Ruby Tuesday Partners w Tesla

Ruby Tuesday Partners w Tesla

Ruby Tuesday stock jumped as it announced a partnership w Tesla to install Superchargers at its restaurants.

Gentlemen, the change in attitude has begun.

DTsea | 30 juin 2016

Probably destination chargers..

davediep | 30 juin 2016

This is great news for all of us! Keep them coming...

warren_tran | 30 juin 2016

Ruby Tuesday is not popular in NW. I don't even know if we have any in Oregon.

SCCRENDO | 30 juin 2016

Kudos to Ruby Tuesday and Elon. Not sure that their food is that healthy though. Perhaps just use their bathrooms

carlk | 30 juin 2016

That's a great idea. Tesla just need to get a few more restaurant chains on board and we're in business.

@SCCRENDO.Ca.US Colossal burger sounds good to me. Glad it's not Fresh Choice where food is even more dangerous to your health.

Earl and Nagin ... | 30 juin 2016

I've been wondering when a serious chain would pick up Tesla. It has been inevitable that it would happen, the only questions have been When and Who.
Once one picks up Tesla, there is likely to soon be a frenzy by all retail establishments that wish to attract drivers to get SuperChargers and Destination Chargers. The ROI is incredible because the investment is so cheap.

SCCRENDO | 30 juin 2016

@carlk. Have no info on calorie content or saturated fat content and i know we have discussed this before. By the eyeball test that burger is far from a heart healthy burger. Couldn't link the burger so linked the lunch menu. You have a choice of a few artery greasers

carlk | 30 juin 2016


Yes we sure did I was just trying to poke some fun here whenever I hear someone quote conventional wisdom, even from a physician. You do take a risk when you eat anything uncocked like "healthy" salads in restaurants. Not to mention places like Fresh Choice would let you to eat a lot of carbohydrate which can be worse than eating saturated animal fat. I don't know if you still don't agere low fat milk is actually less healthy than whole milk and fresh orange juice can be worse to your health than butter. There are more studies supporting those views now.

SCCRENDO | 30 juin 2016

@carlk. the new dietary guidelines do take that into account. Although the guidelines were expedient and subject to criticism. Protein is better than pure carbs. But the carbs we are referring to are potatoes, rice and pasta. High fibre carbs, and other vegetables are good. Fruits are good but have a lot of sugar so needs to be in moderation, particularly in diabetics. Saturated fats are unhealthy. they raise your cholesterol and increase heart disease. Eggs which have more cholesterol than saturated fats are not as bad as we thought. It is better to take in more fats in relation to carbohydrate than we thought but stay with unsaturated rather than saturated. The new guidelines are more flexible with beef but chicken, turkey, bison are better. Those burgers in the picture have too much meat, are dripping in greasy cheese, the bun could be avoided and I'm sure the sauces are an issue. Yes if you don't wash your lettuce you will get Samonella but I guess you can get some quick weight loss.

Octagondd | 30 juin 2016

The only people at higher risk of heart problems from cholesterol are people in the 750+ range. The Framingham study has been going for decades and there is no link to heart disease and cholesterol except at the very, very extreme end. Smoking and morbid Obesity are the strongest correlations to heart disease.

The USDA is mostly responsible for the original dietary guidelines although the Dept. of Health and Human Services is now involved. The USDA is not a human nutrition group, or doctors, or have any experience in nutrition. They are a lobby for Grain production in the US. Thus, eating cereal for breakfast instead of eggs and bacon or other animal fats was pushed on the American public. More and more research is popping up now that says Carbs are the main cause of obesity, not animal fats.

Burgers without buns and without fries and soda are fine. It's the carbs that are killing us and to think the diabetic diet is supposed to include healthy whole grains. ha.

SCCRENDO | 30 juin 2016

@octagondd. The diabetic diet should include healthy grains. You have to differentiate healthy from unhealthy carbs. It's the added sugar that is the problem. In the general public heart disease occurs later in life and people are living longer. This is mainly due to stain drugs. Diabetics are prone to premature coronary artery disease strokes etc. Eating bacon and overdoing animal fats will aggravate this risk. We have frankly ameliorated a lot of the risk again with statin drugs. These were the people who used to have heart attacks in their 40s. By the way the Cambridge study that is now quoted and did influence the latest guidelines was sponsored by the dairy industry. The problem in diabetics is that too high a carb diet including fruit increases blood sugars.

Octagondd | 30 juin 2016

A slice of whole grain bread has a higher glycemic Index and glycemic load than M&Ms per serving. Not sure how that is healthy for people trying to keep their glycemic load down. I know how it helps makers of insulin.

The major research now is looking at inflammation in the arteries with a possible cause coming from small dense LDL due to insulin response to blood sugar. Eating low carb, high fat actually creates large puffy LDL that do not seem to have any effect on inflammation and possibly have a restorative effect.

Many borderline type 2 people have completely reversed course with low carb high fat.

But back on topic, although I don't care for many chain restaurants, I wouldn't mind getting a low carb style bacon cheeseburger and a water while recharging my future Model ≡.

Al1 | 30 juin 2016

This is excellent news.

SCCRENDO | 30 juin 2016

@octagold. I don't want to get too distracted but suffice it to say that insulin does not cause inflammation in the arteries. Insulin is beneficial. It causes weight gain when over insulinized. You are talking about the insulin resistance syndrome but you have your facts confused. LDL is a scavenger particle that delivers fats back to the liver. But when you overwhelm the liver receptors with too much LDL it deposits in the arteries and that causes the inflammation. It is not the only factor however.

Large puffy LDL gets into the arteries just as easily as small dense LDL. The issue is the number of particles. At each LDL level if the particles are larger you have less particles. It takes many more particles to reach the same LDL level if the particles are small and dense. This is the case with diabetics, prediabetics and those with insulin resistance. Thus at similar LDL levels they are at higher atherogenic risk.

Not telling you how to eat, just presenting you with the facts.

If you disagree with what I am telling you please feel free to post supporting articles for your beliefs. But in all honesty I am trying not to hijack the thread.

David N | 30 juin 2016

given how the topic has shifted, perhaps you guys should petition Elon and demand that no moreSuperchargers are constructed unless the menu is reviewed and approved here on the forum.
I mean really guys!

SCCRENDO | 30 juin 2016

David I have strongly applauded the partnership. Not trying to tell anyone where to eat. That is a subject for a whole different forum. Just thought i would throw in some free advice as a public service. Did not mean to hijack the forum but I guess it is relevant to discuss our options when supercharging.

Mike83 | 30 juin 2016

The information is useful. Living longer we see what problems can happen. The old saying, If I knew I would live this long I would have taken better care of myself.
We make smoothies, eat flax, nuts, etc. and remain healthy. I no longer desire sat. fat and such. My only flaw is I can't keep ice cream in the house.

carlgo2 | 30 juin 2016

It comes down to miles per burger. The faster the food, the faster the charger needs to be. Fast food and slow chargers...not really worth the stop.

deeageux | 30 juin 2016

As long as it is not Chipotle I am fine.

Al1 | 30 juin 2016

It'll be interesting to see if menu in some locations starts shifting towards meals that are longer but healthier. Which locations? Well, the one with superchargers.

Not only your customers will come to the supercharger. They will also not go anywhere for the next half an hour at least.

Al1 | 30 juin 2016

Most importantly others will see this as model to follow, which it is.

Al1 | 30 juin 2016

Most importantly others will see this as model to follow, which it is.

SCCRENDO | 30 juin 2016

I think step 1 is establishing the relationship. Expanding the supercharging network is our prime goal. We then show up and start requesting healthier food otherwise we hit the bathroom, order a cup of coffee, perhaps a salad and then leave. If there are enough Tesla owners who enjoy their grease fix, business will boom.

robert.s.bjekich | 30 juin 2016

Let us not lose touch with reality. The more Super Chargers the better. Pack a lunch if you do not like their food.

carlgo2 | 1 juillet 2016

Yup. When the meter is low the golden arches will positively glow with electric splendor. You had better joyfully order the biggest and greasiest thing on the menu as a sacrifice to the charging gods. Same goes for gas stations with chargers. Mmmm, Cheetos and Red Bull, a small sacrifice to make.

SCCRENDO | 1 juillet 2016

@carlgo2. It's a big sacrifice for some of us. Glad to have you on board to take it for the team.

vperl | 1 juillet 2016

A big grocery, department, hardware, garden store called Fred Meyers, ( owned by KROGER), is and has installed SUPERCHARGERS in many of their vast parking lots.

Fred Meyers is located in many states, if Kroger Corporate got involved that would cover most of the U.S.

Jeff Hudson | 1 juillet 2016

I hope the Athens, AL Ruby Tuesdays Supercharger is built next. It's a no brainer being located halfway between Nashville, TN and Birmingham, AL and all the way at the back of the lot there is easily room for 8 SC's with the attending transformer, power distribution equipment and inverter's. There are also two more restaurants and three hotel's within a literal stone's throw.

Here is a google maps link via the tinyurl helper.

warren_tran | 1 juillet 2016

Which states or location has Fred Meyer install tesla SC?

I would love if that is the future expansion plan. We have many of them here in NW

bp | 1 juillet 2016

In the Midwest, Tesla has SCs at several Applebees - which was nice when we timed it for a meal - but bad when we hit one before the restaurant was open - and had a long hike to the nearest open bathroom...

vperl | 1 juillet 2016

Try Bend, Grand opening Sunday 9 am

Try Sandy Freddie's

Mall outlet in Seaside, not FM, next week or so open

Lincoln City, not FM, has been permitted it is in a outlet mall

One more, might not be a FM. Around Coos Bay not permitted yet. Down that general area on Hwy 101.

FM has Some Blinks CHAdeMO....... PlugShare is your friend.

warren_tran | 1 juillet 2016

The FM closest to me have Blink (wood village). I know there is a SC in sandy but didn't know that was located in FM store. I will be moving to clackamas soon so maybe they can build one in their new store

vperl | 2 juillet 2016

FM parking lot

Clackamas, no
No room

Ross1 | 2 juillet 2016

There is a photo somewhere of a guy, a taxi driver, who has set up his MS with a picnic table instead of the cargo cover.
Is it India, Pakistan, I do not know?

vperl | 2 juillet 2016

warrentt | July 1, 2016

The FM locations off the main drag were for destination traveling now you can get to Bend from Sandy to Bend .

In a few years K-Falls might happen, crater Lake big draw

warren_tran | 2 juillet 2016

Yeah, k-falls would be great location because crater lake draw millions visitor there annually. Would love to go back there once I get my M3.

vperl | 2 juillet 2016

There are three destination chargers with ,2-12 miles from Crater lake. Easy trip through bend or grants pass stat where there is a destination charger drive back to GP, or to Bend FM, go over My. this to Sandy FM or from Bend go to Detroit Lake... easy.

Or travel from Bend to SC,in The Dalles, OR


carlk | 2 juillet 2016


I don't want to OT too much but there is never a direct scientific evidence that eating saturated fat can be a cause of any health issues. There were a lot a bad science, hearsay not to mention FUD that serve only some special interests. FUD kind of like the anti-green anti-EV FUD. A lot of recent studies point to that the best you can say is there is not clear conclusion yet. Even a maybe is an exaggeration. I'm not a medical professional but I'm a scientist. I decides from what I know I will eat all the bad things, they are actually good things too me, like eggs, whole mikes, butter and animal meats and organs, from organic or grass fed sources if available. I don't eat a lot of them of course but it's only from caloric point of view. Yes no sugar or sweet for me please.

Anyone who's interested in this subject could read this excellent book "Death by Food Pyramid". It looks at history of how we got here from the bad science and special interests that have nothing to do with health. It draws no conclusion about what is good or bad to us other than shows clearly what we thought as truth about diet and health, in particular fat and cholesterol, in the last half century had no scientific base other than some voodoo sciences. The section about how we started to switch from lard, a good stuff, to vegetable shortening, the worse kind, is just such an eye opener. Not too far behind is the (fudged) 7 country study that started this saturated fat myth.

bigd | 2 juillet 2016

Great post CarlK + 100 Thanks for the link.

vperl | 2 juillet 2016


Some folks try to interrupt a thread by postings like above.

Expect them to arrive in numbers, using multiple new log in names, figure there maybe three, but they have 6-9 log on names.

Ignore them.

Start a new thread when they follow, if they do. Do not be surprised. It is part of the internet to have " this" type of individuals play games.

I will see what they do next, sorry these creations spoiled a exchange. Be good

SCCRENDO | 2 juillet 2016

@Carlk. Not easy to prove a direct food item with heart disease because of the complexity of our diet. Have to do a double blinded controlled study over many years. What is conclusive is LDL (more particularly particle number) but LDL is directly correlated with atherogenic risk (hear attacks, strokes etc.) Significantly reducing LDL reduces cardiovascular risk. Most LDL is made in the body so diet has less impact but if you eat sufficient saturated fat you will increase LDL and increase your risk. We all need to take all three major macronutrients in (proteins, carbohydrates and fats). The studies by Ornish which were vegan and pretty difficult to sustain showed it. Our recent success in reducing heart attacks etc is related to increased use of statin drugs which are potent reducers of LDL. The only recent change in the paradigm has been that we were taking in too many carbs and it is probably better to decrease carbs and substitute then with fats. However this is still best done with unsaturated vegetable fats rather than animal fats. While not taboo I would not overdo the animal fats. The Cambridge study that everyone likes to quote was not a prospective study but a retro analysis funded by tech dairy board who would prefer the consumption of dairy products over plant based food

SCCRENDO | 2 juillet 2016

Ornish study showed decreased cardiovascular risk by reducing saturated fats.

science-isbetter | 4 juillet 2016

Thanks SCCRENDO. I'm sure you will ignore the naysayers and continue your informative and helpful posts.

vperl | 4 juillet 2016


The two above proved my point.k y litt

Snarkey , little runts that bite at your ankles.

As someone said, "they are weak sauce" . Do not kick then when they try to invite your ankles.


, all runts the int

SamO | 4 juillet 2016

This just in . . . smoking causes cancer no matter how many "experts" hired by tobacco try and refute the evidence.

+1 Elon Musk.

-1 Deniers on this thread who (are likely) either mentally unstable/experiencing cognitive dissonance or paid shills for fossil fuel.

vperl | 4 juillet 2016

You snippy poodles go away the topic of this thread is:

Ruby Tuesday announcies Charging partnership w/ Tesla

The topic of this thread

carlk | 4 juillet 2016


I have not heard Ornish study before but thanks to the internet I easily found out what it is.

It's controversial to say the least. If that's all the "scientific" evidence you could find then I will continue to eat my real butter, 2 eggs omelet and occasional big juicy steak instead of processed, high sugar/starch food to satisfy my food craze. Don't get me wrong I will still have a balanced diet just not to avoid any good food simply because it has high cholesterol or saturated fat content. You do what is the best for you. Each person is ultimately responsible to his own health but somehow I believe in another 10~20 years you will do the same as what I do now. Only a few years ago I was still only using "I can't believe it's butter" and restricting my diet to no more than 2 eggs a week until I heard a physician say I can't tell you what you should or should not eat but I'm eating eggs and butter everyday (which is against the AHA recommendation that time and probably still is). That was when the wind started to change and I think it's blowing pretty fast in the other direction now.

SCCRENDO | 4 juillet 2016

@Carlk. I have always preached balance. In fact that is what my diet is all about. The Ornish diet works. There is no doubt about it. But for mere mortals is difficult to sustain. That is also part of the reason why it hasn't been repeated extensively. Most dietary studies are difficult to do in a controlled manner. It's again about extremes. As I said earlier the main evolution in dietary thinking is less carbs and more fats but fats should be more unsaturated than saturated. But I repeat that is not to mean no carbs and all fats. The one point of confusion is trans fats which are unsaturated fats that have been made saturated. For example saturated coconut oils etc. These are perhaps more atherogenic. In the short term what you are doing is ok and may even help with weight loss because of ketones. Eggs while they contain cholesterol don't raise your cholesterol. It's satutrated fats that do. Bottom line is moderation and if this does not control your cholesterol you need statins to reduce your risk. The point being that one has to make one's own decisions. Prevention is tricky but it's never all or nothing. Even if you have a 50% chance of having a heart attack over the next 10 years and you refuse to do something that could reduce your risk 30-50%. There is still a 50% chance you won't have a heart attack over the next 10 years.

carlk | 4 juillet 2016

I would certainly do things that could reduce my 50% chance of getting heart attack to 30~50% but still there is no scientific evidence that I could achieve it if I remove egg, butter and red meat from my diet. I used to believe there is but it turns out none of them was valid science. So until I do hear otherwise I will stop to believe them and do the best I think is for me.

And happy to hear that you're at least agree eating egg or cholesterol is ok now. Any doctor ten years ago would warn you agianst touching any of those stuff. Thinking how many people gave up nutrients that they could have (only) gotten from those sources over the years.