Will delivery time change if I move?

Will delivery time change if I move?

I reserved my Model 3 about 10 seconds after online reservations opened up. I currently live on the east coast of the US, but a job opportunity and family may bring me to California early next year. Does anyone know if this would this affect my delivery date?

Red Sage ca us | 5 octobre 2016

Prolly. Maybe. Could be. Idunno. Pick one.

makobill | 5 octobre 2016

Definitely possible. It may or may not impact you being on the West Coast. I'd say you have a solid chance of maybe seeing it earlier or later. Certainly probable, but maybe not.

lilbean | 5 octobre 2016

You will get it earlier if you move to California. :)

dsvick | 5 octobre 2016

Ignore lilbean - she's just making things up for clarity :)

The truth is that it is most likely a falsehood that you will almost definitely not maybe get it later, or possibly earlier, than you would have had you not moved.

andy.connor.e | 5 octobre 2016

It makes more sense to deliver closer, then deliver farther away. But if you're in line, i dont know if they will change that.

Give them a call. Their answer is the best. We here on the forums do not know anything.

makobill | 5 octobre 2016

I'm sorry if I came off as 'flip', but its hump day and I'm in a mood.... :)

andy & lilbean said it best....

Jcastillo18 | 5 octobre 2016

You will be moved up since they favor west coast over east coast

zakeeus | 5 octobre 2016

I would say you would be moved up significantly. If you were moving from California to Florida you would definitely be moving down on the list.

SUN 2 DRV | 5 octobre 2016

I doubt anyone (even inside Tesla) currently knows for sure. They may have a current (tentative) plan, but it will likely 'evolve' as they get closer to actually allowing configuration and deliveries.

KP in NPT | 5 octobre 2016

If they stick to their original plan, I guess all reservation holders will be invited to configure in batches according to where they are in line, but deliveries will depend on where you are located. So I would guess that yes, you would move up if you relocate to the west coast. But we won't know for sure until they make an announcement.

Red Sage ca us | 6 octobre 2016
lilbean | 6 octobre 2016

LOL. Good one!