Model 3 in princeton nj ?

Model 3 in princeton nj ?

Someone was very sure they saw a red model 3 in princeton

jordanrichard | 9 octobre 2016

Don't know why there would be any Model ≡s outside of CA. There is nothing to be gained by testing a car in NJ.

Efontana | 9 octobre 2016

Defrost function.

zakeeus | 9 octobre 2016

It was a's always a X

Badbot | 9 octobre 2016

NO red M3 that runs has been made

jordanrichard | 10 octobre 2016

Badbot, that is not necessarily true. Yes, at the reveal the red car appeared to be a static display, but there is nothing to say that since then they haven't painted a red one.

"Defrost Function"? IT is only now starting to get a but chilly in the overnight, but no frost yet. Besides, NJ is not exactly where car companies bring their cars for cold weather testing.

inconel | 11 octobre 2016

They must be testing the Model 3 resistance to pot holes

bmalloy0 | 11 octobre 2016

inconel, that is very possible

PhillyGal | 12 octobre 2016

I would say that person saw a very new Model S - new nose cone. It's quite a bit different looking if you're used to seeing the black nose.

jordanrichard | 12 octobre 2016

PG +1 Put a silver MS and silver M≡ on behind one another and the words "mini me" will come to mind. So I am sure that person just saw a new, aka "refresh" MS.

ccsccs7 | 16 octobre 2016

I saw a Model X the other day that looked so tiny from my perspective… They're deceptively shaped. :-)