Model S as an everyday vehicle

Model S as an everyday vehicle

Does anyone use their Model S for everyday commuting? I drive about 50 miles round trip to work and back.

douglasstuckey | 27 juin 2016

Yes, of course. This is the easiest way to use a Tesla as you wake up every morning with a nearly full tank. No anxiety no petrol station. If you have sola panels, probably no or little cost to run.

Tola | 27 juin 2016

No matter what your intentions are for the car, if you get a Model S, it will soon become your every day commuter, as well as your run to the store, pick up the kids, let me find any excuse I can to go for a drive car.

Silver2K | 27 juin 2016

Are you kidding, I forget to buy stuff purposely so I can drive it back to the shop and forget to buy something again!

Made in CA | 27 juin 2016

We have 2 Model S's that are everyday vehicles. Our commutes are shorter but they are awesome for everyday use.

SbMD | 27 juin 2016

It is a great car to use everyday and for the commute that you have,@cadurney

minervo.florida | 27 juin 2016

Was this meant to be a joke?

PhillyGal | 27 juin 2016

Yes, yes, yes!

Ours is our workhorse. My stupid Hyundai only moves M-F for the workday commute.

Our Model S gets a dog in the back when we go to the in-laws.

In the last month: mulch, dirt, 3'x5' hardie backer board, plants, tiles, polymetric sand, 8' lengths of schleuter tile trim. We bring her to the Walmart parking lot, parallel parking downtown and every other place we need to go to live our lives. Of course, in parking lots we choose the far end.

PhillyGal | 27 juin 2016

Oh, and Saturday we purchased a Japanese Maple tree for our next door neighbors' 25th wedding anniversary... and just had it out the sunroof while driving :)

Made in CA | 27 juin 2016

@PhillyGal - dirt and mulch in the back of the MS? Gulp... I have not been that brave yet.

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | 27 juin 2016

I am with PhillyGal, my wife uses a cargo liner like below. We are an all Tesla couple so all our hauling needs are managed with our Tesla's.,42194,40727,5...

PhillyGal | 27 juin 2016

We have the weather tech liner in the cargo area. It's great.

We also have the below dog cover when we transport her. It keeps her hair at bay. (In fact, that's our dog pictured if you click on review.)

miyamky | 27 juin 2016

Not only is it my commuter car (I can't wait until I get my HOV sticker), it has turned into our family car. I have a 60-65 mile commute round-trip.

-Gman- | 27 juin 2016

... and more 'yes'!
70-80 mile commute, haven't been to a gas station in 18 months! Don't mind sitting at red lights anymore (not wasting gas doing so). Finally got brave enough to use TACC for rush hour (as advised many times on this forum), and it was transcendent. (beware: it does NOT work well when traffic goes from high speed to sudden stop, but if you see it happening ahead, you can dial down the cruise speed in advance and glide to a stop w/o disabling TACC).
Just wow.

elguapo | 27 juin 2016

I think the OP must be a joke. I used mine (before my X) for everyday driving. I would guess the majority of owners do.

carlk | 27 juin 2016

It would be very hard not to drive it everyday. Monday morning has never been happier before I got the S.

PhillyGal | 27 juin 2016

@Gman - +1 on using the stalk to slow your speed ahead of fast traffic stopping. I do that and it really gives the car a more linear reduction in momentum. Ugh, who am I? I could have said smooth stop. Anyway, agreed, that's the right way to do it.

MSMD | 27 juin 2016

I also find any excuse to drive my Model S. It will absolutely be your all day every day driver...

Captain_Zap | 27 juin 2016

Every day for over 3.5 years. It is more convenient than an ICE.
I don't miss those gas station stops!

Anthony J. Parisio | 27 juin 2016

I would go a step further and say that is has asked to become part of me. If I can't walk there then I Tesla there! No other way to go!

Run4Waffles | 27 juin 2016

Everyday commuting? Why wouldn't you? Of course! 50 miles each way. Plus kid taxi. Shopping. It's the go to car. Don't want to be driving anything else. And I was a coupe man.

LOVE driving this car. Traffic? Who cares with TACC and auto pilot. This car is totally different.

Anthony J. Parisio | 27 juin 2016

asked to Was put in by Siri. Sorry I missed it.

AoneOne | 27 juin 2016

@cadurney: What is the concern about using the Model S as a commuting car? Is there something unique about your situation?

Bighorn | 27 juin 2016

Strictly for red carpet drop offs.

rxlawdude | 27 juin 2016

90 mile daily commute, 25K miles in 11 months (several road trips, too).

Best. Car. Ever.

markbraukman | 27 juin 2016

I use mine for everyday driving EXCEPT for going to door-ding city (Home Depot). I use my ICE Jeep for that.

Rocky_H | 27 juin 2016

I think this question just sounds like it is coming from someone who has only heard horrible false things about electric cars from friends who don't like the idea, so is extremely nervous about them.

cadurney | 27 juin 2016

Not a joke, just wanted to hear from the "everyday" folks. There are only a few dozen in my state, and only about 13 in my area. It's just an observation, but I never see any in the morning or afternoon, and my wealthy neighbor only uses his as a play toy. I'd love to leave my SUV behind for a nice used 85D, but it's about money and timing right now.

jordanrichard | 27 juin 2016

Add me to the list of those making runs to Home Depot. I once bought 250 lbs (5 50lb bags) of river stone and put them in my car. I also have bought 8 ft long boards and put them completely in the car. Now granted they came to be within 5 inches or so from the screen, but they fit. I also once used my car to help my daughter move out of apartment and we placed her full size desk and a coffee table inside the car and closed the hatch.

I didn't buy the car to be a lawn ornament......

OP, I further answer your question with a match equation. I have had my car now for 27 months and have almost 48,000 miles on it. I will let you do the math.

GHammer | 27 juin 2016

Only uses it as a play toy? He's missing out on a lot. I get to play everyday and so does my wife. I would be very sad if I didn't get to use my Model S everyday, it's the best thing about going to work.

StarChief | 27 juin 2016

Yes , it's a beautiful thing! 70 mile round trip. Actually kept the A8 just in case for longer runs and have never stepped into it since December when I stepped into the P90D.

Mike83 | 27 juin 2016

One big problem is that any ICE cars are sitting with gas getting old. It is a pain to have to drive them and all the maintenance to do. Plus they are sooooo slooow. Drive my P85 99% of the time. Determining time to sell our last ICE vehicle, probably when we take delivery of our M3.

oangel | 27 juin 2016

80 mile daily round trip for me. No problem. I also use it for all other every day errands. I hate using my wife's new Durango so I avoid it at all cost.

pepsundar | 27 juin 2016

I drive it everyday, once in two days, weekly, monthly, 24/7 and sometimes I sleep in the car!

brec | 27 juin 2016

Everyday use as opposed to what alternative?

SeattleSid | 27 juin 2016

A day without driving my Tesla is a day wasted. Better than zoloft.

SomeJoe7777 | 27 juin 2016

I have never understood the idea that you have two cars, one for "everyday" use and another "nice" car that you only use sporadically. It's not a suit that's hanging in the closet. Why would you buy an expensive "nice" car and then rarely drive it?

The Tesla is the best car I have ever owned by a factor of 10, I'll be damned if it's going to sit in the garage.

Innkeep | 27 juin 2016

I got rid of my back up Pruis within a few months of ownership. In regards to your wealthy neighbor... There will always be people with more money than sense.

Mireille and Conan | 27 juin 2016

Yep, that's all we drive :). The perfect everyday car & road trip car.
Our 14 month old 85D has just under 44K miles.

cadurney | 27 juin 2016

No, Rocky_H, It's a dream of mine to own one and use it as our primary vehicle. There is not a lot of long-term data or antidotal information in the main stream media about the ownership experience. I felt it best to get the scoop directly from those who know best! Right now, my wife feels that we haven't owned the Explorer long enough, and that the MS is too expensive.

Thank you, everyone, for your great responses. | 27 juin 2016

Only car I own, recently put some landscape bricks in the frunk.

RandallKeith | 27 juin 2016

The only car I own.

TaoJones | 27 juin 2016

She had me at polymetric sand.

The only time I won't drive the car is when I know there's no possibility of decent parking. And even then, it's often possible to get close and to then take a cab/Uber/mass transit the rest of the way. Example: Staples Center, Rose Bowl, that sort of thing.

Oh - and dirt roads. I hate dirt roads. Coming into Deadwood, SD, there was a stretch of a couple of miles of dirt road due to construction; I'm sure the locals hated my 7mph-driving ass ^H^H^H self during that stretch, but they're not responsible for my paint. Leaving Deadwood, I took the long way - no dirt. Similarly heading into Yellowstone, there was a looooooooong stretch of chipsealed interstate with signs saying something like "Don't break a windshield - drive 35mph". Yeah, that was fun. At 25mph. On the way from Lusk, WY into Custer, SD, Nav/Trip Planner tried directing me down a county road that was a complete dirt washboard. I turned around after about 30 yards and, yep, took the long way.

Speaking of daily/weekly commutes, I've pretty much tripled the radius I'll consider for projects and clients. It's not perfect in the sense that time in the car is not time in the sand or in thin air, but given the givens, driving a Tesla with AP makes any commute a whole lot less painful. When we get the next AP features (traffic light and stop sign reaction (not to be confused with recognition)), I won't know how to act.

Haven't driven an ICE since 2 days before picking up the car at the factory. Would probably pose a danger to myself and to others if I had to drive an ICE on the spur of the moment. Key? What key. Brake pedal? Da fook? And what's that smell? Yeah... it wouldn't go well.

Silver2K | 27 juin 2016

I have also used it for my small business going around fixing computers and networks all day. I put 7k miles on McLovin in less than 3 months.

PBEndo | 27 juin 2016

I have a P85 as my daily driver for a 75 mile roundtrip commute. I have put about 70K miles on it and it is perfect for commuting. "Tank" is full every morning, driving it is still a pleasure that I look forward to, and I get to drive in the HOV lane.

Rocky_H | 27 juin 2016

@cadurney, OK, reasonable idea--hear from more owners. We've had our Model S for a little over two years, and it has been the main everyday car the whole time. We have two cars, but it works a little differently than in most houses. We don't have his and hers cars. My wife and I work at the same place, so we do go most places together most of the time, so we have the main car and the "secondary" car. We were driving our 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid and had a 2002 VW Jetta TDI as the secondary. We then passed the Jetta down to our daughter, and got the Tesla and demoted the Civic to the secondary.

There are a couple of situations like @TaoJones mentioned that we will take the Civic instead. Like if there is a really snowy icy day, we may take the Civic, so if someone slides into the car, it's the cheap car. Or dirt roads, or some tight parking situations, or one or two trips a year on routes where charging is not easy yet.

TurksHead | 27 juin 2016

Yup, drive to the University to drop my wife off to teach (10 miles), drive back home, do some "work" for 2-3 hours, drive back to the University to pick up my wife for lunch, etc. etc. On Friday evenings we have the so-called "fluid seminar" which involves a further round trip. (Sometimes I teach too.) Always a pleasure to be driving.

rxlawdude | 27 juin 2016

"Fluid seminar?" Is that like a fermented fruit forum?

pnajar | 27 juin 2016

Only car I drive.

sentabo | 27 juin 2016

I store mine in the garage 24/7. I'm afraid if I drove it, it might get a little dirty. Also, it would wear down the tread of the tires.

diegoPasadena | 27 juin 2016

It's a totally legitimate question from someone, who has never had an electric car. You can't know how much of a non-issue this is until you actually have one. So he did the second best thing: Ask those who have one.
I have only begrudgingly driven our other car since I got the Model S in 2013. When we only need one car, we *always* take the Tesla. I moved furniture with it, bought building supplies, even carried lumber - the car is a work horse, and I have yet to find out something I can't do with it - except reach Nashville on my upcoming trip around the US. And that's just because mine is a 60.