"Drop in Front Console" just added to my order.

"Drop in Front Console" just added to my order.

Has anyone else noticed that this option has been added to their order? My SigX should be in production this week. This "included" option was not in my original order agreement. How dare they add "included" options to my agreement without my consent. If they add the P100D with "maximum plaid" without my permission, to whom would I complain? What in heavens name would I do with 0-60 in 1.3 seconds? O, I wonder if my 8 track tape player would fit in the console, that would be OK.

mercc3650 | 25 mai 2016

Interesting, but a more interesting question is how is it that there are still "Signature" series still being produced?
I though most Sigs were delivered by April? Do we know the final count on Sigs?

vperl | 25 mai 2016

Thought all the SIG's were red tagged and to be crushed. With all the complainers and cry babies I figured Tesla decided to recall the Sigs.

Me bad, guess not. Great fortune on your Sig, did you get the parachute kit , and the neon sign kit ?

Regular production cars may not have the new options. Shame

elguapo | 25 mai 2016

@brian is Canadian and Canadian sigs haven't even started delivery.

madodel | 25 mai 2016

You late guys get all the new stuff. When I saw a production X I noticed that the slider on the console had the same wood finish as the rest of the car. Mine is just black plastic. I assume this dropin is for the empty plastic shelf below the tablet? Maybe the quality is getting so good that the Service Centers have to find things to do to the Xs so they are building cupboards now. Maybe they can add some coat hangers next.

sra | 25 mai 2016

What is the "Drop in Front Console"?

Mom2Dancers | 25 mai 2016

LOL @ madodel

Remnant | 25 mai 2016

@ madodel (May 25, 2016)

<< You late guys get all the new stuff. >>

Why not? Tesla can't just stop innovating for fear of leaving earlier deliveries behind, although the OTA SW updates are inclusive of them as well.

Yet, small, incremental refinements, such as, say, a better quality paint, are likely to get into production even without customer notification.

So, recent deliveries might well contain windfall improvements or refinements. An up-to-date list of them is probably available from the Tesla HQs, except, I guess, for some proprietary formulas or procedures.

Brian Vicars | 25 mai 2016

@mercc3650. Canadian SigX was delayed because of time needed to meet Canadian Standards. First deliveries are anticpiated in June.

vperl | 25 mai 2016

BV, with the 100 kW battery pak.

carlk | 25 mai 2016

All I want is center flat floor like my classic S.

aesculus | 25 mai 2016

@madodel: Did you order the PUP? I think the wood you saw was because of PUP.

RiyazMomin | 25 mai 2016

I see it on my X90D too. It has completed production and is on the way.

madodel | 25 mai 2016

@aesculus Mine is a Signature X with everything except Ludicrous, but Tesla has changed things since then. I'm not complaining. :-)

siliconhammer | 26 mai 2016

does anybody know what the "drop front console" is exactly? will everybody in the backlog get this?

dbh | 26 mai 2016

I have premium interior and our center console lid is just plastic too. We have obeche matte. I saw a figured ash one when I picked ours up, and it had a wood cover. I thought maybe it was just certain woods that have the fancy console lid (?)

raging.dragonfly | 26 mai 2016

Hmmm..we have figured ash...I THINK our cover matches the trim...will have to check w/hubby, he has car. 90D, PUP.

elguapo | 26 mai 2016

@brian Please explain the drop in console...wondering what it is and I don't see it as an option on website now.

Brian Vicars | 26 mai 2016

@elguapo. Look in the "standard equipment" included in the Design Studio. It has been added recently.

aesculus | 26 mai 2016

My PUP figured ash has wood on the slider too. VIN 1526