Anyone know if this is LTE or Bluetooth?

Anyone know if this is LTE or Bluetooth?

The dropdown for unlock, frunk and rear trunk from the Android home screen allowing basic lock/unlock functions from a distance has been so conveniant; negating having to open the Tesla app just to open the frunk. However, I thought in the past I could do it from a store exit - too far for bluetooth. Thought maybe it was using LTE. Now it only works as I get very close to the car. My imagination that it changed? | 16 mars 2020

Perhaps GPS based. They may not want you to accidentally open the trunk when you're 100 miles away on a trip. | 16 mars 2020

You could disable Bluetooth and confirm if it still is able to open/close the trunk, etc.

rcg1004 | 16 mars 2020

Duh on my part. Such a simple solution. Thanks.