Hi, I am new here

Hi, I am new here

hi everyone :)

Ross1 | 20 septembre 2016

Hi and welcome!
If you are dysfunctional at all you should fit in well.

lilbean | 20 septembre 2016

Welcome. :) This place will help thicken your skin. :-)

Nexxus | 21 septembre 2016

Welcome to the block @canadianblackbook!

sbeggs | 21 septembre 2016

Hi, @canadianblackbook,

Currently in Halifax...
If you would like to tell us how you picked your forum name, i will bump the thread on Model S forum.

J.T. | 21 septembre 2016

Just a few preliminary questions and then we'll get you your nametag and Orientation Booklet.
1) How did you find us?
2) Why are you here?
3) Are you either a programmer or a doctor? (We already have too many of both.)
4) Did you get 8.0 yet?

Please keep your answers brief to leave room for Haggy to opine. :-)

jordanrichard | 21 septembre 2016

The better question to ask is, do you own a MS or MX, or just looking to learn. If you identify your status, then any questions you have will be answered in an appropriate manner.

kevin | 21 septembre 2016

I am not a real doctor, but I play one on the Internet.

kevin | 21 septembre 2016

PS: all the good stuff is in the Model S area of the forum.

houstonviper1 | 21 septembre 2016

Howdy from Houston!

dsvick | 21 septembre 2016

"all the good stuff is in the Model S area of the forum."

And all the rampant speculation is in the Model 3 section ....

sp_tesla | 21 septembre 2016

"J.T. | September 21, 2016
Are you either a programmer or a doctor? (We already have too many of both."

Most are very intelligent, egomaniac but lacking in basic practical common sense.

Ross1 | 21 septembre 2016

Submitted by on September 20, 2016
hi everyone :)

Just a word of warning, the Grammar Police are very active around here.
Your "hi" should be "Hi" as it was the beginning of a sentence.

lilbean | 21 septembre 2016


makobill | 21 septembre 2016

lilbean - It's LOL, not Lol. Tisk, tisk.... :)

lilbean | 21 septembre 2016

Haha! You're right! Oh my, did we scare him away?

David N | 21 septembre 2016


hkellington48 | 21 septembre 2016

Hi @canadianblackbook, another Canuck here from the west coast. These guys sound tough but are pretty decent. I've lots of good stuff here , looking forward to picking up my Model S hopefully by next week!

hkellington48 | 21 septembre 2016

I've learned lots of good stuff but my typing hasn't improved lol

Bluesday Afternoon | 21 septembre 2016

Ok, which one of you chased him off?

I feel confident he isn't one but I do have a a question, "Do trolls ever say hi?

Ross1 | 21 septembre 2016

khellington, I picked you for the new Play. Do you read it?

Ross1 | 21 septembre 2016

Who usually chases them off?

Nexxus | 22 septembre 2016

That would be "DOH" eyed.

warren_tran | 22 septembre 2016

Don't mention the word AGW and you will be fine around here.

Rocky_H | 23 septembre 2016

Looks like we did scare him off.

J.T. | 23 septembre 2016

Maybe he is a programmer or a doctor and took what I said to heart.

Ross1 | 23 septembre 2016

I reckon 99% of newbies get scared off.
But I cant provide the Calculations or a link, sorry.