Photo - New Model S Front End

Photo - New Model S Front End

This appears to be a legitimate picture of the new front end design for the Model S.

orca7812 | 12 avril 2016

that looks terrible

redacted | 12 avril 2016

I like the Model 3 front better.

bjackw | 12 avril 2016

I love it. Hopefully my pre-production Model S will be grandfathered in.

fi488249 | 12 avril 2016

Nooooooo that looks awful. I really hope that's a photoshop. I love that each tesla model had its own unique front end, and I love the nosecone on the MS. There is no reason for them to update the look already.

If this is real, I'm so glad I just got mine before this change.

Mike In NH | 12 avril 2016

I love it, mine is on order, finalizes Saturday and hope this is real and I get this nosecone.

BoxcarX | 12 avril 2016

I love the cleaner look. Might be time to officially let my wife have the current S85D (she drives it 95% of the time anyway) and order one for myself if I can swing it financially.

MSMD | 12 avril 2016

Lack of nosecone aside, if you look closely, there are cameras on the rear view mirrors. Perhaps Autopilot 2.0? This might allow the car to make actual 90 degree turns....

UnshodBob | 12 avril 2016

It looks like a model 3 to me. It is taken at a bad angle, too. The article says Tesla is updating their store wall photos. Wouldn't they put up photos of the 3 now to get people thinking about them? No model S or X photos needed, since there are actual vehicles to touch. Are the small circles at the connection point of the mirrors really cameras? Too bad the photo is low resolution. I zoomed in to see if the door handles have a curve at the rear, but can't tell. If so, it is a Model 3 for sure.

vp09 | 12 avril 2016

My order sets tomorrow and I hope we have the old nose cone.

Big T | 12 avril 2016

I want to upgrade my 2013 Model S. This may be the one I've been waiting for.

joshp | 12 avril 2016

ugly as sin. makes the front end look fat and therefore less aerodynamic (appearance not reality).

jordanrichard | 12 avril 2016

Just like the M≡, they need to put something on the nose to break up all that flat space. Who knows, perhaps it will look better in person.

MSMD | 12 avril 2016

Save the Model S nose cone! I prefer it too...

MSMD | 12 avril 2016

New design studio is up....

jordanrichard | 12 avril 2016

Looks really good in the Design studio. Also, the base price of a S70 is now $71,500. Cars come with adaptive LED headlights and HEPA filter.

kdł | 12 avril 2016

indeed. new nose and lights, new wood trim, new filters .. not much else.

I much prefer the old nose, though maybe with a license plate the new one would look a bit better ...

AmpedRealtor | 12 avril 2016

That looks AMAZING! What a beautiful, clean look!

I suspect that Tesla is changing more than just the front end and head light assemblies, but that either the Design Studio doesn't yet reflect all of the changes or Tesla will implement the changes in a rolling fashion as it has done previously.

Captain_Zap | 12 avril 2016

April fools? I hope...

jordanrichard | 12 avril 2016

there doesn't appear to be any changes to the back end.

Silver2K | 12 avril 2016

oh man, that's so fugly

why do they want all the cars to look alike?

MSMD | 12 avril 2016

No 100D, but new 90D EPA of 294 miles...

Captain_Zap | 12 avril 2016

You took the words right out of my mouth.

MSMD | 12 avril 2016

Did you notice the new Model X 75D? Pretty interesting...

fi488249 | 12 avril 2016

Well I guess it's official.. It's upsetting that my 3 day old MS is now outdated and an old model, but at the same time I like the older look so much better than this new look. I wasn't the biggest fan of this look on the MX, but it seems to work well on an SUV. This looks so much worse on the MS. It takes away the sporty look of the design in my opinion.

UnshodBob | 12 avril 2016

On the main Model S page, they have a similar photo and it is a Model S, so this is the new front end. My car configuration costs $1500 more, too. Looks like that is the price increase to add new front end, HEPA filters, et al. I guess we all have outdated cars now. Time to buy a new one. :)

I noticed on the forums top menu, there is no Model 3 link, but on the Tesla main page there is.

grantwatson | 12 avril 2016

I like it. A nice update; funny how for every owner/critic whining about the "ugly nose cone" there's another one popping up to complain that the clean "coneless" design is ugly and they want to go back to the nose cone. That tells me that Tesla nailed it perfectly!

Captain_Zap | 12 avril 2016


I think the value of your 3 day old car just went up. This new version doesn't look as desirable. I'd buy used. Up to 80A charging and a more attractive front end. If you got the car without a console, you hit the jackpot.

Mathew98 | 12 avril 2016

Not sure if the mid generation face lift, in this case, the nose lift, is pretty enough.

Mathew98 | 12 avril 2016

Not sure if the mid generation face lift, in this case, the nose lift, is pretty enough.

MSMD | 12 avril 2016


Agree about the center console. I much prefer having the open space and it is unfortunate you are now forced to have that console (not removable).

yongliangzhu68 | 12 avril 2016

here is a slider to compare the old and new front end. WOW the old style looks pregnant and stuck on compared to the new front (IMO).

EVino | 12 avril 2016

This looks gorgeous. The negative reaction is psychology/rationalization at work that your (our) current Model S just turned into a classic. I like my Classic but I'll be honest I wish I have this new model with the fresh look and AP 2.0

Captain_Zap | 12 avril 2016


That isn't just a rationalization. It looks too much like the Model X front end, which I never found attractive. I really would choose used over new if something happened to my car tomorrow.

fi488249 | 12 avril 2016

@captain zap, I got no center console and old style 19" rims. They told me they will install the new center console at no charge when it's available since I just missed it.

@EVino, different opinions.. I truly do not like this look. I don't like it on the MX, I think it's even worse on the MS. And yes, there is a part of me that's upset my new car is now a "classic"

Captain_Zap | 12 avril 2016


Try life without the console and see how it goes. Once you get the console there may be no boing back to the console-free lifestyle.

Captain_Zap | 12 avril 2016


alexdoll | 12 avril 2016

I personally like the new look. I sure hope my ordered Model S (which is not in production yet) will have all these changes. Does anyone know?

alexdoll | 12 avril 2016

LOL... never mind. Someone at Tesla must have heard my question. Just got an email from Tesla about the changes and new nose, stating that my ordered Model S will reflect those changes! Woohoo! :)

alexdoll | 12 avril 2016

..."at no additional cost to you". Even better!

Pungoteague_Dave | 12 avril 2016

looks punched in the nose, a bit like Hannibal Lechter with a mask. Perhaps it will grow better with time.

Darthamerica | 12 avril 2016

I like it. But what I like more is that the change doesn't alienate current owners while at the same time it standardizes the design language. If you don't like it, go CPO or keep your current car. If you do like it, upgrade! Feel free to use my code:

rzander01 | 12 avril 2016

I like it and it will be easier to keep clean. The old nose cone has lots of little corners for bugs to get stuck in. The only problem for me with this new nose (as well as the X) is that in white the car looks like a Star Wars Imperial Trooper and white is my favorite color for cars in CA.

Tropopause | 12 avril 2016


Maybe Model 3 will put the "T" on the "lip" like this new Model S. Great job TESLA!

baronalan | 12 avril 2016

I don't care for it. Especially since my "classic" is just a month old. Seems like I'm in the minority though.

thepuffypuff | 12 avril 2016

Like it!

pattymac | 12 avril 2016

I don't like it. Reminds me of when Audi and Lexus went big with their front grills. Looks better with a front license plate but here in GA those aren't required (thankfully).

TPilot | 12 avril 2016

I'd like to see the rear shot

Manny13z | 12 avril 2016

The now classic MS is a great looking car, but this takes it to another level. Very futuristic look that sets it apart form ICE cars. Be who you are, not who they want you to be. I Love it!

flight505 | 12 avril 2016

I like the new front nose.

The older nose cone, however, looks a little wilder and more performance oriented.

Does the slightly flatter nose increase the coefficient of drag?

KL | 12 avril 2016

No piano black inside is a deal breaker for me. The new wood is ugly horrible. The other woods make this look like a car bought by older much older men. :)

Carbon Fiber is too young tech bro.

Luckily I already gots mine.

- K