Sign a Petition to bring CarPlay & Android Auto to our Tesla's

Sign a Petition to bring CarPlay & Android Auto to our Tesla's

I just started the petition "Tesla Motors: Bring CarPlay and Android Auto to Tesla"

We all have the best technological car in the world. It's about time we combine the mobile phone option with the mobile car. Options are important and not a slap towards one or the other they both good and bad things bug together they make everything better.

You can read more and sign the petition here:

SoFlaModel3 | 13 octobre 2016

I have Apple CarPlay in my current car and I keep asking myself am I going to miss it or not.

So what does it offer....

Phonebook -- I'm sure the Model 3 will have a phonebook and I'd imagine some level of voice capable "Call Michael"

Texting Read Back and Voice to Text -- I like this. It's not a showstopper to lose it, but it certainly is safer than looking at the phone

Navigation -- seemingly unnecessary since Tesla navigation will be built in and include Superchargers

Apple Music -- this is the one that hurts. I canceled Satellite Radio and exclusively use Apple Music. That said, I feel like Tesla could introduce Apple Music support just like my Sonos at home did and I would be very happy.

At the end of the day with "Hey Siri" and "OK Google" you can talk to your phone without touching it or unlocking it, so it diminishes the complete need for full Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Further with Tesla priding themselves on tech innovation, they would be handing over the window into the tech to Apple and Google and that doesn't make sense.

I currently drive a Hyundai Sonata. The car is great value for the money, but when I think of Hyundai I don't think "tech". That's where Apple CarPlay makes sense. They focus on the car, the safety, the features and let a tech company handle the tech.

I don't see the big deal here...

So again my vote would be to include Apple Music as an app just like Spotify is currently available with Tesla, but more is unnecessary and potentially diminishes from what Tesla brings to the table. | 15 octobre 2016

Not another thread on this. Must be the 10th one. Nothing wrong with CarPlay as it helps bottom end cars work a little better than the typically crappy UI. I'm doubtful we'll see it in the Tesla. A lot more details here: