Welcome to Canada, need house/ appt?

Welcome to Canada, need house/ appt?

I have 2 Triplex houses at your disposition and 1 duplex.
You can rent an appartment till you find a house to buy in the flood market of US buyers or Canadian houses.
Located in Montreal, bilingual city for your children to speak multiple languages, we have the cheapest rates for rental and house purchase compared to Vancouver and Toronto. Good public transportation, subway, night life, schools. What do you wait to move and pay 53% income taxes?

UnshodBob | 11 novembre 2016

Your abbreviation "appt" is for appointment, not apartment. Apartment is "apt."

You're welcome, eh. :)

SUN 2 DRV | 11 novembre 2016

EVloution: And do you also help get the immigration paperwork approved quickly too? ... asked half in jest and half seriously. It's time for me to retire and I need to pick a place...

SCCRENDO | 11 novembre 2016

Their good looking stud Prime Minister may be a denier. Perhaps we need to get on the other side of wall, into Mexico

compchat | 11 novembre 2016

Perhaps you should all go. Anyone wanting to permanently leave the country I will buy them a bus ticket (one way of course). Anyone so intolerant not to give the President-elect a chance deserves Mexico. But you better move quickly cause that wall is going up ! Since Sccrendo is an immigrant the deportation department may send him back to his country of origin Chile.

Or go to Canada with socialist medicine, fierce winters (most of it) and impossibly high taxes. Oh and their crime rate is increasing and you have no right to own a gun to defend yourself. Canada is less a country then a patchwork quilt of provinces. They're still finding about the National Language. Is it English or French? Depends on where you live.

President Trump, I hope, will make certain that we have ONLY English as the national language. I've been to public places where there are signs in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, and other ciphers I couldn't decipher. Who knows what the non-English signs say? I hope it's not "dog served fresh daily."

compchat | 11 novembre 2016


SCCRENDO | 11 novembre 2016

Crapchat. Your ignorance is astounding. This is humorous banter. It may be tough for you to swallow but I am a US citizen who has the right to vote so even if Trump enacts his deportation force (which he won't) I am not on the list. Believe it or not I have as much right to be here as you. I speak 5 languages and am teaching my 8 month old granddaughter to speak English and Spanish. So I speak Spanish to my Spanish patients. I wish I spoke Vietnamese. Korean and Chinese so I could serve my patients better. If I chose to move to Mexico or Canada I would leave voluntarily so I don't need your bus ticket. I will likely fly. So thanks for the offer. But I am staying. And looking forward to ongoing diversity of our population. Need to dilute out the ignorant misogynistic bigoted racist male. But if I decide to leave I will be sure to let you know.

RedShift | 12 novembre 2016


Flagged the xenophobic, racist post.

compchat | 12 novembre 2016


Thank you for flagging Sccrendo's xenophobic racist post.

Yes you may be a citzen. But you are not a natural born citzen and as such could never be the president of the United States. I'm not counting your piglatin as a legitimate language. Spanish is not an accomplishment for you because you were raised in a spanish speaking country.

We need and have an offical language in the United States. That language is ENGLISH. It is NOT spanish, vienamese, korean or Chinese. Yes it would be great to be able to speak all those languages but unless born into the culture it is very hard to learn...especially at your age. (haha).

The bus ticket was for your voluntary exist. If you were deported I wouldn't pay your bus ticket.

You know what you get when you have an "ongoing diversity of our population". You get Babal.
Must I define babal for you ?

My opinion is that when you permanetly relocate to a new country you should try to learn the language. Don't expect the New Country to adopt your language. In fact it should be a requirement for immigration, IMO. Basic 3rd grade English should be mastered within the first 3 years of living here. That's one grade per year.

As I don't speak Spanish (took French and German) I require a Translator for my patients. I would rather speak to them directly but our educators did not predict the changing languages in our society. I was advised to learn French for culture and German for Science literature. Those guidance counselors certainly had some whacky ideas. As it turns out Spanish would have served me well.

As PRESIDENT Trump says " we can't have a country without a border". That's true.

vperl | 12 novembre 2016

When are you losers leaving, just asking ! It is a question.

Iran, Syria, might be interested. Maybe China.

Dofpic | 12 novembre 2016

Trump will either be defeated by a landslide 4 years from now or re-elected in a landslide like Reagan was. I predict the latter.

SO | 12 novembre 2016

@OP - Thank you for the offer but we need to fight to cleanup our own country.

Bernie says he may run again in 2020. That would be fantastic! I just wish he was about 10 years younger. Sadly there will be major damage done by the Trump administration....not to mention the Supreme Court.

Under the Trump administration, I think things will be good for a while and the markets will do well. They are celebrating because of deregulation. Which will make some people very rich until greed sets in and we repeat history in about 8 years with a recession. Enjoy the ride!

McLary | 12 novembre 2016

SCCRENDO is there anyone, anywhere, that you don't happily apply labels to?

Mel. | 12 novembre 2016

Please read your posts above. They make you sound like an ignorant bigot..that is not the impression of you that I like

SCCRENDO | 12 novembre 2016

@McLary. Are you the same McLary that calls everyone idiots???? Did I mislabel Compchat. Would you suggest he is in full command of the facts? No evidence of Xenophobia? Scientifically extremely challenged. What did I get wrong.
@Crapchat. Not spending too much time correcting your facts but just to corrrect a few points so you come up with a new set of drivel. Came from an English speaking country and English is my first language. Speak 3 difference dialects of Spanish. My first teacher was from Chile, my second was from Barcelona and my third dialect comes from communication with my Mexican patients.
If you are even a physician I think we have different philosophies. I am there to serve my patients. You are there to serve yourself.

Not clear why you mentioned Chile but it is well worth a visit. Recommend Torres del Paine. You should also visit Mexico. Spent some great vacations there. Wonderful people.

You are correct in one thing that I am not a natural born citizen and Trump would certainly go after my birth certificate. But one of my kids is as are my 3 grandchildren and my granddaughter could be the first woman president of the US. LOL

lilbean | 12 novembre 2016

@sccrendo, Trump will not go after your birth certificate. The media likes to instill fear. It's sickening.

SCCRENDO | 12 novembre 2016

@lilbean. You miss the humor. Just mocking old crapchat here. I am a legal citizen. I have the same rights as any other American citizen. He is so xenophobic against foreigners and wants to clean up this country so it is once again a country dominated by white racist American males.He thinks we can have some of the other kinds here to do our dirty work. He is trying to delegitimize me in any way possible. It actually kills him that a foreign born guy is far more intelligent and probably far more successful than him. He needs scapegoats. I am his biggest nightmare. Because he cannot stomp on me. I stomp on him with a snigger. The only thing is that because I am not a natural born citizen, I was naturalized, I cannot become President, but my one son and grandchildren can. The birth certificate comment was an aside to Trump who launched his campaign by trying to delegitimize Obama as not being a natural born citizen.

lilbean | 12 novembre 2016

@sccrendo, oh. I see. Thank you. :-)

EmpiricalAudio | 12 novembre 2016

I swear, I was fully expecting compchat to start in on genetic purity and purging the country of anyone with undesirable characteristics. The parallels are uncanny.

compchat | 12 novembre 2016


You are a naturalized citizen born in another country. You cannot serve as president. Do you know why our founder fathers prohibied naturalized citizens from the Presidency ? C'mon smart guy. Tell the world.

Oh and let's all bow down to the liberal, socialist, communist SCC because he is a Physician and therefore must have a tremendous intellict. Oh god, please save our lives with you tremendous knowledge and intelligence. Thank you Doctor !

BTW like President Trump I just want to see America Great Again. I want the U.S. to have strong borders and not porous welcome mats for terrorists. We American Citizens are the only ones who decide our immigration policies. Anyone breaking those laws should be deported. Every country has similar policies. What are the immigration policies of your homeland Chile? BTW where did you learn to speak all those dialects ( I assume subsets of spanish) ?

Why don't you go over to your neighbors home and break in and then demand they live their lives YOUR way. See what type of response you get.

I'd also suggest you polish your English skills and use the term "snicker" instead of "snigger". The latter is liable to get you a fist in your face.

SCCRENDO | 12 novembre 2016

I judge our relative intelligence by the quality of posts. The requirement of being a natural born citizen was to be prevent foreign influence. However that would be the only place it applies. We are a nation of immigrants and that is what makes us great. Your ancestors were also immigrants at some point. I prefer the term snigger. Only someone like you would attempt to punch men in the face. Actually I came from another neighborhood and bought my house here legally. Didn't break into anyone's home. I know you are envious that I moved into a fancier neighborhood and bought a fancier home. No need to be envious. Try a little harder and perhaps you could also get a nice home.

Again as I am not from Chile I have no idea. But seeing you dont know how to use google i did it for you.

@empirical. Don t give him any ideas. I'm trying to understand if he is pulling my leg. Nobody can be this stupid. Even a Trump voter.

compchat | 12 novembre 2016

See the problem is, Sccrendope, your judgement is limited by your lack of intelligence. I dare you to go up to a black guy and say "I hate your snigger". Your pompous arrogance would then rightly earn you a broken jaw.

I frankly don't care where you live. If you have to brag about it then your neighborhood cannot be all that ! You've already mentioned in other posts that you are an immigrant from South America and that English is not your native language.

When you make comments like" Nobody can be this stupid, Even a Trump Voter" you declare your real nature which is hateful and spiteful. I'll happily jump into the bag of deplorables with all the other Trump Voters. BTW we won. You lost. Deal with it. You will enjoy the 8 years under the leadership of Mr. Trump. He will be so successfull and make such great deals that you'll become tired of all the success this country will enjoy. Build that wall !

SCCRENDO | 13 novembre 2016


J.T. | 13 novembre 2016

“Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”

― Mark Twain

Watt fun | 13 novembre 2016

@ UnshodBob

Actually, 'appt' is perfectly good (and 'apt' too!) instead of 'apt' for apartment in Montreal, a very multilingual and multicultural city. Appt is for appartement, (and American appointment) whereas apt is for apartment. if you had lived in, let us say, Les Appartements Snowdon for a decade that is what you might call it whether your first language is English or French, or whether you are speaking with someone whose first language is French or English.

Its one of the many such word usages you might find. I have always liked the use of 'subventions' in Quebec English which is a perfectly good Latin-based word.

Oh, and 'compchat', perhaps you might like to subscribe to Anu Garg's A-Word-A-Day at A little knowledge doesn't hurt, and a lot more doesn't hurt in the least. While you are at it, you might want to look up the definition of 'snigger' in the Urban Dictionary which I find very telling, especially from someone who insists that the only correct term is 'snicker'. Snigger and snicker may be synonyms but they aren't exactly identical in tone. A guilty pleasure versus an unpleasant guilt?

SCCRENDO | 13 novembre 2016

@JT. Spot on. Thanks. I have done more than my share here because I was having fun. But I agree enough is enough.

lilbean | 13 novembre 2016

This name calling is a problem. Did you watch that video posted? It's good.

SUN 2 DRV | 13 novembre 2016

My daughter and I are natural born US citizens. She went to school in Canada and loved it so much she's applied to become a Permanent Resident. As I retire I'm seriously considering Canada, hence my post above to EVolution's offer.

Trump used his "win at all costs" strategy to intentionally inflame people's anger and fears and created tremendous amounts of angst and discord across the country. (Look at the bullying and personal confrontations that have occurred since the election.) I think he might actually do a decent job (mostly by accident and not following though on most of what he said) and I'm rooting for him to be successful for the benefit of our country.

But Trump has set the standard for future campaigns based on bluster and resonance and not on policies, facts and logic. For me that's a very uncomfortable road we're headed down. Hence my interest in seriously considering Canada. They do have higher taxes and generally shitty weather, but they have a much better culture inclusion, cooperation and support of each other.

The flying hippie | 13 novembre 2016

You actually get something for your taxes up here. University is dirt cheap compared to what you're used to and there's stuff like maternity and paternity leaves. Quebec has an $8000 EV incentive plus a 100% renewable energy grid with rates under $0.10/kWh. And believe it or not there's virtually zero interest in the Communist Party. Must enjoy hockey, or at least pretend.

bgbythsea | 13 novembre 2016

EVolution: Short term rental? Place to plug into 240v? When my S arrives--w/free SuperCharging, I may get into road trips.

compchat | 14 novembre 2016

Drive into Watts and yell out the word "snigger". See the response you will get. I dare you.

Don't be dense Screendope. You wouldn't have the nerve to use that word in large part due to the political correctness of the candidate you so vehemently supported ! (and she LOST, LOST, LOST).
"But Trump has set the standard for future campaigns based on bluster and resonance and not on policies, facts and logic."

You seem to have the same problem as Screendope. You don't listen or ignore President Trump's policy positions. Go to his website and read his polices.

For instance, he is going to build the wall.
He is revoking Obama care except for the prexisting conditions and children less then 26 y/o ability to be covered under parents' policy.
He has definite policies on Trade and Nato.

lilbean | 14 novembre 2016

@compchat, This one's for you:

SCCRENDO | 14 novembre 2016

@SUN 2 DRV. Good post
@compchat. LOL

McLary | 14 novembre 2016

Canada has a lot going for it. Weather is about the same as Detroit, Chicago, New York. B.C.= Seattle.
Free healthcare plus upgrades with private insurance. Added flights to Cuba for dirt cheap

Ross1 | 14 novembre 2016

Tasmania, where I live:
1 frost per year.
34 degree Celsius max (93 F)
No traffic
5 miles to city CBD 30k pop.
Beachside , under $300k AU (200 US)
Free hospital. Free medical.

I went to hospital Sunday for a while, X-Rayed, personal care, all free.
Free ambulances.

less than 1 hr to Cradle it
World class bike tracks, art gallery.


Ross1 | 14 novembre 2016

Mollom wouldnt let me write cas in os

compchat | 15 novembre 2016


Gread video. Everything I belief but spoken 100x better. Sccrendope needs to view it and take a lesson.

lilbean | 15 novembre 2016

@compchat, I knew you'd like that one. ;)

vperl | 15 novembre 2016

Where are all the Hollywood elite that promised to leave ?

Just as usual, big mouth no action .

Anyone got list of these elitists folks from Hollywood and surrounding areas telling all they were leaving the U.S. for good .

lilbean | 15 novembre 2016

Here's the list of who wanted to leave and where they wanted to go:

SCCRENDO | 17 novembre 2016
Al1 | 18 novembre 2016

Good news you can move while still remaining US citizen. There is some inconvenience though.

- Still have to pay taxes (unless you are Trump)
- Parties outside Hollywood may not be just as cool