22" wheels now showing 10-15% penalty!

22" wheels now showing 10-15% penalty!

That message wasn't there when I picked it. This is worrisome as it could bring the range down to 212 miles per full charge on worst case scenario. NO such penalty on the 20" wheels and they both come with summer performance tires on the P90D.

vperl | 25 avril 2016

Whoops !

carlk | 25 avril 2016

Can't figure out why if they use the same rubber. Stiffer sidewall should result in less rolling resistence not more. Anyway I would not use those tiny wheels even if I can tet 500 mile range.

Gary an Rachel | 25 avril 2016

This is true on MS as well. Also I think the diameter of the tires are the same , no matter what rim size you order. Something to do with that big chunk of steel over the top of the front tires. Hmm, go figure.

eric.zucker | 25 avril 2016

20" isn't tiny. I'm going for 20"s, tires cost less, last much longer, more comfortable ride, less noise, better towing capacity.
Yes those black 22" onyx rims look fabulous. I can have my 20"s powder coated or dipped if I really care.

elguapo | 25 avril 2016

@eddiemoy It's not surprising given the effects on the S. Not to fan the flames, but what sucks is you could have a car that cost $30,000+ more than the 75D but has less range...

lilbean | 25 avril 2016

I love my 20" tires. They will last a long time. I've heard the 22" tires will need to be replaced every 10k miles.

Brian Vicars | 26 avril 2016

I'm looking forward to receiving my 20" helix summer & winter wheel packages. I paid the extra so that I wouldn't have to bother with ugly wheel nuts. My wheels will be permanently attached to the axle & thus are considered part of the 8 year, unlimited mileage warranty.

eddiemoy | 26 avril 2016

@eric, i have the 21" turbines on my model S, I don't see any range issues and they don't mention any range penalty on the website when selecting the 21" turbines. On long trips, i've hit the EPA rating even going 75-80mph on the highway. so not sure where you are getting the same on the model S.

carlk | 26 avril 2016


True, I have 21" on my S and I don't see any range penalty from that. I'm very curious of why this is a particular issue for the X.


You'll have only 4 year 50K miles warranty for that. Only battery and drive unit have 8 year unlimited mileage warranty.

rdalcanto | 26 avril 2016

On my Model S, my 19 inch snow tires get 10% better range than my 21 inch summer tires. I ordered the 20 inch on the Model X....

Brian Vicars | 27 avril 2016

Tesla just contacted me.Helix 20" wheels are not available because I ordered a Signature X, I have only 2 options for wheel rather than four. 20" silver or 22" silver (same price). Now, what would have been the chances of receiving fewer choices when ordering a Sig? I therefore do not have the option of purchasing identical winter rims. Anyone want a used red sigX, not even delivered yet. Don't answer that!

Tropopause | 27 avril 2016

Just the facts people...

Tesla quotes a 3% range penalty for Model S with 21" wheels and summer tires.
It's the tires, not the wheels that create the penalty. Softer rubber equates to better grip and less range.

Has anyone seen any actual Tesla facts on the Model X 22" range difference or are we all making up opinions here?

carlk | 27 avril 2016


It indeed states 10~15% range penalty when you pick the 22" option in the configuration page. It also says 22" is equiped with all season tires although ones shipped to me are summer tires. So we should blinded trust what is said there.

I too think it's not the rim size, both have the same outer diameter, but the rubber type and the thread design. If there indeed is that much range hit it could only mean issues with those OEM tires Tesla chose. One could always choose less grippy tires to get better range.

steilkurve | 9 avril 2017

Old post I know but I notice the range warning is gone when switching from the 20 to 22-inch wheels in the design studio for Model X. Is Tesla still claiming 10-15% penalty or has it been determined as less, perhaps with new/better tires on the rims?

mathwhiz | 9 avril 2017

I have no idea why Tesla yanked the notation, since AFAIK the penalty still exists. Maybe they think we like surprises... :~

tjhappel | 9 avril 2017

It definitely exists, I cannot under any circumstance get under 385 wh/mile with my 22's which means I can't go 200 miles on a charge. I drove a loaner x and was able to get stated range, I averaged about 315-322 wh/mile over a week on the sale routes I drive everyday.

I am switching the helix 20's tomorrow, luckily found a guy with a pair for sale.

TDinDC | 10 avril 2017

I have both 22" and 20", and let me tell you that the range penalty is very real. It is not made up. You cannot even rely on the stock trip planning because it does not reflect the penalty, so you can get caught off guard if you are not planning for it.

So, on long trips, the 22" rims are a factor that must be taken into account.

That said, the handling with the 22" rims is amazing, and far, far superior to the handling with the 20" rims. There is just something about having the much larger footprint and shorter sidewall that really makes you forget how heavy the MX is.

I also strongly prefer how the 22" rims look.

So, for me, I would order again, BUT I have to charge a bit longer on trips, and it causes me a problem on on stretch where the superchargers are a bit too far apart.

steilkurve | 10 avril 2017

@ eddiemoy Thanks for the insights. Question. Do you have a Performance model? Wondering why if 22s make as big a difference on less powerful plain D model.

MyXinTx | 10 avril 2017

@myaccountmanager - I am convinced that the quietness and smoothness of the ride is much greater on the 20's than the 22's... What say You?

TDinDC | 11 avril 2017

Actually, I strongly prefer the 22" rims. But I have winters on my 20" rims, so it is not an apples to apples comparison.

christurbeville | 11 avril 2017

After the nightmare of the "21s on my Model S the wife got the "20s. I've gone to "19s on the MS and range has improved. Doesn't grip or turn as well but I'm hoping not to replace a rim every 3 months like "21s.

carlk | 11 avril 2017

It's all your personal preferences. I have 21" on my S and 22" on my X I never felt any noise or ride quality issues. I'm used to low profiles on my Porsche which is probably the reason why.

inconel | 11 avril 2017

I would have been very happy with the harsher ride in exchange for better handling, but 10% hit on my preciousss electrons, no thanks :)

zanegler | 11 avril 2017

Im totally conficted. 22" rims are sexy, but form follows function and my 20" wheels are better for anything except looking at the car parked at a supercharger. I choose function.

MyXinTx | 12 avril 2017

@zanegler Hear Hear !!! Everyday of the week.

Leli001 | 12 avril 2017

@zaengler, Same here. The roads are terrible in the NYMA region and after driving a loaner X with 22", the 20's were a no brainer for me. Significant difference in ride quality and road noise. Granted, the 22's corner better and look better than the 20's but the rough ride, noise and range penalty were just not worth it.

joe_jet | 23 avril 2017

So who wants to sell me their 22's cheap? Ha ha

PXChanel | 25 avril 2017

I have never test driven an MX with 20", but we got 22" bc hubby preferred how they look even though I warned him our range would decrease. He didn't care, he says since we don't take many road trips, our MX is basically a city car. I think my next Tesla in a few years, maybe a model X or Y, will be our long range car and I will get smaller rims. Anyone worried about range, definitely get 20". My range when I charge to 90% on a daily basis was 230 at the beginning (10 mo ago), now it is down to 224. I used to drive on low suspension till about 2 months ago, switched to standard to preserve tires. Good luck.

Triggerplz | 25 avril 2017

I like my 22's range is not a factor for me

lilbean | 25 avril 2017

I should have gotten those since mine spend a lot of time in my garage.

inconel | 26 avril 2017

lilbean there is also a 10-15% penalty on vampire drain because of the 22' wheels ;-)

lilbean | 26 avril 2017

Oh, great! I must have the wheels and didn't know it. ;)