20 inch tire differences?

20 inch tire differences?

Reading the owners manual, I see that 20 inch Continental Tires for the Front are P265/45R20; yet the 20 inch Michelin Tires are P255/45/R20. The Rear tires are the same P275/45/R20 for both manufactures. Can anyone explain why the difference? If you have 20 inch wheels on your model X, which brand of tires do you have? Do you have the tow package? Smart Air Suspension or Coil Suspension?

raging.dragonfly | 11 octobre 2016

Don't know WHY the difference; we have 20" Conti's, with tow package and SAS.

raging.dragonfly | 11 octobre 2016

Not sure if region might be part of rationale; we are in Portland, OR.

Pryoritiesinc | 11 octobre 2016

Not sure the X came out with coils yet, I think SAS is the only option (if you want to get a delivery date, see all the post about 5 seat X and how 6/7 sweaters require SAS). The back tires are slightly wider/offset for a better ride (supposedly, but I have had large ICE SUVs that all tires were square and they rode fine). I have the 20" conti's on mine.

Redmiata98 | 11 octobre 2016

20 Conti in Northern Virginia, is it regional or date delivered?

KurtsX | 11 octobre 2016

Can anyone give the reason car manufacturers are putting different size tires on the rear? My Mercedes SL is the same way, same rims front and rear, but bigger tires on the rear, preventing tire rotation for better tire life. My front tires always seem to wear faster because they are the turning wheels I presume. It really makes me nuts.....Im so tempted to match the entire set once I have to replace them.

campusden | 23 octobre 2016

Looks like Continentals is brand that new "X" models are being delivered with currently. I have had both Continentals and Michelin tires on my BMW. The Michelin tires seem a little better.