No grill?

No grill?

Overall good looking car but a lot of people including myself are not happy that it doesn't have a grill. Its almost like if you're drawing out a grill in your head to be there. If it had a grill it would take over the affordable sedan segment with a much greater percentage! Many people are disappointed that it has no grill and I hope Tesla's design team does something about this in the final production. Please hear us out Tesla!!!!

awgibson93 | 1 avril 2016

A grille would be nice! But I still like the car either way.

Anthony J. Parisio | 1 avril 2016

If it is not to have a grill then the way they did it is a good idea. I say this because it is so Porsche like. The up turned nose makes it just soooooooo much better than a Porsche.

KP in NPT | 1 avril 2016

It doesn't need a grill. It's not an ICE.

But I would not be surprised if the front gets tweaking before part II.

Ross1 | 1 avril 2016

Everything will be tweaked, it is a concept car, a twinkle in Elon's eye even yet. A gestation of 2 or 3 years like an elephant.

But no grill, cheaper. That is the secret of how they can halve the price of a Model S.
Big opp for aftermarket suppliers , who you can bet are already on it.

johnnyxp64 | 1 avril 2016

Looks like a duck nose and objectively is not nice like tesla s.
You dont have to put an actual gtid cause there is no engine and you will destroy the aerodynamics but needs to be painted differently or change a bit to avoid the blank duck look.

Mathew98 | 1 avril 2016

This was the inspiration for the M3 nose.

Remnant | 1 avril 2016

@ m.morales214 (OP, April 1, 2016)

<< Many people are disappointed that it has no grill ... >>

Those are are the people who have ICE and smoke stack nostalgia.

Some of them even like to make noise of ICE, like a Diesel Truck or a muffler-less Motorcycle, as loud as possible, disturbing and disruptive, to make everyone stop what they are doing, not hear anything other than the pain of their ICE nostalgia. Of course they want the looks to go with that.

That's what you mean, don't you. To let everyone know we belong and want back in the heroic ICE world, with its sweet exhaust fumes, and infernal noises, and smog, and stench, and lung diseases, and cancers. We want to be sick, man, and make the next generation sick as well, or even sicker.

KP in NPT | 1 avril 2016

The lack of grill is the natural progression if you look at the 3 previous tesla cars.

cquail | 1 avril 2016

Nice that there is no grill. I always look for styling that makes it easy to clean a car. No grill really helps. Grills are a pain to clean.

hsadler | 1 avril 2016

What's a grill ???

Nexxus | 1 avril 2016

@Hsadler, Opposite of a bouy, I think.

carlk | 1 avril 2016

Some Tesla fans were shocked of the look of the Model X nose and many thought it's ugly. Now that we get used to it most think it's one of the best features of the car and want the Model S to go that way too. In a few years after there are a lot of Tesla's on the road rest of people will start to feel the same too. The grill will look so dated as it represents the past technology just like a phone with the (once awesome) full keypad.

jordanrichard | 1 avril 2016

Some have commented that the nose looks like a Ferrari. I think they should put the MX nose on it.

Like the MS, the back end of the car is fantastic. I am surprised that the roof glass is clear. I don't know that people sitting in the back seat want to be driving around out in the open like that. Perhaps they will change it to tinted.

steveg1701 | 1 avril 2016

Am I the only one who thinks that the nose of the M3 is very reminicient of the old Amphicar? Does anybody remember them? ;-)

kesschris | 1 avril 2016

I also felt the same way about the solid front nose, but after thinking about it, I only think it 'needs' a grille because that is what all other cars have. But that is because, up until Tesla came around, the only thing out there was ICE cars that require cooling.

Slightly off topic, but related to the nose situation. I'm in MN, which requires a front license plate. So no matter how you feel about the front, many states don't require a tacky front plate. My concern is how I'm going to display a plate without drilling into the nose cone, disrupting aero, or otherwise compromising the looks of the car. I'll be disappointed if I have to slap a big 'old buck toothed plate to the front of a great looking car. Oh great. Now the image of Tow Mater is running through my head.

Chunky Jr. | 1 avril 2016

Those nose of the Model 3 looks way better than the monstrous grills that seem to be in style right now. Those monster grills look hideous to me. I like the sleek look of Model 3. It probably looks much better in person than it does in pictures.

OvrICE | 1 avril 2016

Chunky Jr. +10. I also like not having the grill. The grill is a throwback to the ICE. It is not necessary in an EV. I think the monster grills out now, like the Lexus, are also hideous.

hsadler | 1 avril 2016

'My concern is how I'm going to display a plate'

I hate having to also - but this gives a chance to be inventive and 'personalize your M3. Material used to 'wrap' a car can be installed on the front around said 'plate' with multitudes of design choices.
Quite a big 'easel' we have been given.

Remnant | 1 avril 2016

@ Ovr ICE (April 1, 2016)

<< I think the monster grills out now, like the Lexus, are also hideous. >>

Indeed. I concur.

And Lexus IS the worst. I wouldn't drive that eyesore around in the least.

Remnant | 1 avril 2016

@ Ohm_myyy (April 1, 2016)

<< My concern is how I'm going to display a plate without drilling into the nose cone, disrupting aero, or otherwise compromising the looks of the car. >>

Try magnetic plates.

Amazon has some.

Ankit Mishra | 1 avril 2016

It doesn't need a grill. Grills are remnants of the ICE age. People will feel these kinds of shocks while transitioning, our mind resist change and look for nostalgia.

Qball | 1 avril 2016

Although it's not required from a technical standpoint, grills make cars look aggressive. Without a grill, the front sort of looks like a giant lipstick. I usually hate the overly feminine look to cars...BUT for some reason, the model 3 seems to pull it off!

Oh and compared to the Model X front, I prefer the Model 3 front hands down. Website now has a model 3 section on the top pane. The photos they put up will get you sold on the look.

RFloyd | 1 avril 2016

I think they will add one as an option. In the video showing the model 3 behind Elon after the stage unveiling, you can see model 3's driving with small grilles.

RFloyd | 1 avril 2016

Minute 21:42, model 3 on screen has a grille

Nexxus | 1 avril 2016

@ryantrotter, Sorry to burst your bubble, but the video you saw was interspersed with Model S's and at least one Model X. Model ≡ has no grill, just an air opening at the bottom.

m.morales214 | 1 avril 2016

I think just most of us who really loved the Model S design admired the front facia so much that we expected a similar grill for the Model X and Model 3. The cars look great though.

Iowa92x | 1 avril 2016

Sorry that you don't know how to spell grille.

Only dyno-era petros need a 1926 grille.

m.morales214 | 1 avril 2016

It would be nice if Tesla has grill options. What do you think guys? If they do? It would be pretty awesome! Who knows what grill design they would smack on the front if it were an option :)!

swingshiftworker | 1 avril 2016

I'm sure the Model 3 will have a psuedo-grill plate just like the S and X. The models shown are just prototypes and there are likely to be lots of cosmetic changes/tweaks before the car reaches production 1 1/2 years from now.

Ross1 | 1 avril 2016

Grill is for barbecuing on. Cooking with gas.

jongunnarjonsson | 1 avril 2016

GREAT CAR !! I want one ! But, please RE-DESIGN the FRONT END - before final production. The duck-like nose is dead-pan plain. You brain shambles to finish the design in the imagination. Something like a strong TESLA logo, or a finishing line would put the final touch - to give the car some attitude ( This is a "ghost like" front. )
CONGRATULATIONS with this watershed moment !!!!!!!

felix2312 | 2 avril 2016

i hope the grill will come as an extra. The grill is a companys trademark like BMW, Mercedes. always looking the same, always awesome. Thats the same for the tesla. For me the grill is a must have that everybody see from far away that a tesla is coming

sooozl | 2 avril 2016

I'm impressed by the look of the front end without the grille. Bold and stylish! An unnecessary grilles would be fake and fussy. The grille-less front end looks sleek. As for the shape of the front end, there are new requirements for taller bumpers so all the new makes/models have this pushed out, pouty-lip styling now. The new Miata looks like a fish, The 4-Runner looks like a bulldog... I like how the Model 3 designers handled it. Bravo!

stanaland | 2 avril 2016

While it is true that we may be "used" to grills, it is not the complete story. It is well known that people view cars as having faces, which means it is really missing a "nose". I have photoshopped the S and X grills onto the Model 3 and they both look absolutely beautiful.

Furthermore, the "up turned" nose design screens for something to go there. The grill-less would be much better if it was rounded all the way across like a porsche. Hope they address this so we don't have to put a decal on there!

ericnjill | 2 avril 2016

That blank front end looks nu-finished and a bit Smuggy It says "Look at me I'm and electric car " See South Parks Smug . Maybe use the 3 horizontal lines that make the TESLA "E" to create a fo-grill.