X90P battery and range problem

X90P battery and range problem

we have our Model X 90D for 3 weeks now. In general we love the car but there is a big problem. I always feel that the car does not deliver the full 256 mils range as it has promised. We charge to 90% as instructed by the store staff, so the range should be 230 miles. So I have decided to do some test.

After one overnight charge to 90% or 230 miles, we have the car running all the way to 36 miles remaining. The miles driven since last charge was only 149.4 miles. So we lost about 230-36-149.4 = 44.6 miles. Average Wh/mil was 364. What is scary was that the KWh used since last charge was only 54.4 KWH. It almost feel like I have the 70D instead of the 90D, because with the 90D, it should charge to 81 KWH at 90%.

The other thing strange about it is that when I first had the 240V charging outlet installed in my garage, the car charges at 26 mils/hr at 40A, but now it only charges at 30A out of 40A and 20 miles/hour.

Any one seeing similar problems? Any feedback or thoughts will be much appreciated.

eddiemoy | 1 octobre 2016

what wheels do you have? also, you really should have ~85kwh available to you because tesla reserves 5kwh for battery "bricking" protection.

you lose energy when you don't drive the car, it is parasitic loss.

i saw bjorn post that he was only able to get about low 70kwh... it seems like things don't add up in the model x with usage.

eddiemoy | 1 octobre 2016

the 90D should get 330wh/mi on rated, but i don't believe anyone gets the rated...

cm111 | 1 octobre 2016

i have the 20 inch tire, not the big one.

but this does not matter. because however i drive it, it should not impact the total KWH of the battery. The car should have 90KWH when fully charged, and 81 KWH when charged at 90%. right now my car displayed only 54.4 KWH when there are 36 miles remaining on a 230 mile charge, This translates to about 70 KWH at full charge.

I suspect either Tesla made a mistake and gave me the 70D instead of the 90D I ordered, or one group of the Battery has mal-functioned causing me to lose 1/4 of the power. The reduction of charging speed from 26 miles/hour to 20 miles/hour probably is another hint that one group of battery is not charging.

dredwardgoldin | 2 octobre 2016

I had the same charging problem. Check that your charge amps selector is set to 40A in the Charging settings window. Mine reverted to 30 for some reason too. I manually re-set it to 40A and now it's fine.

psravic | 2 octobre 2016

A also don't think the car delivers the full range. Unfortunately there s no way of finding the truth from Tesla as they ignore all criticism

pale_rider | 2 octobre 2016

None of the Tesla models have full access to the total battery capacity for range. The car maintains 10% or so for itself so that you don't ever brick the battery. There are also some other small reserves to make sure you can always get to "zero" miles. In my Model S all of this equates to around 77-79 usable KWh for driving when charged to 100% on my 90KWh battery.


elguapo | 3 octobre 2016

After SW updates, mine always reverts to 30A and I need to manually change back to 40A.

Bottom line on range - you won't get the stated rated range unless you're going 55 mph, its 65 degrees out and you're on a flat surface. Lots of tricks to get more, but if you drive short trips or "normally", you won't get the rated range.

Mf66 | 3 octobre 2016

Have a P90D model x.
A few thoughts

- make sure the car isn't set to always connect. That will cause more vampire drain.

- if you take lots of small trips this will impact range. The car uses energy just to get the battery ready.

- driving style is key. Be aggressive and range will drop fast.

- speed kills range. Period.

The range is optimistic- more like best case. Just like your car and mpg vs what the window sticker says.

On the positive side I have driven 220 miles straight and had 20 miles or range left. That was using range mode and watching speed. It's possible. But my overall average is 403 wh/mile for 4000 miles..

speyerj | 3 octobre 2016

In my tests of battery consumption I have consistently found that the "zero" tank is reached after consuming 85% of the 77kWh. But that is supposed to still get you the full range of 250-256 miles depending on your model. So if you ask folks who are able to get 250 miles out of a "tank" to look at their energy consumed at the end of the drive they will report that they are consuming 77kWh, not 90kWh.

Our average is presently 411 wh/mile over 5000 miles. I'm disappointed in the range since I think you can only get the full range under the most ideal of conditions...and hills are an absolute killer. Not something we can avoid in the PNW!

You can read my trip report including the white knuckle range anxiety here:

NumberOne | 3 octobre 2016

I have had my 90D for about five months, and when it was new I got 234/5 miles @ 90% charge. The indicated range at 90% capacity is now 220. That is a loss of more than 6.35% which seems quite alarming. My consumption over 5k miles is about 350 wh/mi and over the last 600 miles it is about 316 wh/mi. I am curious to know whether the estimated range when charged to a specific level on a consistent basis remains more or less the same for other owners, or whether my experience is normal. I keep my car plugged in every day, and generally do not drive more than 60 miles between charges

I did mention this to my local service center about 1k miles ago, and they said the projected rated range was recalculated based on my driving style, (using the last trip as an example.) It was however, clear from the total miles that the trip to the service center that day was not an average trip. I had to drive in a lot of stop and go traffic, including on hilly areas, so it appeared that I was driving with a lead foot that day, but that was not the case.

In general, I have found that I drive more or less the projected distance provided that I do not encounter too many hills or red lights. If I drive for at least 5 miles on a reasonably level road, my projected miles and actual miles driven match exceptionally well.

eric.zucker | 4 octobre 2016

I agree - I drove a week ago about 400 miles (600 km), in overall relatively light traffic (only about 30 minutes of stop and go congestion throughout), at the speed limit of 120km/h or 75mph, and this matched the projected range very precisely. Range mode on, TACC, AP. 20in rims, new Michelin summer tires. Model X P90DL.

5 pax with tons of luggage going out, 3 pax no luggage on the return leg.

eddiemoy | 4 octobre 2016

@leonardd, the recalculation is a myth, i'm on about 5k miles so far and it still says the same 225 miles for 90% charge. if it were to have recalculated based on my driving style i should only get 140 miles for 90% charge. total bs...

NumberOne | 5 octobre 2016

@eddiemoy Thanks! I got the non P for the extra 7 miles, but it looks like I should have gotten the P for an extra 5 miles.

dapao8525389 | 5 octobre 2016

this bothers me for a while and I let it go. the good thing is that the car can still tells you if you can make it to your destination based on your last 30 mile consumption and if you drive slower to 65 or 60 you can get really close to 330wh/mi.

speyerj | 5 octobre 2016

It's 100% untrue that the rated range takes into account your recent driving. Take a look at my trip report I posted here:

Every single leg of that drive we burned WAY more energy than projected, most likely because of drag from a bike rack. Every single time we charged up, it would tell us it thought we had (for example) 200 miles of range when we unplugged. It would predict we'd have (for example) 100 miles of range left at our destination and would immediately start recalculating after driving for 10 or so minutes...and kept revising down the entire drive. If the algorithm in ANY way used recent driving performance to calculate rated range, we would have not seen that kind of performance.

KurtsX | 7 octobre 2016

Im only 2 weeks into my new MX 90D and Im brand new to driving electric, so Im glued to the screen trying to see if I can make it to where Im going. Im told by friends that this 'range anxiety' will pass, but I still feel Im not getting anything close to the 250+ miles per charge. On a good note, I am driving slower more frequently (seem to be spending lots of time in the slow lane to keep from blocking traffic) to try and develop good EV habits. Im still focused on Miles per Charge tho, and almost have the feeling I need to keep it at 40MPH if I want to go any distance. Please tell me this will pass, my fears will dissipate, and I will totally love my new car!

eddiemoy | 7 octobre 2016

i can tell you that the 20" with all seasons make a significant difference. almost 30% difference between that and the 22" with performance tires! I also notice the car accelerate a little faster will have to test to confirm, but i feel that the wheels have less rotational mass so it is quicker to rotate, or it could be in my head...

Redmiata98 | 7 octobre 2016

Actually, there is valid physics to back up your observation. That is why the smaller wheels can pull more trailer!

Dad4rules | 7 octobre 2016

I have the p85 model s and my battery charges to 268 at 100%. I have just got the p90d model x and the battery charges to 246 at 100%. I had a brick go out in the model s and the 100% charge went to 245. I asked tesla about why the model x is charging less than the p85 and the response was that the model x meets the advertising of going 250 miles on a charge. Does anybody know why this is with my model x p90d? What does ur model x p90d charge to at 100%?

Dad4rules | 7 octobre 2016

Hey Kurt's x...btw the range anxiety does pass but it sucks driving a tesla in the slow lane and watching others pass because the range is an issue. I get the sacrifice of distance because of speed plus terrain but let's rate the distance of these cars with the idea of those issues instead of ideal conditions that don't exist.

eddiemoy | 7 octobre 2016

@dad4rules, you may have some bad cells. i'm getting over 250 miles at 100% charge for the P90DL... But that number doesn't mean squat. need 20" wheels with all seasons to get over 200 mile per full charge!

michael | 7 octobre 2016

Yeah, well yeah, what everyone else said. Take 10% off whatever the range to empty says at any given time and it's somewhat accurate.

rossRallen | 12 octobre 2016

Discharging from 90% initial charge to 9%, the instrument panel shows 134.2 miles and 57.4 kWh. P90D, 20" Michelins, 6700 miles.

This seems way off. 81% discharge = 57.4 mWh and the mileage is very low.

Is the display of energy used just for motive energy or does it include running AC, parasitic lossses (5 days without recharging), wifi always ON, etc?

What am I'm missing, or is my battery underperforming?

rent-a-tesla_ch | 12 octobre 2016

Well what says the garage to that?

KurtsX | 12 octobre 2016

I must say that I do have one upside to this story......I live in a high rise condo and have no charging ability in my complex, so I have to use the SC to get my juice. To date, the driving of my X, with all the range issues and such, has cost me exactly $0!! I guess with no cost for fuel as a plus, the other issues go away. Ill just get used to slowing down if Im going any long distances, and other than that.....I just have to make my trip to the SC a bit more often.