Model 3 Hatchback

Model 3 Hatchback

I understand Elon is planning on other configurations for the model 3 in the future, however it would be nice for Tesla to query reservation holders to find out how many would forego the extra full glass roof and higher backseat headroom to enable having a hatchback sooner rather than later. I don't have much use to carry backseat passengers anyway, or they can hunch over if necessary if they are really big. The Hatchback is the urban pickup, providing more versatility and function than the trunk. I would be willing to put my reservation on hold for a short period of time to have the hatchback version.

yongliangzhu68 | 11 juin 2016

I have assigned Ø to your case. : )

dsvick | 11 juin 2016

@wj - "I have assigned Ø to your case"

+100 - that's awesome!

Red Sage ca us | 11 juin 2016

OP: Actually, these days, the SUV is the 'urban pickup'... Has been since the introduction of the Ford Explorer. A vehicle a buddy of mine referred to with, "It ain't nothin' but a Ranger with a camper shell. I don't see why people are going so crazy over it." | 11 juin 2016

No need to query as it is far too late to change the design now, unless Tesla wants to delay the release a year or so and piss 400,000 reservation holders off. Based on forecasted sales in the next few years, 30% of customers in the USA want a sedan and only 6% want a hatchback. Perhaps a later model will offer a hatchback, but I suspect Tesla would be better off with a truck or small SUV that has far larger demand.

wojahn | 11 juin 2016

It may be too late for the first edition. However, Ford is being referred to as a truck company selling more150's like hot cakes, than cars. My Prius is every bit as utilitarian for a small load that requires a pickup, and it keeps that load secure and closed in, much better than having an open bed. Many of us reserved sight unseen and will still buy the first model 3. It would be very easy for Tesla to check with reservation holders to answer the question on their feelings, it seems like a good opportunity to do so.

bernard.holbrook | 11 juin 2016

I'd take a wagon or a hatch over a sedan any day. (price being similar, of course). The only reason I'm in line the the 3 sedan is that there is no electric hatch or wagon with acceptable range available anywhere. The Leaf are its ilk are just glorified golf carts to me.

skygraff | 12 juin 2016

Agree with the last two posts!

I reserved before the reveal because it seemed logical that the liftback form factor would follow from the MS. Unless Tesla does something amazing (and counter to common physics/bumper regs), I know I won't be getting my string bass in through the trunk but it's still going to be a great car and a huge advancement for the big picture goal.

I won't buy a crossover or (flat-tail) hatchback nor do I have room/money for the MS but will remain open minded about the Y even though I seem to buy cars once every 20 years.

dd.micsol | 12 juin 2016

Please delete this topic. It has been discussed many many time before.

mos6507 | 12 juin 2016

And will continue to be discussed. The site needs to have a sticky FAQ thread.

bernard.holbrook | 12 juin 2016

dd.micsol- This hatchback issue is important to a lot of people. No-one is forcing you to read these threads.

carlk | 12 juin 2016

I can't believe I clicked it.

justinomaha | 12 juin 2016

This is more of a suggestion. Please offer a midnight blue as a color option on the model 3. I really like the dark blue color on the 2016 Honda Civic.

dsvick | 12 juin 2016

@dd.micsol - "Please delete this topic. It has been discussed many many time before."
And will be many times in the future. It might taper off in the next few months. Then after the next reveal when there is no hatchback option, it'll pick up again with everyone saying what a horrible mistake it is.

@carlk - "I can't believe I clicked it."
You're not alone - sort of like the loose tooth you can't stop poking.

@bernard - "This hatchback issue is important to a lot of people."
Oh we know, we know exactly how they feel, over and over......

@justinomaha - "Please offer a midnight blue as a color option on the model 3"
umm, ok...

jordanrichard | 13 juin 2016

Tesla as logic dictates, will come out with a "hatchback" version of the Model ≡, it will be a "CUV" and rumored to be called Model Y.

What is the difference between a 4 door hatchback and a "wagon"?

shahsaud | 13 juin 2016

:) Hopefully my Tesla Model 3:

1. Hatchback,
2. 300 miles range,
3. Autopilot using Map navigation from start till the end,
4. Soundproofing in doors and strong thick scratch proof glass,
5. Bio-weapon air filtration,
6. Full leather seats,
7. Supercharger for life,
8. Height adjustable suspension,
9. Wireless charging (been stranded many times when cable didn't come off or couldn't plug in),
10. Max £50,000 UK pounds.

Don't care about the glass sun roof, door handles, metalic shiny colour, big rims, spoiler, big touch screen, ludicrous mode,

mos6507 | 13 juin 2016

"What is the difference between a 4 door hatchback and a "wagon"?"

Is that a rhetorical question? The liftgate on the rear of a wagon is usually close to 90' straight up-down in a wagon, and the tail extends longer than a sedan. In a compact wagon there's barely any overhang but you still get more of the vertical angle on the tailgate than a hatch. On a hatchback, there's more of a rake than a hatch. On a "liftback" (i.e. Model S) the rake is even more severe, blending into the roofline without much of a bump.

Red Sage ca us | 13 juin 2016

jordanrichard inquired, "What is the difference between a 4 door hatchback and a 'wagon'?"

Heck, idunno... It seems that if there is a difference, it is entirely up to the manufacturers to decide what they want the vehicle to qualify as...

The designation of 'Standard Sport Utility Vehicle 4WD' is what the EPA uses for the Size Class of these:
Tesla Model X
Buick Enclave AWD
Infiniti QX80
Lincoln Navigator 4WD
Mercedes-Benz G-Class
Mercedes-Benz GL-Class
Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class
Porsche Cayenne

These are all called 'Small Sport Utility Vehicle 4WD' instead:
Acura MDX
Acura RDX
BMW X3 xDrive
Buick Encore AWD
Honda CR-V 4WD
Lexus RX
Lincoln MKX AWD
Porsche Macan
Volkswagen Tiguan 4motion
Volvo XC60 AWD
Toyota RAV4

Interestingly... AUDI Q3 is a Compact car... BMW X1 xDrive is a Large car... And Infiniti QX50 is a Small Station Wagon.

To my eyes, many of these cars don't look like SUVs at all. They seem to be what Japanese manufacturers used to call a 'Tall Wagon' instead. And others just look like an ordinary, everyday station wagon.

jordanrichard | 14 juin 2016

mos6507, my question was both that a point. 99% of the terms we use to describe cars are made up by the car companies. there is no such thing as a "SUV", CUV, SAV, etc. Vehicles are either passenger vehicles, light duty trucks or heavy duty trucks. What is called an SUV these days was once called a truck. Those that aren't built on truck frames are just wagons that sit higher. Toyota RAV4 (Corolla frame), Honda CRV (Civic), BMW X5 ( 5 series sedan) etc.

As for the hatch being 90 degs or close to it. Well that eliminates any current Mercedes, Audi, Subaru Outbacks, etc, etc. etc. wagons.

My point is that people are getting all wrapped up and arguing over what is a hatchback vs a liftback vs a wagon. I tell people that my car is a hatchback, because well, it has a hatch in the back. For me a "wagon" has a side window behind the rear seat. So in other words, looking at a car's profile you have 3 large windows. Driver's, rear passengers and the window aft of that, looking into the cargo area.

FREE ENERGY | 14 juin 2016

Still living and kicking :-)

Bill Korea | 14 juin 2016

Actually, in most of America there are relatively more light trucks in the cities than out in the country. Maybe the light truck is the urban hatchback? What wise consumers we are, always carefully selecting the right tool for the job, unswayed by manipulative lifestyle advertising.

Red Sage ca us | 14 juin 2016

jordanrichard: +21! Exactly. For the sake of marketing, at least for the US, traditional automobile manufacturers and 'independent franchised dealerships' seem to come up with terms to identify different types of vehicles that are rather vague and inconsistent. SUV, Crossover, Pickup, Minivan, Commercial Van, Passenger Car, Luxury Vehicle... Then strange subdivisions within those 'classes' -- and no mention that sometimes a Minivan, Crossover, SUV, and Sedan are literally all the same vehicle under the skin, because they are based on the same platform.
Small Cars
Midsize Cars
Large Cars
Small Luxury Cars
Midsize Luxury Cars
Large Luxury Cars
Sporty Cars
Small SUVs & Crossovers
Midsize SUVs & Crossovers
Large SUVs
Compact Luxury SUVs
Small Luxury SUVs & Crossovers
Midsize Luxury SUVs & Crossovers
Large Luxury SUVs

quinney | 15 juin 2016

@Red Sage… That allows car sellers to advertise that their vehicle is "best in class" at some specification. What they don't mention is that, when their vehicle is the only one in a made-up class, it is also "worst in class".

Bill Korea | 15 juin 2016

Best in class advertising? That sounds like GM. They have the best commercials, if not the best vehicles. Last one I heard was something about a "first ever" Cadillac model. Obviously their advertising is effective, otherwise they wouldn't spend so much on it. The real problem is that we consumers don't know very much about vehicles, or driving, and the manufacturers repeatedly claim to give us what we want. It's not a recipe for good technology.