Does autopilot work at night?

Does autopilot work at night?

Hello everyone! I am one of the many members patiently awaiting for their baby to arrive. I was wondering, does autopilot work at night? If so, does it work as well as it does during the day?

Anthony J. Parisio | 1 juin 2016


-Gman- | 1 juin 2016

sometimes works better at night if the stripes are the reflective paint (higher contrast with the road).

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | 1 juin 2016

@OP, as Antony has said, YES! Elon actually answered this question by saying it actually works best at night. In my opinion that is because the road lines and other vehicles are more visible at night. In addition the camera is not affected by solar reflections and overload.

oangel | 1 juin 2016

Excellent. Thank you all for your responses.

SK1960 | 21 avril 2018

Has anyone driven Tesla on autopilot in mountainous road, i.e San Jose to Santa Cruz California? How does it take the sharp curves?

bill | 22 avril 2018

It depends on speed. If you slow down to the posted speed limit it seems to do ok. Above that and not so good.

insfbayarea | 22 avril 2018

Works better at night. I had to do the San Jose to Santa Cruz drive last week on AP2 - it's usable for the initial parts where the curves are spread out as it starts to slow itself down from 65 but once it got in the frequent sharp curves areas it became too scary and had to disengage.

bill | 22 avril 2018

Try slowing your speed down and it will handle the curves better.

I drive from Vancouver to Whistler which is mountainous and lots of sharp curves. At the posted speed limit it does well, even 10 km above but more then that it has trouble. Canada speed limits are more conservative then US so you may need to go under the speed limit.

insfbayarea | 22 avril 2018

San Jose to Santa Cruz instantly varies between 65 to 55 to 45 - Driving slower than posted will enrage other drivers and they may tail or try risky overtaking.

bill | 22 avril 2018

From what I remember of my AP 1 car it did a much better job on the road I travel.

JayInJapan | 22 avril 2018

RTFM. AP works best on roads it’s designed for.