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Ts1diva | 1 avril 2016

I order Tesla 3 last night and still have not received a confirmation;(

heyitsclint | 1 avril 2016

I was in the same situation. I emailed and got confirmation very soon. Hopefully your reservation was also received. I'm sure they are very busy with so many new reservations. I even checked my credit card company, and there was not a charge. Do Be patient.

Bighorn | 2 avril 2016


NKYTA | 2 avril 2016

Whups, posting allowed! :-). And flagging, apparently...must...resist...urge...

keithg01 | 2 avril 2016

I heard the incentives for tax credits will no longer be offered after the first 200,000 cars were ordered. Is this true ?

Bighorn | 2 avril 2016


wellnext | 3 avril 2016

I got the email fromTesla confirming my reservation within 24 hours, 22 hours. It would be nice if they could tell us where we stand in line. At 8 PM Hawaiian time, their website counted around 130,000 reservations, when i got their confirmation about 180,000. So where in between do i fit? It would be great to find out... Just a suggestion for Tesla.
I love this company..... Alain.

wellnext | 3 avril 2016

At 8 PM Hawaiian time on the 31 of March.

wellnext | 3 avril 2016

At 8 PM Hawaiian time on the 31 of March.

wellnext | 3 avril 2016

At 8 PM Hawaiian time on the 31 of March.

damieng | 7 avril 2016

I love this company and am sad to be at the point of frustration and having to post this. One-week into my reservation and I still haven't received a confirmation. My bank showed the transaction before the unveiling. I reserved it just before 8PM PST on Thursday. I have written four or five emails to various support and reservation email addresses over the past five days and cannot get anyone to respond. I am getting to the point where I might want to cancel my reservation or potentially calling my bank about a a fraudulent charge. Any advice?

angloblaxon | 7 avril 2016


I went ahead and went to my tesla. Since i never had an account i said reset my password and used the email i reserved with. Reset the password then logged into my tesla. Saw the reservation number.

damieng | 7 avril 2016

Thanks! I got the confirmation today! It turns out I mis-entered my email address slightly. I should've known they have there act together. I'm pretty excited!

bbj | 9 avril 2016

I so want to reserve this car the Model 3 for me but it is not available for my country Namibia. I was thinking of getting Tesla into my country, I woun't mind being an agent for them here.

alexanderlallier | 9 avril 2016

How do you change your name on the forums?

NKYTA | 17 avril 2016
Red Sage ca us | 4 mai 2016

Looks as though something is 'broken' around here again... There is no longer a listing of the quantity of 'New' posts added to a particular thread. So, you cannot click through directly to the newest message without scrolling past every post that came before it.

ramonacosta | 8 mai 2016

I am glad that model 3 is basically on its way, so the design department could start to work on Model Y, a car the size of a Toyota Prius or about so the average person could afford one of them. A range of approximately 150 to 180 miles maybe less, which will allow people to go to work the whole week not having to charge a battery or do so if they want to.

Ross1 | 9 mai 2016

It would be interesting to know who has changed their name.

Let me guess...

EVolution | 16 mai 2016

You better change yours and don't let anybody know

gavinmcc | 24 mai 2016

I keep having anything I post get a SPAM filter message...I am quite human and have very little spam in my body on any given day.



gavinmcc | 24 mai 2016

So...strangely I can post to a thread...but I can not start a thread. Hmmmmm


khindbjorgen | 25 mai 2016

I live in a snow belt. I am hoping the dual motor option is not very expensive. I need it for traction and handling in the ice and snow not performance.

anthony.hsh | 31 mai 2016

I don't see a proper entrance for putting address on line for people ordering Model 3 from " TAIWAN ". Please check the problem.

Anthony Hsieh from Taiwan

wcolton | 14 juin 2016

I have 2 questions...

1. I reserved my Model 3 on 3/31 but BEFORE the unveil. Will this be this be taken into consideration?

2. I'm a drummer and need to know if my kit, mainly the kick drum, is going to fit in this car. Will the seats fold down etc? With the continuous glass, it looks like the trunk opening is going to be pretty limited.


Badbot | 15 juin 2016

yes you will be near the first to get yours.
The seats will fold. the big drum will need to be loaded from the side door.

dmapel | 18 juin 2016

Will there be a 294 or bigger mileage car aver able in a model 3?

Red Sage ca us | 20 juin 2016

dmapel: None of us knows for certain what will be available at launch. These are the current EPA ranges for performance oriented competitors...
Cadillac ATS-V (304 miles)
BMW M3 (316 miles)
AUDI S4 (338 miles)
Mercedes-AMG C63 S (360 miles)
I believe that well before 2020, the Model ☰ will beat all of those.

tmatczuk | 20 juin 2016

From many discussed possible options for model 3 I would be interested, if priced right, in extended range option
(bigger battery capacity). I strongly believe that this option would be very popular with many buyers

powerdriven | 23 juin 2016

I just preordered mine this morning and I hope there is an option for a bigger battery. I live in a major metro area but travel to a place semi regularly that is just outside of range of the base.

praa12 | 2 juillet 2016

I agree with powerdriven above. A bigger battery is a must. I drive 180 miles a day for my commute. Pretty close to the limit on the standard battery. That would be my #1 option over anything else. I hope the interior develops better than the prototypes...a flat screen and nothing else is a no go for me. If that is the end result I will cancel my order. Need HUD (heads up display) or a binnacle similar to the Model S. An electric car should not have a minimalist interior...The car is so beautiful on the outside! Follow that through on the inside! When you spend as much time in a car as I do it becomes evident that the interior needs to be top notch. I'll trust that part 2 of the reveal is as breathtaking as part one...with a revised interior! Prefer the integrated tablet into the dash as Model S. Do not like the horizontal tablet POD. Tesla is approaching Acura MDX money for this car...It needs to have a great interior. Good seats and a great dashboard. That is all that is missing to make this a truely amazing and gamechanging vehicle.

KasperowiczS | 2 juillet 2016

Since the symbol for the Model 3 is the E in Tesla's font, why not name it the Model E for Economical?

sp_tesla | 2 juillet 2016

"praa12 | July 2, 2016
An electric car should not have a minimalist interior...The car is so beautiful on the outside! Follow that through on the inside! "

TM team is very hi tech & software, sadly it seem that it might stay the way it is.

melinda.v | 3 juillet 2016

@KasperowiczS - Ford owns the name "Model E" and looks like they will be releasing an EV with that name in the next year or two. For that matter, there was a Ford Model Y in the 30s too... we shall see if Ford ends up blocking Tesla from using that one.

rit1078 | 3 juillet 2016

If I purchased a used Tesla and would like to place a reservation for a Model 3, does that improve my production priority for the Model 3 even though my current Tesla was not purchased new, but was pre-owned? Thanks.

tfay412 | 5 juillet 2016

If you purchase from Tesla directly, Then from what I understand, Existing Tesla owners will have priority.

chogless | 14 juillet 2016

I agree about the large external screen. It invites break ins. Please put it into the dash like the S or make the screen detachable. so we can take the screen when leaving the car. Nothing to steal. And it would disable the car so it couldn't be stolen.

Ilosttheratrace | 15 juillet 2016

I've owned an electric car (Nissan Leaf) for over 5 years. I adore the car, but I also know that the mileage range they are promising is probably not what will, in reality, occur. The outdoor temps, driving terrain, driver input and stuff being used inside (ie air, radio, etc) all affect the actual mileage realized. It is not uncommon for my little Leaf, with a range of "100 miles" to actually get closer to 50 miles. So for the writer that is planning to take this car on a 180 mile commute, it would be best if you located a charging station near where you work. Yes, an offering of a better battery pack would be a huge plus and I'm sure most would purchase it.

Red Sage ca us | 17 juillet 2016

The 2011 Nissan Leaf has a combined EPA range of 73 miles, using a 24 kWh battery pack. It is renowned for very rarely allowing a useful range beyond 60 miles in either hot or cold weather. The 2016 Nissan Leaf with a redesigned 30 kWh battery pack has an EPA range of 107 miles, and is potentially 12% more energy efficient overall.

crosscorner13 | 19 juillet 2016

For current owners I'm wondering how the cost of auto insurance compares. Is it more or less? | 27 juillet 2016

I ordered the first Nissan Leaf for middle GA and was the second one delivered in early Dec 2011. It was a 2012 LV top of the line Leaf. After 30,000 miles I still can get 12 bars when fully charging, but as I only live 6 miles from the office I rarely charge past 80% and then only every other night. I agree with Red Sage the useful range is within 60 miles and since there are no public fast chargers in middle GA I use a 25 to 30 mile string, which is good enough for 95% of my trips. I am waiting with bated breath for a model 3!!! But I do have one question/desire ability. I would like to flat tow the model 3 behind my Motorhome when I'm on the go. I can't get Nissan to let me know if I can do that with the Leaf but it doesn't matter that much as the Leaf is a stop gap car until the model 3 arrives. I love the electric car but after I retire I need something for the road and the leaf is only a town car. Even if I could tow it flat four, a 25 to 30 mile range before heading back for my plug limits its usefulness as a toad. Now 215 which would be a 100 mile leash, that would be over an hour drive from my base which is quite doable. So my question, will we be able to flat tow a model three???

Red Sage ca us | 27 juillet 2016

It is highly unlikely that the Model ☰ will be towable in a 'wheels down' fashion. You will need a car carrier or flatbed trailer.

avanti5010 | 1 août 2016

Has anyone else gotten a large, glossy thank you folder from Elon for placing your order?

mikewolff1 | 2 août 2016


jbarile | 3 août 2016

I received a large thank you note/folder from Elon for placing my order of April 7th 2016

MikeSFO | 14 août 2016

FYI: I placed my $1,000 deposit on 3/31/16 before the unveiling event, did get an online confirmation, but I have not received anything in the mail as many other people, including jbarile above me, have commented on receiving.

AZ Desert Driver | 13 septembre 2016

I find it interesting that Placing a Deposit - warrants a Thank You. I did and got one. I have also Placed an Order for a Model S. No thank you here.

getsolarizednow | 29 Janvier 2017

I ordered before reveal on 3/31. I got my beautiful folder just a couple months later. I'm would like to know if the car will have an on-board charger. And will it have side mirrors or cameras.

rbarry.61 | 27 mai 2017

I placed my confirmed deposit on 3/31 also, but did not receive Elton's "Thank you gift" which I understand is a portfolio of design sketches. What do I need to do to receive this "promised"?

Sandy’s 3 | 27 mai 2017

Email Tesla with your reservation number from the 'My Tesla' page and contact details. Others have had success this way.