Wind and Road Noise - Window Seals

Wind and Road Noise - Window Seals

Despite my overwhelming love of my Model X, I must admit that road noise is much louder than expected. I also own a Lexus RX450h, and even with engine noise, the volume in the cabin is much lower. I was disappointed when I saw that the front doors did not fully wrap around the windows. When the doors are opened and then closed, the windows are down about a half of an inch, and then they go up to create a seal with the car. Unfortunately, on one occasion, when trying to open the window while driving and then subsequently close it, the window was blowing into the car and couldn't make a seal. I had to make an emergency stop to roll the window up. On another occasion, when I closed the door, the window was already up, and caused it to be outside of the seal. I had to open the door again, which retracted the window a half inch, and then reclose it. It seems to me that making a solid door frame around the window would have solved this issue altogether, and could have also eliminated some of the road and wind noise. Living in blustery Iowa, I do a lot of east-west driving, with high north-south winds, and the windows are noticeably sucked in and out, on one occasion causing a visible gap. Anyone else experience these issues?

socalsam | 18 mars 2016

The wind noise seems hit and miss. Some are reporting no issues, others are having tons of problems. Curious- what was your vin number? I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

MyXinTx | 20 mars 2016

My experience...early models had serious door seal issues causing major road noise transmission, currently resolved but occasionally requires tweaking, 22 in wheels are like a grizzly bear.

Wind noise is significantly, more than most SUVs, primarily due to all that glass, especially from windshield.

2nd row passenger reports much wind noise from rear windows.

Music playing loud may distract from noticing, but need to raise level of conversation is more significant over 70 MPH.

Really wish TM would just go with noise-cancelling's so Tech

ken | 20 mars 2016

No wind noise problem with mine.

scottd0le | 29 mars 2016

I'm just noticing that when the pano roof is open or window open (when there is negative pressure) that I can feel air flowing near the driver's side small triangle window when the driver's window is closed. Is this common? My VIN is P10XXX. I emailed my SC but haven't set a time to take it in. Any suggestions on fixes in the meantime? It's supposed to pour in Dallas tomorrow.

scottd0le | 29 mars 2016

Sorry, didnt see that this was MX only!

Bruce11 | 29 mars 2016

Wind issues. Production model X Nbr 181. Dropped off to see if they can correct the noise. If they don't find something I'll light a cigar and check it out myself.

Darryl | 29 mars 2016

I have taken my car in twice because of wind noise. Worst wind noise of ant car I have ever owned. The last time the SC said it was within specifications. When I washed my car this weekend I noticed the seal on the drivers side is obviously damaged and needs to be replaced. I will probably have to escalate the issue as the SC is not proactive.

Darryl | 29 mars 2016

@bruce11. If you don't satisfaction escalate the problem. First try the Service Manager of your facility. If you don't get satisfaction go up a level until they fix the problems.

You paid a lot for the X. Have the service manager take a ride with you.

aesculus | 30 mars 2016

Has anyone who has the wind noise problem turned on Bio Defense Mode and see if they can hear air movement around the doors? Might need a partner outside to help.

carlk | 30 mars 2016

Pretty much all high end cars today have frameless doors. That clean look is what (hign end) consumers want and so what auto companies will provide. I'm a little surprised that RX windows are still the framed type. Toyota proably does not consider it high end enough or it's just very conservative. Windows have to lower a bit to let air escape when you close the door or the pressure could shatter the glass. I've never heard that window would stuck behind the seal but it should be an easy fix if it does happen. There is nothing special about the design.

carlk | 30 mars 2016

Forgot to mention my X of 5 days is super quite with no wind noise at all until the car reached above ~80mph just like my two year old S.

carlk | 30 mars 2016

Forgot to mention my X of 5 days is super quite with no wind noise at all until the car reached above ~80mph just like my two year old S.

carlk | 30 mars 2016

Since we are on this subject I'd like to mention that it's a good idea to use a good vinyl and rubber cleaner/protector to keep the seals clean and last.

mr.peter.tam | 30 mars 2016

Just got my P90D Loaded Vin 11xx on 3/28. Vehicle drives awesome but there are problems with the window seals everywhere. Some noticeable road noise and some wind leaks. One of the read window seals that does not open is not aligned well and the silver trim is off. I have an appointment at a local SC to have it looked at next week. Aside from these small imperfections and some inconsistent door open/closing issues, the vehicle drives like a dream!

aesculus | 30 mars 2016

I found my first flaw today but hopefully I have fixed it.

I noticed that the seal at the front edge of my drivers door (where it meets the little fixed panel) was over the glass but the passenger side was under the glass except the top inch. I looked at the passenger one carefully and it seemed to be correct.

So I lowered the driver window and slowly raised it while poking the rubber gasket under the leading edge of the glass. Hopefully after resting there for a few weeks it will learn its new position.

I would be interested in hearing what others discover on their front door glass too.

Triggerplz | 30 mars 2016

I paid $4500 for the option that includes BioDefense and now wind is coming thru the Windows .. Go Figure!!

carlk | 30 mars 2016

Just go to plan B and hold your breath.

Triggerplz | 30 mars 2016

@ Carlk. LMAO

vperl | 31 mars 2016

Trigger, remember what Roy told you years ago, " go over there and complain to Buttermilk " .

Triggerplz | 31 mars 2016

After hearing very informative and thoughtful things about the MX and then I want to hear stupity Vperi you are always there for us..

darlin | 31 mars 2016


Big T | 31 mars 2016

Picked up our X on Monday. No wind issues (other than my own). My old Mercedes CL had the same style of frameless windows. They behaved the same way with the reseating upon closing. Never had an issue with those windows either. I believe you're dealing with an early production issue so it should be fixable.

primetime98 | 1 avril 2016

I had a similar issue where the windows weren't "initalized"(Tesla's description). When I would roll the window up it would go up and come back down part way after reaching the top. I called Tesla and a couple of days later the technician showed up and fixed the issue. On our way back down from our road trip to Disney the issue popped up again and the window was moving around at highway speeds. It seemed to correct itself and the latter half of the trip back to Miami was better. I was going to take in to Tesla but left it alone, and it seemingly has corrected itself. I have no more issues and am not sure how this happened. There have been a couple of software updates, maybe they fixed the bug but everything has been working well for the last two weeks. My VIN is Signature 502 and I got the vehicle on March 12.

NVHarmony | 2 avril 2016

Frameless doors are notoriously difficult to get the seals to work well. First, the way the entire door fits against the body has to be just right. Then the drop glass
adjustment on the window regulator has to be spot on. Then the way the mirror and small fixed glass are assembled and adjusted has to be right. If one or more of these is out of alignment, then the seals just can't do their job, both where the glass meets the body seal and at the "division bar" on the small fixed glass. It's a game of millimeters. The good news is that most SC Techs have a lot of training and experience from MS wind noise and should be able to dial your MX in.

Full frame doors would have made a big difference, but Franz and Elon wouldn't have it. That goes against the basic DNA of the brand. The flush look of the glass does look fantastic, but it comes at a price.

rossRallen | 2 avril 2016

I had a loaner 90D S yesterday while my X was in the shop. No question that the S is quieter than the X and this car had no wind noise at all. When I got my X back and drove home at freeway speeds, the noise was very noticeable. Objectionable? Well, maybe for a $145K car, but I can live with it I suppose -- if there's no fix. Rolling the driver's window down and up, and pressing on the glass near the seals made no difference to the sound..

I would never trade my P90D X for an S: the X has more legroom, it's more comfortable, has equivalent performance and handling IMHO, and I can get in and out without bumping my head on the top of the door opening going in and doing a deep squat getting out. No regrets. Also, rear window visibility is poorer in the S and visibility overall is not as good as in the X.

Maybe I'll wet the door/window seals with a soapy solution and look for complete sealing, especially elastomer-to-glass.

lynn_faiferlick | 2 avril 2016

I have and early X (Sig #142) and the wind noise was always bad. Then one night I was driving home on the freeway in a rainstorm and I realized it was not just wind, but water coming through window seal. I tried raising the window a little higher but it started the up/down sequence that others have reported. I finally was able to inch the window up to within about 2 inches of the top but was drenched by the time I got home. A technician came to my home and reset the window which has stopped the up/down problem but unfortunately there is still a high pitched whistling sound coming from the window when you drive at higher speeds. It is very annoying. If I thought the issue could be fixed with a 6 hour round trip drive to the SC I would do it, but it sounds as if it is more of a systemic problem and I may have to learn to live with it. Has anyone with an early model had their window seals satisfactorily fixed at the Service Center?

aesculus | 2 avril 2016

I would never trade my P90D X for an S: the X has more legroom, it's more comfortable, has equivalent performance and handling IMHO, and I can get in and out without bumping my head on the top of the door opening going in and doing a deep squat getting out. No regrets. Also, rear window visibility is poorer in the S and visibility overall is not as good as in the X.

+1. This is what drove me to the Model X too over the Model S, which is a more elegant car but not as 'comfortable'. At my age comfort over beauty. :-)

paradis | 3 avril 2016

My early P90D (prod vin 213} has had wind noise issues. My SC replaced a door gasket and "tweaked" a couple of others - better but still not great. It is currently at the other SC near my home in NJ for their inspection and advice, while I am away. I got a message from them that they are expecting new gaskets/seals in the next day or so and think they have the solution. Hopefully they are right. On a similar issue, I was very unhappy with the excessive tire noise of the Michelin "Summer" tires my car was delivered with. I switched to the Continental "Conti-Silent" tires and it is much better. Absolutely love the car. Most comfortable road-trip car I have ever owned.

ksaliga | 3 avril 2016

Wind noise was pretty bad yesterday, and my wife took some video of it. Whistling through the window seal. Today, the window apparently didn't shut properly when the door was closed, and the window rattled as I headed down the road. Tried lowering and raising it while driving, but it did not fix the issue. I could fit my fingers up between the window and the door frame. I had to pull over, open my door, and close it again, which fixed that problem. Second time I've had to pull over to fix the window seal. Even after the "fix", the noise was still extensive.

jeffpoel | 13 avril 2016

Triggerplz, based on his often unintelligible and almost always negative comments, my educated guess is that vperl is either a drunk or some other kind of drug abuser. He might be unemployed as well, as he seems to be spending a lot of time on this forum. I have to wonder if he owns a Tesla or is just a simple minded troll and wannabe.

jeffpoel | 13 avril 2016

My new X P90DL vin 1254 developed wind noise after 3 days. The glass panel on the top of the left FWD was set 2mm too far towards the rear of the vehicle, causing the seal at the front of the panel to fail. Initially, Dublin SC told me there was no fix. I insisted they replace the panel, which they did. After making the 250 mile long trip home and driving for a few days, it seems ok, although they only managed to close the gap half way. They also managed to scrape the ds door against something and ripped the brand new Xpel coating, which had to be replaced at their expense. Several other window seals had to be fixed as well. Hopefully this will be all for awhile, as it is a very long drive to nearest SC. Otherwise, loving the X. Drag races this weekend at Samoa drag way. Will post times later.

kn_sudha | 13 avril 2016

Struggling with the same issue -- Sunnyvale took mine for 3 days supposedly to diagnose and fix and gave it back with absolutely no results. Loud whooshing noise almost as if the window is open, is now making it impossible for me to drive on the freeways, on long trips -- gives me a headache! am going to escalate and ask for a door seal replacement. Rear passenger and front driver are the worst spots. My dh's P85D Model S is absolutely quiet, and has the larger dia performance tires too. There is a difference between road noise and wind noise. My SL 63 convertible is quieter with the top down!!! And ksaliga - I owned an RX400h which I sold to S-I-L and even 10 yrs on its less noisy. Have an LX570 which does not have wind noise like this, and 15 yr old AMG E class also with performance giant wheels which does not have wind noise. Even the Leaf which we owned before this did not have wind noise to this unbearable level. That said, I love love my MX :-)

kn_sudha | 13 avril 2016

BTW, mine is an early VIN too -- 310. But I am hesitating to take it in for svc because I miss it too much, and overall I love love driving it.

aesculus | 13 avril 2016

Jokingly I stated once you should be able to hear these wind noises if you turned on BioDefense mode and had someone listen on the outside. Has anyone with leaks tried this?

Also since you have to have your rear seats replaced that may be a good time for these other issues. But to save time you should get them to order parts etc ahead of the visit.

paradis | 14 avril 2016

I am now a happy camper. The SC replaced a "bunch" of window/door gaskets and the difference is striking. I'm in Orlando, after having driven down from NJ, and the trip down was a pleasure. The new gaskets made a big difference, together with the "Conti-Silent" tires, in place of the Michelins, the MX is now very quiet at highway speeds. With that huge windshield, you're going to get some wind noise, but it is now completely acceptable to me whereas before it was bordering on obnoxious. Kudos to the TM engineers and SC for listening to us and coming up with a fix so quickly.

aesculus | 14 avril 2016

@paradis: Good to hear your experience on getting the wind noise resolved. This should give others who are in the same situation hope that theirs will be resolved soon too.

MyXinTx | 22 avril 2016

After I demo'd the traveling Model X at my local SC, I was ready to cancel my order due to road and wind noise. Tesla reps finally acknowledged that they were Founder's models, and the seals and gaskets were known to be inadequate, so they set me up for a ride in a later version.

The noise around the doors and windows were much less, but the wind noise from the pano-windshield above 75 MPH was still annoying, but something that was not gonna lose me an X.

When mine arrives in August, that will be one of the first things I focus on.

TKDey | 21 mai 2016

I've had my X since February, signature. My no. 1 complaint is the wind noise in the car. I've taken it in twice and the service mgr now just tells me he can't do anything about it. It's just the way it is. To me, it's just too loud to be expected in a car like this. Overall, love the car, definitely some glitches with the doors front and fwd but the noise is my biggest peeve. I feel like they are done with my bringing up the noise in the car.

lilbean | 21 mai 2016

@tkdey: yep, same here plus my door isn't operating properly. I think the SC is just ignoring me. It was serviced twice and they just can't (won't) fix it. Bummer huh? I'm all out of kool-aid.

Mom2Dancers | 22 mai 2016

This is my first time seeing this thread.

We were experiencing loud wind noise, which I was able to figure out was coming from a bad seal on the front of the driver window (when I put some pressure against it with my hand, it allowed the seal to close up against the glass and eliminated the noise). SC replaced it with a different kind of material (it feels harder/firmer) and it seems to have fixed the noise. Telling you there isn't anything they can do about it is unacceptable... especially if it's from a bad seal.

lilbean | 22 mai 2016

@mom2dancers: I had the same seal replaced. Our cars must have been built right next to each other. Time for a random drug screen for the workers on the line. My seals were sloppy with adhesive and grease up and down the windows.

Mom2Dancers | 22 mai 2016

@lilbean- yes, we had the grease every time we put the windows up and down, too. Maybe our Xs are twins, LOL!

Mom2Dancers | 22 mai 2016

@TKDey- whatever our SC did, it fixed the wind noise. Maybe have your SC call my SC (Dania Beach) and find out what they did- LOL.

paradis | 22 mai 2016

@TKDey - Find a new SC ! There are definitely numerous problems with the seals on early cars. My prod vin# 21X had terrible wind noise. After a couple of visits to the SC and replacement of several seals it is much, much better. Don't take "no" for an answer. Escalate the issue and get them to put the new seals in. I am now very happy with the noise level. Same issue with road noise with the Michelin "Summer" tires. They were terribly noisy. I switched to the All-Season Continental Conti-Silents and that made a huge difference.

lilbean | 22 mai 2016

@mom2dancers: LOL, they are twins!

Remnant | 23 mai 2016

@ ksaliga (March 18, 2016)

<< the windows are noticeably sucked in and out, on one occasion causing a visible gap. >>

So, you have a window problem plus a noise problem.

Have you considered the rearview mirrors (esp. the driver's side) as a possible source of the noise?

Mom2Dancers | 23 mai 2016

@lilbean and others...

Can you take a look at this pic that aesculus posted of his driver window seal. His has a "pocket" at the top that mine doesn't have. My seal/gasket just rests behind (inside) the glass. I'm curious whether others have the same...

lilbean | 23 mai 2016

@mom2dancers: mine doesn't look like that, but the window does rest behind the seal. It used to roll up over and above the seal and right onto and over the chrome so I could insert all my fingers in between the window and the FWD. The glass used to bang against the car while I was driving. I thought it would shatter. I had that fixed the second week I had the car. You wouldn't believe the noise. It was crazier than dbh's door noise.

aesculus | 23 mai 2016

You might want to roll your windows down and inspect that seal a bit better. Like I said in the post linked above my driver door was on top of the entire seal and leaked a bit. My passenger door fit into the pocket. That got me questioning what was right so I inspected the drivers seal and decided to force it to behave like the passenger door.

For all I know Tesla SC and even the factory, are not aware of how the seal was designed to work!!

DevGuy | 23 mai 2016

Savvy tech's found our passenger window gap (small) and advised there are alot that are just that simple/small & easy to fix (minor technically, annoying for customers). Look closely for small rubber seal gaps & you should be able to find yours (or narrow down where the sounds is coming from) -- seems most are simple seal fixes ultimately.