Hey Will One of You Folks in Europe Buy Me a CCS Adapter?

Hey Will One of You Folks in Europe Buy Me a CCS Adapter?

Hey anyone in Europe willing to buy me a CCS adapter and send it to me?

Planning a trip to Utah from Southern California and staying in Cedar City. No supercharger there. However, Electrify America has some fast charging stations there but take the CCS plug.

Cannot find where to buy the adapter here in the States but hear you folks can purchase over the Pond.


So anyone like to assist me? Glad to mail you check for cost plus shipping plus reasonable amount for your effort.


Kevin from California

Vawlkus | 18 février 2020

You won’t be able to use it. The charge ports on the EU Teslas is different from the NA Teslas, AND the CCS standards are different between EU and NA.

Bighorn | 18 février 2020

Doesn’t work. Different CCS plug.

Uncle George | 18 février 2020

I do not believe the United Sates uses CCS plug. The United States does incorporate the CHAdeMO Adapter. 99% of your charging adapters will be found in the charging pouch provided to you.

Vawlkus | 18 février 2020

Uncle George: there are a lot of CCS chargers in North America. Tesla does not current have an adapter for the North American CCS standard.