How to unplug the charger?

How to unplug the charger?

I have hard time figuring out how to unplug the charger. Is there a step by step instruction anywhere?

bmeltzer | 5 octobre 2016

Best solution is to open drivers door then remove charger cable.

Triggerplz | 5 octobre 2016

The car has to be unlocked then just pull out

ken | 5 octobre 2016

press button until turn light blue and it will unlatch for removal.

MXBlack | 5 octobre 2016

You need to hold down the button on top of the charger until the charger port color turns white (or very light blue) then pull out the charger.

Triggerplz | 5 octobre 2016

How to pull out.. wow

mathwhiz | 5 octobre 2016

Current owner'a manual, excerpt, page 141...

gregsimon | 5 octobre 2016

I just HOLD down the TRUNK button of the FOB which always releases the latch.

chirag.for.portal | 6 octobre 2016

I just got my Tesla 3 days ago. Do we have to open the driver door to open up the charging port? I tried pressing the button on the top of the charger, but it didn't open up the port when the car is locked. As soon as I unlock the car, I have to push the charging port and then press the button on the top of the charger, it would open and I can charge. Is this normal?

lilbean | 6 octobre 2016

@chirag, You don't have to open the driver door but the car has to be unlocked. Pressing the charging cable button will not open the charger port door if the car is unlocked. Once the car is unlocked, pushing the charger port door should open it without having to press the charging port button. When I first got mine, the door wouldn't open when pressing on it because the door was sticking. The delivery specialist just twisted the rubber stopper slightly and that freed it up. I hope this helps. Congrats!

Triggerplz | 7 octobre 2016

With my charging cable plugged into my outlet and my car unlocked if I push the charger cable button and hold it toward the truck the port door will open, the sensor to open the port door is located by the trunk

Triggerplz | 7 octobre 2016

@lilbean I'm sure you meant to say pressing the charging cable button will not open the charger port door if the car is "Locked" oops 4 u :-)

eharden007 | 7 octobre 2016

Yeah, I had the same problem last week charging for the first time. It does not just come out after unlocking. It seems like you have to push the button and do the guess when the light turns white game. Not cool when you are visiting a supercharger for the first time. #TeslaNoob

eharden007 | 7 octobre 2016

Can someone refer me to a link so I can try AutoPark with the fob? I am being told you can do that with MX.

lilbean | 7 octobre 2016

@triggerplz, oops, yes. You are right. :)

Triggerplz | 7 octobre 2016

@eharden007 No auto park with the fob on the MX

chirag.for.portal | 7 octobre 2016

What do we mean by car should be unlocked? Does it mean that we have to open up one of the doors? Is there any way to unlock the car from the key fob without one of the doors being open? Still struggling to open up the charging port without opening the driver side door.

TSammy | 7 octobre 2016

Model X 60D... 1 week old, 1,000 miles flown:

Status on Smartphone says Car Locked... approach with Fob in pocket... Hold rear of fob for 8 seconds... Charge Port opens and glows white, then blue....push button on Tesla Wall Connector adapter plug... insert in port until port glows green... Walk Away... Smartphone shows car "locked" and "charging".

Redmiata98 | 7 octobre 2016

Point the chargerging cable end at the aluminum trim on the side back window and the charging door pops open. It automatically closes after you remove the chatging cable. Let the car do both automatically without your physical pushing or you might break the door mechanism, You can also open/close the port door from the touchscreen.

There is also a way to open the port with the fob, from page 4 of the User's Guide:
1. Trunk
• Double-click to open the rear trunk.
• If equipped with a powered liftgate, double-click to close the rear trunk. You can also single-click to stop the
liftgate when it is moving.
• Hold the button down for one to two
seconds to open the charge port door. Lock/Unlock All
• Double-click to unlock Model X. Hazard warning lights ash twice.
Note: If the Door Unlock Mode is set to Driver, double-clicking unlocks only the driver's door and you will need to double-click again to unlock all doors and trunks. If set to All, the rst double-click unlocks all doors and trunks. Use the touchscreen to change this setting (touch Controls >
Settings > Vehicle > Door Unlock Mode).
• Single-click to lock doors and trunks (all doors and trunks must be closed). Hazard warning lights ash once.

MicTheCat | 8 octobre 2016

If you got your key fob in proximity you can just press the charge port on model x and it will open. No need to use key fob

While you are charging you need to long press on rear end on key fob to unlock charge port if button on charger handle does not work

forrestfrantz | 22 décembre 2018

Model S--To disconnect the charge cable:
1. Press/hold the button on a Tesla connector to release the latch. Or, touch Stop Charging on the charging screen.
2. Pull the connector from the charge port.
3. Push the charge port door closed or if equipped w/ a motorized charge port door, it automatically closes.

Caution: Tesla strongly recommends leaving Model S plugged in when not in use. This maintains the Battery at the
optimum level of charge.

Mach007 | 16 juin 2019

Ok, newby 3 here... so not everyone tells you that the little thing that looks like just an LED on the connector/nozzle/cord/male-couping is ALSO a button to release fthe car's grip on it. Just tried it after being frustrated for about a day and using the app to eject the cord and it seems to work... good luck all and thanks for saving the environment for my kid. Happy Dad's Day!

kelly.floyd | 16 juin 2019

Is there a setting where you can have it not engage the charging lock when charging at home?

Vawlkus | 17 juin 2019


Redmiata98 | 17 juin 2019

Also, if the cable does not release when you push the button and pull - push the button, PUSH IN, and then pull it out while holding the button.

lilbean | 17 juin 2019

I don’t have to push in.

Redmiata98 | 17 juin 2019

IF the cable does not release when you press the button and pull.
Saw a guy at a Supercharger having problems getting the cable to release and I made my suggestion. He tried pushing first after the button was pressed and the cable released. I also had the problem for a while with my Tesla HPWC at home and the push worked.
I agree that when all is working perfectly, you should NOT need to push in but keep it in the back of your mind for future reference ;-)

Vawlkus | 18 juin 2019

The push in method is to help with thermal variation. You’ll only need it when it’s really hot or really cold.

lilbean | 18 juin 2019

Thanks! :o)

Triggerplz | 18 juin 2019

There’s sure a lot of pushing and pulling going on around here :-)

jaelliis | 19 juin 2019

We have had our Model x for about two weeks. The instructions are really overly complicated to remove the charging cable. The first time we were at a fairly remote station in
Trinidad, CO, and couldn't get it to unplug, and no interpretation of the build-in manual would help. We had been sitting in the car while it was charging, so it never locked. Finally, out of despiration, we followed the instructions for "emergency: removal, which requires pulling a hidden cable in the rear compartment. Later, at home, we are finally able to get it to release the cable, but only after a lot of tries. Then, the other day I discovered that the car has to be unlocked to prevent malicious unplugging, but that happens automatically when I approach the rear with the key fob in my pocket. All I have to do is hold the button on the cable handle down until the green turns to light blue, and in a few seconds of holding it down I hear it unclick and can remove it. SO SIMPLE!

Weston X90D | 2 juillet 2019

You can also get some big scissors and cut the charger cable. I recommend right below the handle so the cable doesn't hang out too much. At some point, drive to a service station and let them deal with it. Obviously there was something wrong and they needed to fix it anyways. BTW, do this AFTER your fully charged.

Weston X90D | 2 juillet 2019

Reread my post. I made a mistake. It's supposed to be "you're"