Realistic price after options

Realistic price after options

How much do you realistically believe will be the price after options, clearly depending on options.
Im hoping not to spend over 5o,ooo.

jordanrichard | 16 octobre 2016

It is unrealistic to even speculate. Even to use MS prices for option likes a pano roof, can't be used because that option may cost less on the M≡. That can said for any option that is on the MS/MX that might be on the M≡. If you are hoping to not spend more than $50K, then don't spend more than $50K.

topher | 17 octobre 2016

I think we can safely assume that no options will be substantially MORE expensive on the ≡, than on the Model S/X. So you can use those prices to get a worst case scenario.

Thank you kindly.