Desired option: Head Up Display (HUD)

Desired option: Head Up Display (HUD)

I really, really like the HUD in my 2012 Prius. I hope there's an option for a HUD in the M3.

tssidhu | 1 avril 2016

Agreed. Makes it a lot easier to keep eyes on the road too. Having speedometer on the top left corner of the center screen is a bit distracting.

RFloyd | 1 avril 2016

Agreed, HUD is key!

PeterPlt | 5 avril 2016

With the only speed reference source diagonally down and away from the line of sight, a HUD is essential to safety, not just a nice item to add. The way the dash is designed, it should be easy to implement.

yongliangzhu68 | 5 avril 2016

If I were to bet I would say a basic HUD will be standard and an enhanced HUD on the P.

yongliangzhu68 | 5 avril 2016

If I were to bet I would say a basic HUD will be standard and an enhanced HUD on the P.

adias.angel | 5 avril 2016

It's a good bet that it will have a HUD. I hope that is what Elon was hinting at on twitter when he said "Wait until you see the real steering controls and system for the 3. It feels like a spaceship."

Hi_Tech | 5 avril 2016

HUD = Hologram! Up yours Detroit. 8o)

Jokes aside, a nice simple HUD would be perfect on the car.

adias.angel | 5 avril 2016

@HiteshBhatt hahaha yes! I'm from Michigan with our antiquated dealership laws and I second you on your Detroit comment.

Red Sage ca us | 5 avril 2016

People have been requesting HUD from Tesla Motors pretty much as long as they have been asking for grab handles, coat hooks, lighted vanity mirrors, adjustable height shoulder belts, covered center console storage, adjustable headrests, traffic aware cruise control, automatically folding mirrors, laser guided LED headlamps, saddleback leather, chilled brandy snifters, humidors, refrigerated seating, rear seat entertainment centers, and any number of other features over the past few years... Some of those things have even appeared, at least temporarily to Model S, or as standard on Model X so far.

Here the thing is: Tesla Motors tends to offer features when they believe they can do a better job of it than anyone else. Please, don't force them to settle for the sort of HUD you could get 'off-the-shelf' from any supplier, just like the traditional automobile manufacturers. When/If they allow the option, it must offer a superior benefit above and beyond the norm. Otherwise, there's no real reason to buy it individually, or to include it as part of a package, or eventually make it standard on the car.

Dwatson102 | 5 avril 2016

Speed plus all the AP info(lanes,traffic,etc) would be quite an enhancement over the HUD's in other cars.

Tropopause | 5 avril 2016

HUD's are so yesterday. Tesla will redefine interior technology beyond what we mere mortals can imagine. I'm ready to embrace the future of autonomous-tech vehicles in 3...2...1... Launch! ;)

teklord | 5 avril 2016

I think that an HUD option will make it into Model 3 and would be announced with Part 2.

elmar-voigt | 5 avril 2016

I would also love to see a HUD in the Model 3 Cockpit, it doesn't need to be super fancy, just presenting the basic driving parameters.
Anyway you all at Tesla did a great work with the Model 3!

dsvick | 5 avril 2016

@Red Sage

I agree to a certain extent, but just because they can't necessarily do something better than everyone else doesn't mean that what they can do doesn't still add value. So while it might not be a better HUD than anyone has ever seen it could still be a perfectly fine HUD that makes driving the car that much easier and more enjoyable.

Now, about the laser guided, LED headlamps ... those just sound cool, regardless of practicality or function.

dsvick | 5 avril 2016

And, all of that is not to say that a HUD with a 3D representation of the road ahead of you, complete with upcoming obstacles and people and animals along the roadside, would not be incredibly cool. With all of the autopilot hardware already there they should be able to do that - heck you wouldn't need headlights anymore!!

dsvick | 5 avril 2016

Couple the 3D HUD with animal/people detection with the laser guided headlights ..... perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself ..

ram1901 | 5 avril 2016

1. While Prius has a small HUD, it is difficult to see in certain driving and lighting conditions so
you still need to look at the Speedo ...
2. The speedo on the Prius is to the RIGHT of the driver's vision...
3. The Model 3 - 15 inch display actually has the speedo in a better visual position than the Prius.
It's to the Right of the Steering wheel up high on the 15 inch screen..
4. Speedo is a reference point...not something we star at constantly while driving and in fact many drivers
use it to set the cruise speed..
and this:!9652&authkey=!ANI...

Gotta love the new tech.

gmccullough | 5 avril 2016

Rented at Cadilac CTS and it displayed the speed about 7 feet in front of the windshield. It is great. I'd live that on the M3.

cchouston | 5 avril 2016

Being at the unveil and having ridden in the prototype, I must say I hope that they do something with regard to essential function displays in front of the driver. The smallish portion of the screen closest to the driver that has speed, etc. isn't as much in the line of sight as I would want. Looking forward to what Elon says is the spaceship wheel.

aadebiasi | 5 avril 2016

I agree a HUD should be a standard across all models of model 3 its not just a nice feature but essential so drivers don't have to turn their heads away from the roads just to monitor the speed of the car.

A basic HUD with speed and range should be standard for safety (especially in markets like Canada) and a more advanced version (with navigation and energy consumption) come as an option.

aadebiasi | 5 avril 2016

Not to mention the speed in the corner can easily hide among the background making it very difficult for the driver to easily glance the value, and have to take more time and focus off the road to find it out.

Red Sage ca us | 8 avril 2016

I love the idea of a HUD. Sometimes though, they get washed out, either in direct sunlight or at night due to headlamps from other cars. Also, sometimes wearing polarized lenses make a HUD disappear entirely. That's part of the reason why I've never seen a HUD for speedometer without another type of gauge that shows the same information redundantly.

One more point is that certain seemingly common automobile features are not available because of their cost. It seems that both Model X and Model ☰ will have adjustable height seatbelts. That is a feature that has been demanded for Model S for years, without appearing. That is because three-point seatbelts are in the public domain, but the adjustable height portion is under patent. When Tesla Motors first brought out the Model S, many suppliers would simply not return their phone calls. If they did, they asked for relatively tremendous amounts of dough for components. It was more economical then to go with the fixed, non-adjustable height shoulder belts.

I'm sure that Tesla Motors would have loved to include a HUD on the Model S, but the same issues applied. It cost too much. It was not effective enough. It was not overlooked, it was purposefully omitted to allow for other, higher priority items instead.

The great thing about having the single display is that it is very likely every single part of it is configurable to display information as you like. Size, shape, color, position... All of it.

bjdraw | 8 avril 2016

I just need a way to be alerted if I'm exceeding the speed limit. I honestly question if a HUD is the best way to do that, and I know a dash mounted speedometer isn't the best way -- found myself unexpectedly above the limit on numerous occasions.

Perhaps the best solution is for the car to determine the speed limit (perhaps by using its autopilot hardware to read signs) and simple alert me audibly when I've passed a driver determined threshold (say 10 MPH over). That would be far more efficient then a HUD or traditional speedometer.

FREE ENERGY | 8 avril 2016

HUD do have some important impact...lets talk about risks: probabilities vs concequences...HUD will secure a better safer ride !

henry | 8 avril 2016

I really think a slick new HUD that's miles ahead (pun intended) of what's currently out there would be amazing. There's so much new tech to make HUDs better.

For example...

LG has a transparent OLED display (youtube*com/watch?v=lBBTfsN60e0) that I'm sure would work way better then the projector/reflection HUD displays out there now. Since OLED can be made into a flexible plastic sheet (youtube*com/watch?v=KHSdObeUdxI) then I can imagine it would be easy to apply one of these to a portion of the windshield.

Red Sage ca us | 8 avril 2016

A proper HUD would be in a vehicle that was entirely enclosed, with no windows at all. So, all that you saw from the driver's seat was either composite video or overlaid graphics. But what fun would that be?