Tesla workers encouraged to build cars at home

Tesla workers encouraged to build cars at home

Not to be outdone by the work-from-home-brigade, Tesla workers who have large presses and forges can take home material to build cars at home...

Ross1 | 15 mars 2020


Maybe I could take in a couple of cruise ships for maintenance too. And some A380s.

FISHEV | 15 mars 2020

OK...that's funny.

sbeggs | 15 mars 2020

You got me! @rxlawdude is not the only funny guy on the forum, but he does hold the green jersey for most consistently funny!

markf63 | 15 mars 2020

So I'm restoring my Austin Healey, but my neighbor is building brand new Tesla's.

RayNLA | 15 mars 2020

Hey Rich Rebuilds did it!

Ross1 | 16 mars 2020

Rx? Really?
Sorry, I hadnt noticed.

don.lind | 16 mars 2020

I saw that article... I'm sad to report that I was significantly too far into the article before "the obvious" was obvious to me. My wife, on the other hand, took one look at the headline and went "naah..." So we now know I'm too willing to "go with the story" (hey, it was Jalopnik and it wasn't April 1st).

@markf63 - my father-in-law did a beautiful restoration of a little Austin Healy bug-eye Sprite. he took it to shows...

Mike83 | 16 mars 2020

In reality combat drones are piloted from far away. The engineers running the robots building the cars could do it from home. Next we will have Humanoids communicating with the production robots. R2D2 would be great at it.