Not a Done Deal until the Coll ege v otes

Not a Done Deal until the Coll ege v otes

Mollom is defeating my posts re E. Colle ge v otes

SCCRENDO | 12 novembre 2016

@JT. I agree. I grew up with peaceful protest. It was usually the cops who then turned it violent. Stifling protest is anti-democratic. It is the responsibilty of the protestors to march peacefully. Unfortunately some protestors perhaps out of frustration don't follow the rules. The answer would not be to ban protests. In fact we should encourage it. The cops need to be there to ensure that the protests dont turn violent. President Obama supported the protests. President elect Trump first condemned them and then someone must have whispered something in his ear. Perhaps if there will be a lot of intelligent whispering in his ear his presidency could turn out successful. I like to be optimistic but I am having trouble with that at this point.

Mel. Its not an either/or. I learnt to do both.

Mel. | 12 novembre 2016

If you were right, the school teachers might demonstrate on weekends.. but, you are incorrect

bigd | 12 novembre 2016

SCCRENDO Did you read that Trump is looking to keep the few good things of Obama care-- kids can stay on till 26years old and not denied because of pre existing conditions. IMHO that is good news but since medical is your area of expertise what do you think?

UnshodBob | 12 novembre 2016

@bigd - I think it's good that Donald is so flip-floppy that he can actually change his mind if he keeps it open. A fault might be an asset. We'll see. Fingers crossed.

J.T. | 12 novembre 2016

The way I see pre existing conditions is this: I would really appreciate from learned feedback because this is not researched.

Insurance premiums are based on the likelihood of something happening. You have a base line of a healthy 25 year old male, non-smoker, non-hazardous occupation, clean medical history and no family history of hereditary illnesses and you determine the likelihood of this person getting sick. You then set a premium. Now, since the healthy guy is healthy why should he even buy insurance if he'll be able to get it AFTER he gets sick and knows he needs for not too much more money?

Now, jump ahead to someone with a malignant growth who seeks insurance. The likelihood is out the window. It's a certainty that this person will get cancer because they already have it. How much more should the premium be for them? If you say they should be the same then the health insurance carrier will probably not be in business when the healthy guy gets sick.

If that isn't clear enough, how about my wife takes out a life insurance policy on me the day I die?

lilbean | 12 novembre 2016

Does Hillary have to return the millions of dollars in foreign donations since she lost? Aren't you supposed to return the wedding gifts if the wedding doesn't happen?

bj | 12 novembre 2016

Back to the OP and his interesting observations (and he's not even American - nor am I). I would agree that it would not be a done deal if DT's EC margin was only 1 or 2 votes. I could imagine in that situation some republican EC delegates who could not possibly stomach the thought of DT as president (and the side-justification of HC winning the popular vote) deciding to vote for someone else (probably not HC) but with the end result of HC becoming president. But the margin isn't close enough, so it won't happen. On Dec 19, DT will be confirmed.

The EC has never overturned the result of a presidential election so it would be one of the most controversial things to happen in US history if it ever did happen. I could imagine the protests in the streets by DT's supporters would be of a different scale to what's happening now, and just confirm in their minds that the whole system is rigged against them. It would not be pretty.

So although I am no fan of DT, it's good that his margin of victory is big enough to prevent such scenarios. His apparent back tracking on some issues could indicate an interesting and unexpected presidency ahead.

Sometimes I wonder whether all his bluster and rhetoric during the campaign was done knowingly (e.g. border wall), and that most of his supporters were in on the joke too, and they actually won't care if he either doesn't implement a particular policy, or even does the complete opposite. They had a laugh, enjoyed the fact that someone was prepared to say those kinds of things publicly, now let's get down to business.

Or DT could prove to be a disaster, and it's just a matter of time before he's impeached, resigns due to scandal, or gets bored with the detail of this running a country thing and walks away.

Ross1 | 12 novembre 2016 DOT

Watch Ivanka Trump. Keep on watching.

Ross1 | 12 novembre 2016

She is in charge of his business empire.
She is on new White House boards, along with her husband.
She moderates DT in a good way.
"Ivanka can do no wrong"

J.T. | 12 novembre 2016

@bj or gets bored with the detail of this running a country thing and walks away.

And in doing so he can Make America Great Again. :-)

SCCRENDO | 12 novembre 2016

@bigD. Obamacare is flawed but it has done some great things. It has decreased the uninsured by millions. It prevents insurances from denying getting coverage for pre-existing conditions. The flaw is that you get nothing for nothing. Significant savings come from people having access to medical care so they don't clog emergency rooms when things happen. Obamacare relies on having a healthy pool to bring down costs. Like all insurance if only the sick sign up it gets expensive. Thats where the individual mandate comes in.
I believe health insurance is a right not a privilege. It is criminal for a country like ours not to have universal health care. The Republicans tried to block everything including the individual mandate. Now the shoe is on the other foot. You cannot just get rid of insurance for millions of people. You need something to replace it with. They dont have it. So like other campaign promises it will likely be reformed. Reality is beginning to hit. We are entering interesting times

Efontana | 12 novembre 2016


Are you French?

I voted for Hillary, but am trying to learn things from this election cycle. People talk about Hitler and a crowd similarity with Trump. After watching a few choice Youtubes, I understand what they mean. Then I asked, "What caused the environment that created Hitler?"

I've been told it was onerous reparations imposed by the French after WWI.

The analogous onerous burden is the mandated Obamacare expense burden placed on those just above the subsidy level. For a woman in their early fifties the premium last year was $750/month with an annual deductible of $6000. At an income of just over $60K that works out to 20% of take home just for the Obamacare premiums, with no way out. You have just destroyed that person's life so you can feel good about yourself. A million times over. Some would say you are pro slavery.

People should work and pay for their own medical care. If there is a problem with that, fix the education system. And don't ask them to compete on salary with slave labor in other countries.

Who are you to mandate with other people's money? A lot of people are pro slavery, in that they want to be on the other end of it. That does not work. It creates hate.

I think that is what is going on with this election. I am poking a bit to get you to do some math and maybe move you a bit.

carlgo2 | 12 novembre 2016

Trump owes neither party anything and is not dependent on special interests. He has a majority in congress. He is a narcissistic psychopath which gives him the ability to do whatever he wants without the burden of empathy or convention. Who else in our political history has had this power? It will be interesting to see how he handles the opportunity.

ckcland2 | 12 novembre 2016

+1000 lilbean

Efontana | 12 novembre 2016


George had the power, but not the personality defects.

SCCRENDO | 12 novembre 2016

@Efontana. No I am not French. Quite a random question. I understand the people who are paying higher premiums because those at lower incomes are subsidized. I was asked a question and tried to give a reasonably simple answer. I am in favor of Obamacare and recognize the reason for the flaws. Its the risk pools. It needs to be reformed. I understand that someone has to pay. Who will pay is what Trump now needs to work out. The reality is that the cat is out the bag. It cannot be repealed without uninsuring millions of people. They need a backup plan which they don't have.

compchat | 13 novembre 2016


You said "He (President Trump) is a narcissistic psychopath"

Where did you get this idea ? Are you a psychologist, psychiatrist or mental health professional.

Let's see. He is a father, grandfather and married billionaire who has enjoyed tremendous success in buisness and in his personal life. He's given more to charities (has his own foundation) then you could imagine. He's not anti-social and has never been convicted of a felony.

Does he have narcissistic traits ? Probably. But then most succesful people do. Does he believe in his ability to succeed ? Yes Definitely.

Try reading his books and then decide if you still think he is a psychopath. Educate yourself before you flap your gums.

compchat | 13 novembre 2016

Sccrendo is an immigrant from somewhere he refuses to declose. I thought he mentioned he was from Chile but you never know with this guy. He has some underlying hatred for the American way and doesn't seem to fully understand it. I wonder how he passed his citizenship tests.

Oh and he really hates Donald Trump and refuses to give the guy a chance before judging him a failure. Candidly I think he is part of the liberal media that PRESIDENT Trump rightfully hates so much.

SCCRENDO | 13 novembre 2016

Hey crapchat, What has his father and grandfather got to do with narcissism?
Is Trump a narcissist? Only his psychologist would know? But that hasn't stopped people fro speculating. many would say he is

SCCRENDO | 13 novembre 2016

Hey Crapchat. Its no secret where I am from. I have said it many times. You are either dyslexic or suffering from Alzheimer's.

Let's be clear
I am from SOUTH AFRICA. I am a natural born English Speaker and speak 5 languages. I am fluent in Spanish or as you would call it "pig latin". I peak 3 dialects. And yes I am teaching my granddaughter both English and Spanish. She needs to be ready for the influx of Mexican immigrants.

How did I pass the citizenship test? I studied. So I guess I understand the constitution and you don't. LOL

Not part of media but my cousin's kid is a big deal in Breitbart and I do have a cousin who is a famous Canadian journalist.

Efontana | 13 novembre 2016

Sccrendo, Thanks.

lilbean | 13 novembre 2016

I think the protestors and rioters are accomplishing something-making themselves look really stupid. Have some dignity people!

SCCRENDO | 13 novembre 2016

@lilbean. Peaceful protests are important. They send a message. I condemn violent protests

lilbean | 13 novembre 2016

@sccrendo, Yes. The anger and hatred that people are showing is heartbreaking.

SCCRENDO | 13 novembre 2016

Anger is a natural reaction. I was angry for a few minutes before i become rational and disappointed. Anger turning to violence is a problem

Captain_Zap | 14 novembre 2016

He appears to be a malignant narcissist to me.

SCCRENDO | 14 novembre 2016

@Captain. +1

vperl | 14 novembre 2016

Yes, the Clinton Klan is malignant narcissist family.

Above the Law

lilbean | 14 novembre 2016

If someone thinks they can win because of their vagina, it should at least look good. Yuck!

SCCRENDO | 14 novembre 2016

Van Perley. Breaking news. Clinton lost. Time to forget about the Clintons. No more email stories. The question on everyone's mind is how Trump will make America Great Again.

vperl | 14 novembre 2016

A question is when will The Clinton Klan goto federal prison, if a special prosecutor is choisen to look at the Klan foundation.

You lost, get over it.

Captain_Zap | 14 novembre 2016

Everyone lost.

SCCRENDO | 14 novembre 2016

Our candidate lost and I am over it. My questions are about how our president elect will make America Great Again. If the focus of our congress and Trump will be on continued investigations of Hillary Clinton then I guess it may distract them from passing other legislation. Hillary Clinton is gone. No more scapegoats, no more emails. Get over it.

J.T. | 14 novembre 2016

@CZ And it seems both parties did their very best to cement that outcome.

Never has garbage in, garbage out been so true.

vperl | 14 novembre 2016

Yep, Hillary got flushed and is circling the bowl.

lilbean | 14 novembre 2016

Circling the bowl to prison I hope.

SCCRENDO | 14 novembre 2016

@lilbean. Stop already. You are spending too much time hanging with Van Perley. The election is over . The democrats have lost this round.

lilbean | 14 novembre 2016

@sccrendo, ok :-)

SCCRENDO | 14 novembre 2016

@lilbean :-)

RedShift | 14 novembre 2016

Don't gloat too much. You might never know WHO might end up in prison. Both have serious issues that will be litigated.

Captain_Zap | 14 novembre 2016

+1 Redshift

vperl | 14 novembre 2016

DEMOCRACY, some that enter and are naturalized have now real concept what sacrifice some have given so that losers can protest, nor do they really care.

SCCRENDO | 14 novembre 2016

@vperl. Speak English. What are you talking about??

Ross1 | 14 novembre 2016

@ RedShift | November 14, 2016
Don't gloat too much. You might never know WHO might end up in prison. Both have serious issues that will be litigated.

It would be nice to see a list of the crimes each is guilty of.

McLary | 14 novembre 2016

Hillary is guilty of many crimes against fashion. Thank God we won't have 4 years of those pantsuits.

SCCRENDO | 14 novembre 2016

McLary +1

RedShift | 14 novembre 2016


Both of them aren't proven guilty yet, though some on this board would like to lynch Hillary and be fine with it.

Ross1 | 14 novembre 2016

that makes those on this board more guilty than either

lilbean | 14 novembre 2016

RIP to those who lost their lives in Benghazi.

vperl | 14 novembre 2016

As Hillary famous tag line of indifference to the people that tried to protect a US ambassador and died trying, " at this point in time why does it matter?"

Sacrifices actual Americans are willing to do to protect each other .....
Some know the duties they face and protect their fellow citizens and sacrifice their lives.

Others are like the Clinton Klan... Ignore and complain where they live. Cowards