2 reservations need only 1, should I keep the other for any reason?

2 reservations need only 1, should I keep the other for any reason?

I expect two of the first 20000 M3s to be up for design and delivery but finances will only allow to keep one. I am trying to figure if taking delivery on the second and reselling for profit might be an option, but it seems unlikely due to taxes etc.,
I could play the lottery until my date comes up, but really do not see a reason to keep the order alive.
Any thoughts, please be serious if you reply.

Frank99 | 1 octobre 2016

If you need the $1000 now, cancel your reservation and don't look back. Food on the table today, and a roof over your head, trump a new toy.

If you don't need the $1000 (it'd just go into the rainy day fund in the bank), then I'd leave the reservation until I was forced to make a decision. The 1% interest you might get from a savings account (oops, just checked mine - 0.05% is my current rate) won't buy you a hamburger and a coke between now and commitment day. You never know what might happen in life that might make that second car a reality. Worst case, you cancel 9 months from now.

Realure | 1 octobre 2016

Unless you are a current owner or employee near the factory, I doubt there will be any way to sell your car for a premium as there will be many out there already. You certainly will not make enough to cover title/taxes.

A few of the first Model X deliveries were sold at more than cost, maybe a dozen folks with Ford buying two at $200K. Many tried to get crazy money, but the crazies went away after a couple months.

Get your $1K back and help someone near the bottom of the list get their car sooner.

KP in NPT | 2 octobre 2016

I agree if you don't need the money, keep it. But that would depend on if down the road you thought you'd keep it for yourself as a second car, or for a family member. You can delay your order (I think once?) to give you more time. If your only reason for possibly keeping it is to resell though, then no, I'd cancel.

Realure | 2 octobre 2016

I bet with the M3 they will not allow delay. Too labor intensive for the volume Tesla will be pushing at that point.

For the MS and MX, you can get one delay always and sometimes two.

jamilworm | 2 octobre 2016

@Reeler how is it labor intensive to allow a delay?

SamO | 2 octobre 2016

Any family member that might want to use the reservation?

dchuck | 3 octobre 2016

@starke49 One reason to keep the second reservation would be to use it as an easy upgrade.

Buy the first car and delay the second. This gives you some time to evaluate how the vehicle works for you. Then you either Love it the way it is and ask for your 2nd deposit back OR you use your second reservation as a chance to change your options. (paint, battery size, etc...) and then sell the first car. As others have mentioned i doubt you could sell the car for a profit but given the high demand you should be able to sell the first car for a very small loss.

Lets face it, we have no idea what the end product even looks like let alone how it performs, i see your second deposit as cheap insurance on getting exactly what you want.

makobill | 3 octobre 2016

Personal call. I thought about placing two myself, and then rolling the second over to a Model Y when available. I wouldn't hold it if you know you aren't buying two though...