Sad Regenerative Braking

Sad Regenerative Braking

i had a Chevy Bolt before i got my M3. Bolt's one pedal driving was stellar. M3 one pedal driving is lacking and forces me to use brakes too often.i am sorely disappointed M3 did not get updated regenerative braking and definitely feeling second class. oddly enough i didn't really feel so second class before this latest update

WW_spb | 15 mars 2020

Nonsense. Check your settings and make sure it turned on as Standard and not low

lbowroom | 15 mars 2020

And that your not charged to 100% or living in an icebox

Lonestar10_1999 | 15 mars 2020

In cold weather the regenerative braking is limited at first. But after driving around awhile, the battery gets conditioned and regenerative braking is maximized.

Xerogas | 15 mars 2020

Sad trombone noise

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 15 mars 2020

" My guess is that slowing harder for shorter distance generates more energy than longer less aggressive regen."

Slowing doesn't generate any energy. Regen converts kinetic energy to chemical energy. Perhaps they improved the efficiency of the system, or tweaked it to ensure a greater portion of the deceleration is involved. Fundamentally, however, how "aggressive" something is doesn't increase the available energy to re-capture; that's based on the mass of the vehicle and its initial velocity.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 15 mars 2020

lol. Batteries don't convert kinetic energy to chemical energy. Batteries store chemical energy. Regen converts kinetic energy to chemical energy.

lbowroom | 15 mars 2020

How does eco-boost work? How is it different than turbo boost? I wish Ford world just explain it, shocker

WW_spb | 15 mars 2020

F (fucking) I (idiot) S (small) H (Head) E (Evil) V (villager)

Orthopod | 15 mars 2020

Could be temperature related

I have almost no regen when the battery is cold so one pedal driving is impossible in cold weather

It’s perfect when it’s warm

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 15 mars 2020

lbowroom | March 15, 2020

"How does eco-boost work? How is it different than turbo boost? I wish Ford world just explain it, shocker"

Ford might not know. Should ask Mazda instead.

Shesmyne2 | 15 mars 2020

thanks for the chuckle.

Still Grinning ;-)

Shesmyne2 | 15 mars 2020

On Topic-
I am still quite impressed with my regen, and the 1 pedal driving astounds me.
Especially on Hwy1, but even on a daily basis. I have numerous stop signs on my commute.
I’m perfecting each day.

Still Grinning ;-)

howard | 15 mars 2020

RTMxp, yes my old 2017 Bolt and my current 2019 Volt both have more aggressive regen than the model 3. Much easier and more effective to one pedal drive the GMs.

stingray.don | 15 mars 2020

I rarely have to touch the friction brake. In fact, I have to modulate the accelerator pedal because the regen typically provides greater braking than is needed. At least for me, harsher regen would be of no value. Only exception would be during cold weather when regen is limited.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 15 mars 2020

That’s odd, my 2017 Volt isn’t noticeably different from my M3P. Maybe Chevy changed something for the final edition.

howard | 15 mars 2020

My 2019 Volt has significantly improved over previous gens especially my 2012.

Magic 8 Ball | 15 mars 2020

Isn't the Volt another example of GM pulling a eco product that owners love?

I wouldn't trust GM as far as I could spit.

Frank99 | 15 mars 2020

After 25000 miles on my model 3, I agree with stingray.don - under all normal driving conditions I have to feather the throttle while slowing down because the regen is stronger than I need. Since they added full stop to regen, I can go days without touching the brakes, except when starting the car. Regen is beautiful.

howard | 15 mars 2020

Must be a slow driver in very light traffic. I use the manual brake often on my drive. Even in the Volt which is much better regen I still use the manual brake occasionally.

DiminishedSeventh | 15 mars 2020

@howard I’m a fairly aggressive driver in heavy Chicago traffic and I rarely have to touch the brake pedal. Only when some a-hole tries to squeeze into a gap in front of me that their car won’t actually fit in but they feel entitled to just cut over whenever they please.

stingray.don | 16 mars 2020

“Must be a slow driver in very light traffic.”

No, I just don’t tailgate or drive overly aggressive. Full regen braking is more than enough for a safe driver in most circumstances.

Sarah R | 16 mars 2020

@WW you misspelled "villain"

WW_spb | 16 mars 2020

Haha Sarah either way is good

howard | 16 mars 2020

The OP commented that the Bolt has a stronger regen effectiveness and it does. I have owned the Bolt and Volt along with a M3. Yes, the M3 is effective just not as much. Going back and forth between my 2019 Volt and M3 every few weeks the difference is very apparent.

FISHEV | 16 mars 2020

When Tesla modified Regen a few updates ago, it changed the behavior of the Regen, making it less aggressive at higher speed and more aggressive as the car slows down. Per Musk it was supposed to increase range with more efficient Regen but Telsa never explained how or if the driver should use it differently.

After the update instead of a longer coast with Regen I maintain speed and then when I get near to where I want to stop, I take foot off completely. The regen is soft at first and then gets aggressive and brings car to a stop.

That seems to be what the Regen wants to do.

Uncle Paul | 16 mars 2020

Volt and Bolt have different motor designs than used in Tesla. They can program them to have lots of regen.

Tesla has different systems. Has recently increased regen in some of them as well.

Regen is currently pretty good in Tesla.