Pretty crazy battery range drop overnight 20%

Pretty crazy battery range drop overnight 20%

It was -6F last night and couldn’t charge at home.
During the night, battery range went from 78% to 58%.

The impact is higher now that my SR+ got software limited to SR from 386km to 334km. Not really a problem for a 30 miles commuted but when one my collegue working in the North of the province called me the other day to ask which model he should order for his 100 miles commute I think the only good answer is LR AWD.

Extreme cold is extremely brutal for the range. I really don’t understand how 1st generation Leaf drivers made it through the savage winter. Respect.

PteRoy | 14 février 2020

The car needs a heat pump. I was seeing reported range from the kona ev in the winter. Geesh. Blows my sr+ out of the water.

Drove 80kms today. 43% of my battery with heat set at 18c. Almost all back roads. On the highway with similar heat in December and around the same temperature, 200km was all I could get.

FISHEV | 14 février 2020

I had a big drop at work they other day with a 10 degree drop. Get to work with 41 miles Rated, 38 miles Projected. No sweat the SC's 18 miles away. Temp drops from 52F to 44F. I come out to the car and it has 8 miles Rated and 7 miles Projected. No heat on, no sentry on, no summons.

Not that cold so I was surprised by the loss on range.

Saved by the Chademo, ran over to the new EA super charger and got enough Projected Miles to get to the SC.

Now if Tesla ever comes through with the promised CCS adapter, I could have just charged up at the EA 2 miles from work.

FactDoc | 14 février 2020

Yeah, down deep brutal

I need to commute 160 miles next Friday, will plug 8hrs on the 120V just to limit range loss from battery freezing when parked

kevin_rf | 14 février 2020

I have a 90+ mile commute in New England. I wouldn't recommend anything less than the LR AWD North of the Main Dixon line. It's not uncommon to have put 150 miles on the vehicle during the day. Had the blue snowflake when I left the frizen tundra, eeer work today.

One complaint is the car needs better coat hooks for those of use that drive a miracle mile each day.

That said, the Performance is just Elon have some extra money...

WW_spb | 14 février 2020

Maxxer, maybe 2 or 3 threads more. You seem to be on roll tonight.

kevin_rf | 14 février 2020

And did you leave a door open by mistake. The environmental controls stay in if you leave a door ajar.

Still chuckle over getting the car detailed and picking it up with 150 miles less range because they left the doors open while cranking the heat to air it out.

PteRoy | 15 février 2020

“Now if Tesla ever comes through with the promised CCS adapter”

Ya wonder how much they’ll charge us for that. Already over $600 Canadian for the chademo.

teslamazing | 15 février 2020

“I had a big drop at work they other day with a 10 degree drop”

The other day ?

Didn’t u have this before? Not sure why ur acting all surprised? Is it because someone else is posting a new thread? Lmao man so crazyy

teslamazing | 15 février 2020

Fish also stated he drives like an hour to work really unsure why the person just doesn’t visit the SC right BEFORE work with a well HEATED battery so get FASTER charge instead of AFTER work with a COLD battery and SLOWER charging.


FactDoc | 15 février 2020


I don’t think the door was left open by mistake
I manually pushed back the outer door handle that was staying open from the frozen spring mecanism

And when I looked at the Tesla app before going to bed the climate control was off

gballant4570 | 15 février 2020

1. Living in cold climates requires more than level 1 home charging.
2. Heat pumps are effective in an ambient temperature range. -6F does not fall within that range.
3. Looking at recent OP's postings, I am suggesting a move to a desert climate.

FactDoc | 15 février 2020

A climate like Mad Max Fury Road would be perfect for EV efficiency and solar panels performance

darrow149 | 15 février 2020

I left my car parked for about 10 days away from home (not plugged in) while on a trip and came home to find dramatically reduced range. So I started searching this forum for answers.

Apparently you need to set up Smart Summon so that it's disabled at Home and Work. This conserves battery by disabling Standby Mode. See page 97 of the Owner's Manual. Also disable Sentry Mode, if you have it.

Not sure if that will completely solve the problem in very cold climates like yours, but I hope it won't leave my battery nearly dead next time I park it unplugged.