Tesla aftermarket exhaust

Tesla aftermarket exhaust

Who would be interested in modifying the lower back seat piece to install a plastic tubing and a vent to allow more noise to come from the electric motor?

I have been tinkering with the idea and want to see if there's demand to justify making the product.

How about a vent with a shutting mechanism like the rear ac vents so you can have the louder noise on demand? Kinda like the active exhaust on some sports cars.

ellett | 10 mai 2020

Nope. EV = silence

ellett | 10 mai 2020

The absolute dumbest thing Ford is doing with the Mach e is adding fake engine noise. That makes it a no-sale at any price.

Scrannel | 10 mai 2020

Without words...

spuzzz123 | 10 mai 2020

I’m in a minority when I say I’m interested in artificial sounds, at least for the interior. California drivers don’t get it, probably because their roads are nice and smooth. But in cold weather country, roads are rough...jagged and seamed. Every road imperfection is met with an unpleasant thump and rattle in an otherwise quiet model 3. I’d be interested in a pleasant sound that might drown that out somehow. And multiple options to choose from.

But I’d never monkey with my car as the op described. If tesla wanted to they could add Ota sound options via speaker system...But I’m not reading much demand from tesla fans.

walnotr | 10 mai 2020

I am finding exhaust noise to be more and more offensive the longer I own my car. I wish it was even quieter than it is and could block all the noise streaming in from outside. Road surface noise is the variable I notice the most. Freshly paved roads are a dream. Worn or rough surface roads are more noticeable than in an ICE car because the ambient noise level is so low otherwise.

TranzNDance | 10 mai 2020

It would be like custom ringtones. You could make money on it while people think it's cool. Be prepared for the phase where people realize how silly it is.

syclone | 10 mai 2020

People! The car already has a variety of sounds. you can go to continuous farting

M3phan | 10 mai 2020

Installing a fake exhaust tube??! Good lord NO.

bjrosen | 10 mai 2020

The Model 3 has way too much road noise as it is, come up with a way to deaden the road noise and I'm interested. The idea of making the car noisier is ridiculous.

wiboater4 | 10 mai 2020

you missed April fools day already!

Bighorn | 10 mai 2020

Quad pipes, maybe.

WW_spb | 10 mai 2020
aperfectecho | 10 mai 2020

I think it would be fun to have the option of customized "motor" sounds, like Ferrari-type, F1, spaceship, etc, to play with, that match the acceleration of the car.
There are other "dumb/fun" things in the Toybox now, so why not?

TranzNDance | 10 mai 2020

The boundaries of most of the fun things are one's own vehicle. Exhaust noise is for the suffering of people outside of the vehicle.

JAD | 10 mai 2020

Just download the xlr8 app and it uses sensors in your phone to create various engine noises. Bluetooth phone and you have a Ferrari or Nascar or whatever until you are bored and turn it off.

Tesla2018 | 10 mai 2020

I haven't driven my ICE car in a while, but when I took it out last week, Couldn't help but notice how loud the exhaust is. The intake is modified so it is a little louder than normal but it just seemed really annoying.
In any case I always crank up the radio on whatever I drive to drown out road noise. My friend kept his Ferrari Challenge car with no catalyst convrerter and a Tubi exhaust in my garage when he was working on it. That thing would wake the dead when it started.

aperfectecho | 10 mai 2020

@TranzNDance- I meant, like the fart noises, for the sounds to be inside the vehicle...

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 10 mai 2020

“ California drivers don’t get it, probably because their roads are nice and smooth. ”


M3phan | 10 mai 2020

Ever drive around San Diego?! Every vacation there the roads improve in reverse.

Tronguy | 10 mai 2020

Driving back from a nice hike on Mothers' Day, there was this guy in a small SUV who pulled up on my left and kept on edging forward at the stop light. Hmm..
So, for whatever reason, I accelerated a bit faster than I usually do when the light went green. So, nothing major, it's a M3 LR with one motor, but the car's doing its Tesla thing and snappily accerlating. The SUV.. Clearly the guy had it floored, there's all this Big Hairy ICE Motor Noise coming out of the tailpipes as it winds its way up through the first two gears. And, as far as that goes, he wasn't passing me.
I let up and let him do his, "I beat a Tesla!" thing. And I didn't even have the gas pedal more than halfway down during any of this. I mean, really? A M3 LR can't beat, say, a BMW 3 series with all the bells and whistles, but a garden variety SUV? C'mon.
But, during all of this: No actual noise coming out of the M3. And it was LOUD in the next lane over. I'll keep the silence, thanks :).

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 10 mai 2020

Here's the American Society of Civil Engineers 2019 report of California infrastructure. Roads got a D, with of half of all public roads in poor condition with a $137 billion dollar backlog in repair

"Driving on deficient roads costs Californians $61 billion annually due to congestion-related delays, traffic collisions, and increased vehicle operating costs caused by poor road conditions. The condition of California roads is among the worst in the nation, ranking 49th according to the latest US News & World Report Ranking. Meanwhile, Southern California and the Bay Area are the second and third most congested urban areas in the nation, respectively. Repair and improvement to these roads is vital to California’s economic health and public safety. The Road and Repair Accountability Act (SB 1) passed in April 2017, provides $52 billion in additional funds for local and state roads over the next 10 years. However, a total of more than $130 billion over that same time is needed to bring the system back to a state of good repair. A good transportation system enables efficient movement of goods and people and is critical to California’s economic well-being."

ksrehman | 10 mai 2020

Ridiculous clickbait title got me into this thread :)

I am very strongly against playing artificial 'engine noise' sounds in ICE vehicles ... that's one of the many signs that the venerable ICE has 'jumped the shark'

I like my Model 3 sound system a lot but sometimes I will drive with no music at low speed and enjoy the silence - at highway speed the tire noise on anything less than perfect road surface is unpleasant.

The OP's idea of a physical conduit to let in motor noise makes no sense to me but it's his or her car to modify!

@aperfectecho I don't see anything wrong with your idea (apart from a little software bloat) as long as it's 'off' by default and you have to select it ...

howard | 10 mai 2020

aperfectecho | May 10, 2020
I think it would be fun to have the option of customized "motor" sounds, like Ferrari-type, F1, spaceship, etc, to play with, that match the acceleration of the car.
There are other "dumb/fun" things in the Toybox now, so why not?

Lonestar10_1999 | 10 mai 2020

The JC Whitney catalog sells all kinds of after market equipment to customize your car. I haven’t seen their catalog in decades but I recall one of their more popular items was a car horn that made an “ah-OOG-ah” sound.

Apparently many sport car owners like the sound of a Ford Model T. It must be a sentimental thing trying to emulate ICE characteristics.

Kary993 | 10 mai 2020

Have a way to turn on a Jetson’s sound from the front speaker would be cool but I don’t have the front speaker....other than that I would not buy into this idea.....

R3d0x | 10 mai 2020

I would be entertained by my car making Millennium Falcon sounds while accelerating. For a little while at least.

FISHEV | 10 mai 2020

Was watching "Avengers" movies where Audi has prominent product placement. Stark's Audi e-Tron 8 come screaming around the corner making very loud sounds that Captain America hears before he sees the car. Cute.

Sasquatch2001 | 10 mai 2020

I'm with @R3d0x... if it's not starters sounds then no thanks. seriously though, when I leave my rear seats down and the sub-trunk lid open the motor noise is annoying-ish. I'd say "piping" it to the back of the car would not do anything but maybe have a slight whirring noise.

Xerogas | 11 mai 2020

Next, people will be asking for aftermarket exhaust smells. Maybe a little diesel smoke spritzer inside a fake tailpipe?

Ross1 | 11 mai 2020

The exhaust sound might just work if you could also pipe in fake carbon monoxide.
Perhaps get a marker pen and draw a few red nosebleeds on your face while you sleep in the car at the mall. Sorry, malls are closed. Fremont carpark.
Sorry, closed.
Hey where can you do this?

1FASTROD | 11 mai 2020

I don't know, I'd like a modern/electronic sound (on the speakers?) when I want to launch the car from a start. Almost like the capacitors warming up and then a burst of energy as the car takes off. Tesla should release Ludicrous mode for the M3P and have this happen when you acknowledge the added power.

Sort of like the Ghostbusters Proton pack warming up and Tie fighter flying by.

Big_Ed | 11 mai 2020

How about an aftermarket 8 track deck?

rob | 11 mai 2020

Can't you just play some roller coster sounds over the stereo?
I've been looking for some good engine sounds to play... Harley, Ferrari etc.