Question from M3 Reserver: Does Your Model X Pass the Dust Test?

Question from M3 Reserver: Does Your Model X Pass the Dust Test?

I'm normally down the street at the M≡ forum, but popping in to ask about the dust resistance of your X. We have some nasty dirt roads around where I live, and I've found that most vehicles that drive these roads inevitably leach dust into the cabin, even with windows rolled up and doors securely shut? There is usually heavy dust accumulation on the portion of the running board inside the cabin (bottom of the where the door closes), around the door frame, and to a degree throughout the cabin itself.

Have you ever driven your Model X on a dirt road for any length of time. Just curious how well it keeps the dust out.


aesculus | 20 mai 2016

About a mile the other day. Nothing significant inside that I could tell.

raging.dragonfly | 20 mai 2016

And then there's Bio Weapon Defense Mode....filters out everything!

Triggerplz | 20 mai 2016

So can I ride pass a fresh skunk road kill and not smell it with Bio on?

raging.dragonfly | 21 mai 2016

Pretty much. Dust, pollen, foul odors. It works on hubby's bad allergies.

raging.dragonfly | 21 mai 2016

*for* hubby's allergies. Highly allergic to numerous pollens. BWDM is VERY effective.

Triggerplz | 21 mai 2016


raging.dragonfly | 21 mai 2016

That, the wings, & 5000 lb. towing capacity are his main reasons for wanting X over S. We love our X, & often take it for a drive just the sheer joy of it :-) Did I just read on another thread you finally got a delivery date? Congrats, Trigger! It is just FUN :-)

Triggerplz | 21 mai 2016

@ragingdragonfly I didn't get a confirmed date of delivery yet but they said my car should be there next week.. So Im close :-)

darlin | 21 mai 2016

Yes you are very close. My arrives on the 21st and I can pick it up on the 25. Bugs seem to be very limited now and the service centers have less to fix, align etc. so they are going through them much faster then previously.

raging.dragonfly | 21 mai 2016

Right on! Happy for you both, and all who are finally getting theirs :-)

ernie | 21 mai 2016

@Triggerplz...I pass a composting facility twice a day which under most conditions I smell 90% of the time...depending on wind direction. Since I have had the X I have NEVER smelled it and hope to not ever smell it again.

Skunk odors are noxious due to their composition which includes a carbon-bonded sulfhydryl compound. Sulfur displaces some of the oxygen in the air we ordinarily breathe and the result is that we can detect just one part per billion of sulfur. My expectation is that we will sail through almost anything and not notice.

Just a note: there are certain compounds which will not be removed 100% such as monoxide (CO). The technology exists to convert carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide by virtue of a low temperature catalyst, but Tesla did not incorporate that. Perhaps some day????

Triggerplz | 21 mai 2016

@ernie thanks I think I'll leave it on, plus you never know if a passenger may let loose one of those silent deadly ones.. :-)