I'm 6'-4" tall; when will I know if I fit in a Model 3?

I'm 6'-4" tall; when will I know if I fit in a Model 3?

Hi. I've had a reservation for a Model 3 in from the first day. I'm 6 ft. 4 in. tall. When will I be able to tell if I will be able to fit inside of a Model 3?

Have the designers released any numbers/dimensions on that sort of thing?

Red Sage ca us | 7 novembre 2016

One of the Engineers driving at the Model ☰ Reveal Part I was your height. You'll probably be fine. Maybe not, if you grow another three inches within the next year or two.

KP in NPT | 7 novembre 2016

They haven't released the dimensions. I'm hoping they have "meet the model 3" events like they did for those who reserved the X. Then you will know if you should pull the trigger.

cloudohana | 7 novembre 2016

How about short people? I'm only 5'0". Will I be able to comfortable reach the pedals & see over the dash? Will the seat rise up? Will it have seat position memory for different drivers so I don't have to spend 10 minutes trying to get the seat back in the right place after someone else drives it?

KP in NPT | 7 novembre 2016

@cloudohana - the Model S/X has driver profiles you set up and it includes raising the seat - I would be shocked if you couldn't do the same on the model 3.

bmalloy0 | 7 novembre 2016

@A2be: the actor that played Hodor on Game of Thrones asked if he'd be able to fit in a Model 3. Elon said he would.

cloudohana | 7 novembre 2016

@mp1156 - I just hope that driver seat profiles isn't a "luxury" that they cut out of the Model 3.

KP in NPT | 8 novembre 2016

Many ICE cars at the Model 3 price point offer that feature. Both of our ICEs we had before tesla (2001 BMW 325 and 2005 Lexus IS250) had it. I don't recall paying extra for it but it was so long ago I guess it's possible.

andy.connor.e | 8 novembre 2016

6'2" here. Will definitely need to test drive this before i do a committed purchase.

skappag | 8 novembre 2016

So, no one likes the silver we have seen the past few days... I think it looks gorgeous.

jordanrichard | 8 novembre 2016

Even when they do release the specs, I highly doubt they will list the seat cushion to ceiling height. Even if they did, that certainly doesn't tell the whole story. What if you have to get yourself into some funky yoga position to get in the car? That will get tiresome real quick.

jefjes | 8 novembre 2016

I am also interested in the seat height from ground specs. Also being 6'4", I don't care for practically getting on and off the ground with every entry and exit of my vehicles. One of the reasons I believe SUVs have become so popular is the ease of entry and exit. Taller vehicles do create more wind drag so it is a problem for eco friendly designs but many of us don't mind a certain amount of trade off in this area for user friendliness. With that being said, I do drive a Leaf but if it gets much lower than that, it could be a problem for my tired old knees.

jordanrichard | 8 novembre 2016

You can have a SUV sitting 15 inches off the ground and still not fit someone that is 6'4". Fitting properly in vehicle is a different issue than the ease of getting in and out of a vehicle.

bernard.holbrook | 8 novembre 2016

Yeah, I'm 190 cm so height is important; it's my only deal-killer.

msofsd | 9 novembre 2016

I'm 6'3''. I,ve driven a Model S and headroom/legroom wasn't a problem. From what I've read, the Model 3 will be about the same height as the S, so I don't think it will be a problem, but I still will try it to be sure.

dd.micsol | 10 novembre 2016

If you're sitting in the back-no it won't be comfortable. If you're driving-it'll be like a Honda Civic or Accord. Put the seat all the way back and tilt the back of the seat back about 10 degrees. As long as you can still see over the hood you'll be fine. As for hitting your head getting in-well, that' will come down to being careful. Sorry you are so tall.

Rocky_H | 10 novembre 2016

Total height is never the whole story, because people can be proportioned very differently in whether most of their height is carried in their torso or legs. I am 6 foot 1, and we have a friend who is about 5 foot 1. However, she has a very tall torso so that when we are both sitting down, we are at the same height.