Tesla abandoned these forums

Tesla abandoned these forums

Model Y being delivered and not a Model Y forum subtopic yet.

Anyone took their delivery and would like to share?

Geico | 26 mars 2020

Yep, here is a good one with fit and finish issues yet again.

Geico | 26 mars 2020

Sorry, here it is with Timestamp

Geico | 26 mars 2020

Tesla abandoning good customer service as well

FISHEV | 26 mars 2020

On the abandoned forum, there are several good moderated Tesla forums out there. Browse them and find one you like. The reason you see the childish acting out here is no moderation. Many of those acting out are forced to behave in those forums. I'm just doing my Fenris Ranger bit in a lawless fallen world.

"Geico | March 26, 2020 Tesla abandoning good customer service as well"

Tesla service is bi-polar. Getting in for service and communications can be Kafkaesque. Once you are dealing with a real person (at a safe 6t distance), Tesla service is good.

Tesla Service is still open, people need their cars even Tesla owners. Doing a good job at ground level. I was in and out in a day and got a lot of stuff done from a immediate safety issue to wheels, battery oil canning issue plus checks on washers and alarms (Within Normal Limits).

Orthopod | 26 mars 2020

I prefer my bike forums than other Tesla forums

People have more endorphines there

jordanrichard | 26 mars 2020

Well OMG!!! Then all of the posts I have been reading about the Model Y must be a figment of my imagination because there is not Model Y forum.

These forums are not a priority for Tesla. Don't like the format, then don't come here. It's really not that complicated. Would you keep going to a movie you didn't like?

blkice | 26 mars 2020

Ordered MY performance without free performance upgrade, 19” wheels. Will it come with carbon fiber spoiler? Will it have the red line under “duel motor”?
How could I tell Tesla to keep the spoiler but give me the red line, I know this is shallow on my part but have heard these cars( 19”wheels) don’t have these critical important upgrades.
Got on this forum thinking a bunch of people talking EV’s, wrong, now I’m part of the problem.

andy.connor.e | 26 mars 2020

you cant abandon something that you never monitored in the first place

wrxbuzz | 26 mars 2020

Does anyone knows if Tesla offers any forbearance or relief program due to the Covid-19 Pandemic?
All other car maker are: | 26 mars 2020

@wrxbuzz - Perhaps I'm wrong, but I wasn't aware of Tesla providing any financing, to begin with. I thought you had to arrange your own financing. If so, you would have to deal with your specific finance company/bank.

FISHEV | 26 mars 2020

If you mean the car loans, they are all via regular banks so up to the banks to offer a "90 day relief".

They should do it.

That will allow Schumer's "Unemployment on Steroids" to kick as UI has 2-3 week waiting period to restore working people's cash flow back to banks for mortgages, car loans, etc.

noleaf4me | 30 mars 2020

We need a Model Y forum.