Unresponsivness of Tesla

Unresponsivness of Tesla

Does anyone have the same experience with the communication with Tesla? I have tried to contact them for weeks trough different canals (application on their web page, sales email and general email) but havent got any response.
Does anyone know how to get in contact with them?
I know they have tons of work, but I believe that I am being ignored now :(

compchat | 24 mai 2016

Try calling your Tesla Dealer....or just go to the mall and walk into the Tesla Store.

povmi | 24 mai 2016

Well that is a good idea, but the problem is, that there are no Tesla dealers in our country...

yongliangzhu68 | 24 mai 2016

miha.povsic, There are NO Tesla dealers anywhere in the word. :)

Why not just call them at (650) 681-5100 using a VoIP?

DTsea | 24 mai 2016

If no tesla presence in your country they probably ARE ignoring you

jordanrichard | 24 mai 2016

What specifically are you inquiring about? Sales, service, technical issues, applying for a job, want to suggest a location for a supercharger, etc..... Each one is handled by a different department.

matoram | 24 mai 2016

I guess I am from the same country as you because of your name :) (Slovenia?)
Had the same problem, tried contacting Tesla for a test drive (Klagenfurt, Palmanova) whole April. Filed out forms, RSVP'd for test drive events nearby, no response. Made a complaint about that on Tesla website too. After a few days I got a call from Tesla employee from Graz. Appologized for not being able to invite me on a test drive (he said that events were already full). But invited me to test drive in Graz instead.:) So, the best is to call them directly I think. They also have employees from Slovenia there.

povmi | 24 mai 2016

Yes, I am from Slovenia :)
I have a question about my order of Tesla model 3, but had no luck getting any information from Tesla, and I tried different departments :(
I quess I will have to contact them trough the phone.
I don't understand why dont they make a Tesla saloon in every country :)

matoram | 24 mai 2016

Yes, contacting them via phone should be the best option. And ask for slovenian speaking guy :)
I think they will build a saloon in many other places, also because of many more Model 3's and lack of service centres around here. They really should build one in Slovenia because of customers... I already preordered my Model 3 :)

povmi | 24 mai 2016

I also ordered my Model 3 over a month ago, and asked them a question back then. Then asked them again and again with no response.
I just don't understand why they provided email contacts if they are so unresponsive.
Will try to contect them in Graz via phone.
Thanks for the suggestion matoram :) | 24 mai 2016

I agree they should be more responsive, but with 300,000 new customers, and a portion of them suddenly calling them, I suspect they are overwhelmed. Since they really have no answers to give beyond what is on the website, perhaps they are prioritizing calls from existing owners.

Brian H | 24 mai 2016

Don't assume they are hungry for sales. Their appetite is sated.

vperl | 24 mai 2016

Tesla has a long proven record of not responding.

Why expect a change, or answers

SCCRENDO | 24 mai 2016

@BrianH and @vperl = trolls.
OP difficult to know what happens in Europe as we are in the US but many of us have been around for a while. Ask your question and I will try give you an answer or I will contact someone at Tesla to get you an answer.

compchat | 24 mai 2016

Don't forget, Tesla is still a relatively small car company. They don't have the resources you expect of them. If there are no "dealers" in your country it's because they have to prioritize. I suspect Elon is a bit busy focusing on building SpaceX.

BTW if there are no "dealers" then what are you going to do when your Tesla needs service ?

matoram | 25 mai 2016

Nearest service center in Graz is still quite close, around 2 hours of driving. And they have Slovenian speaking people there, too. But because of increasing number of customers here they should build a service center here as well.:)