Model 3 vs Model S

Model 3 vs Model S

I'm based in the UK so I have resigned myself to the possibility that the RHD version won't arrive till early to mid-2018. With this in mind, the Model S I'm sure will continue to evolve and be upgraded with some of the newer features that may be found on the Model 3. If I was able to buy a Tesla today (2016) I would wait to get to the Model 3 as it should have newer hardware. However, will a mid-level Model 3 be a "better" car than an entry level Model S in 2018? No one can know for sure, but its something that I'm thinking about... Thoughts?

makobill | 28 septembre 2016

Mid level 3 will not be a 'better' car than an entry level S in 2018. There will be some clear delineation between the two models, with the S always being the more luxurious. Of course, I fell into the trap that luxurious is 'better' - which is always subjective...

JeffreyR | 28 septembre 2016

I keep a list of posts in The Tesla Advantage post. You may find this one interesting:
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jordanrichard | 28 septembre 2016

"Better" is subjective. Which car fits your needs better? My wife prefers to drive her MB SL, than the MS, simply due to it's size. The MS will always have more cargo capacity, but that might not mater to you or anyone else, so the M≡ might be literally a better fit.

carlk | 28 septembre 2016

It would be like comparison between, say, a BMW 4 series and 7 series. The expensive one is always roomier and uses higher quality components but the smaller one would do most things as well. There is also the image thing if you do care about that like most people do (and don't want to admit).

Red Sage ca us | 28 septembre 2016

What is 'better' for you?

topher | 28 septembre 2016

A Model ≡ will be a cheaper way to get any given range (that is available on both). The Model S will always have a higher maximum range. If you don't care about size, any comparable version (in terms of amenities) of the Model ≡ will be cheaper than the Model S version. The Model S will probably have versions with more amenities.

Thank you kindly.

gavinolukoju | 29 septembre 2016

Better is subjective :-) For me, I guess it means value for money. Will a mid-range Model 3, have more gadgets and features over an entry level model S? Will the car be at least 75% as capable in other areas e.g luggage capacity, performance etc?

NomoDinos | 29 septembre 2016

gavin - based purely on what you get, it looks like the 3 will be quite the bargain. At $35k (probably more like $45k after additions), it will have pure electric drive-train, great range, and over-the-air updates. I'm sure the performance will be formidable, as well.

Also, the 3 will benefit from technical experience gained from years of S and X production.

We have to guess about the storage capacity, but I'd say it's safe to assume the 3 will the better "value" for a given "trim level", once you've tailored it to your wants and needs.

NomoDinos | 29 septembre 2016

Haha, sorry about all those quotation marks, that's really annoying.

Haggy | 29 septembre 2016

It will be possible to get a Model 3 with some features that the base Model S won't have, but that won't necessarily make it better. For example you could get a battery that will give more range than a base Model S. In the UK, you might be very unlikely to need to go 200 miles, charge and then go another 200 miles in a day. But only you can say. You also won't get autopilot with the base Model S. Whether you consider a Model 3 with autopilot better than a Model S without it is up to you. Some people are fine without it.

When it comes to everyday driving, I can't see the Model 3 beating the Model S, unless one has the air suspension and you spend all day driving on speed bumps. Autopilot is interesting because the car is good with it and without it. The Model S is meant to be driven. Autopilot does the opposite. Its great in stop and go traffic, and is great for long trips on boring highways, but there will be plenty of times you will prefer not to use it.

The base Model S will unquestionably be better than the base Model 3. I don't see many features that will fundamentally change the car unless you really want a performance upgrade or need the range or want autopilot, but most of the time, it's more about driving.

I would tell you to just go test drive the Model S, but if you do that and don't end up getting one, that would seem cruel.

Rocky_H | 30 septembre 2016

@Haggy, I think you assume people's preferences too much.
Quote: "When it comes to everyday driving, I can't see the Model 3 beating the Model S, [...] The base Model S will unquestionably be better than the base Model 3"

The Model S is bigger than I would like. If they were the same price, I would have chosen a Model 3 instead of a Model S because I prefer smaller cars. They are easier to maneuver around in parking garages and parking spaces, take up less room in a garage, leave more room to the car in the parking space next to you, so easier to get in and out, less likely for door dings, etc. etc.

NomoDinos | 30 septembre 2016

Rocky - +1. My lease is up at around the same time my batch of 3's will be coming out, and if I like the way it drives, I won't be getting another S to replace it. The S is by far the best car I've ever owned, or even seen... but I wish it was just a skoach smaller. There are some parking spaces I've had to pass up because of the size. Also, I'll be a lot less devastated putting a few scratches on a $35k car :)

Red Sage ca us | 1 octobre 2016

Please understand that some State EV Rebates require a five-seat minimum configuration to qualify. I believe that is why the Chevrolet VOLT was redesigned to have a fifth 'seat' for its second edition. I strongly suspect that is why the Model ☰ is not an even narrower 2+2 configuration (aside from Tesla wanting it to appear to be a 'roomy' car instead of claustrophobic an cramped). It does astound me that so many have complained the Model S was not 'big enough' to compete with flagship cars from other manufacturers while simultaneously being accused of being 'too big' compared to cars like the E-Class, 5-Series, and A6.

Realure | 1 octobre 2016

Model S is a hatchback to allow hauling things with the seats down. The Model 3 is always going be limited since it has a trunk.