one of the bug fixes knocked the phones out of synch. The phone not working as key was worse when I purchased it in May 2019, got better, and is now back to not working a lot.

My previous work around was to open app and start heater but even this is 50/50 as I'll walk up to car that I turned on remotely and it will still ask for key card. I don't bother pulling out the phone if it's not working. I have the keycard and my keys on a key ring/card holder so it is handy for an easy swipe.

tslammer | 15 février 2020

yeah...was working flawlessly before, but now I'm having problems about 20% of the time. Rebooted my phone and the car but no help. looking forward to the next update.