What the X could have been......

What the X could have been......

I have been looking at the latest minivans as a possible replacement for my aging F150. So what I was not really aware of is how flexible these new minivans have become in terms of being able to easily "reconfigure" the interior. You can easily remove or fold and stow the seats and then have a flat floor behind the driver and passenger for hauling cargo. (I am specifically referring to Toyota Sienna and Chrysler Pacifica minivans that have some great YouTube reviews). The Sienna is even available with AWD. So if this vehicle was a BEV with a drivetrain and battery such as a Tesla it would currently be my dream vehicle. If having all of the bells and whistles similar to a Tesla is your thing....both of these minivans are available in "loaded" models with just about every conceivable power feature. (and for less than 50 grand). I guess my point in a nutshell is: Tesla could have done so much more with their interior design to make it much more useful and appealing. I think they missed the boat.

vperl | 30 novembre 2016


GM, Ford, and the rest have no boat and infrastructure, just grocery getters.

They, the big guys careless about the SC market till they need cash, lots of cash......

Vehicles, infrastructure might roll out in three to five years for the late to the DOCK herd.

These boatless companies still are not going full ahead, they refuse to acknowledge the fact there is no actual level three infrastructure, coast to coast. Starting years late at the "dock" is their fault. Tesla was not after the F-150 crowd, soon maybe, but not now.

carlk | 30 novembre 2016

A joke?

burdogg | 30 novembre 2016

To each is their own - good luck with that minivan :) I will take the X 6 seater without folding down middle seats and be as happy as ... well you can fill in your own expression, lets just say, I will keep the grin you can take all the minivans you want.

PedanticOne | 30 novembre 2016

I'm sure at some point, the OPs dream vehicle will be a reality. Until then, I guess we'll have to settle for these lousy Model X's. To me, the audience for a Model X and the audience for a Minivan don't even intersect. I don't want a minivan, and the X is the perfect blend for me.

vperl | 30 novembre 2016


Dawnbmartin | 30 novembre 2016

Lol. Clearly a joke.

Dawnbmartin | 30 novembre 2016

Let's just say when my twins were infants ... I sacrificed my happiness and got a sienna limited with every bell and whistle you can get. Lol. I kept it for a year and was over it. I have four kids. My twins are only three years old and the x is the best fit for me. You can't even compare a fully loaded top of the line sienna to an x.

Triggerplz | 30 novembre 2016

Aww Hell Naw

sosmerc | 30 novembre 2016

' the audience for a Model X and the audience for a Minivan don't even intersect.'
I don't quite agree with that, as I am sure I am not the only one that was hoping the X would be a little more versatile rig. (heck, you can't even put anything on top of the roof) But to each his own.

AlMc | 30 novembre 2016

A friend and sales associate for TM described the X to my wife when she test drove the X as:

'The fastest/technologically advanced minivan on the planet'

sosmerc | 30 novembre 2016

I agree on the "fast" part and the "advanced" part. It's just needs a bit more of the utility part :)...........

Saxman | 30 novembre 2016

I guess UTILITY is in the eye of the beholder.
My Mercedes ML 350 is about 10" shorter than the X. It also is 5 seater with 60/40 folding second row.

All my wife & I need is cargo area in back for our Lab that is large enough for her to sleep on trips between CO &TX, and occasionally fold down 2ND row to schlepp suitcases and other assorted stuff. The X should have all the Utility we need and then some.

poloX | 30 novembre 2016

I think it's all about competition. In the minivan world, if you don't come up with something better than the Honda Odysseys, you simply won't sell. Tesla on the other hand does not have any competitor yet. When they do, then they will compete. For now, demands for MX is way higher than the supplies. So no, they don't miss any boat. :o)

PedanticOne | 30 novembre 2016

Yes. Currently they own the boat. :-)

Every car has compromises, and can't be all things to all people. Minivans cater to a certain audience, and luxury SUVs to another. They might share features (seating for 7, e.g.), but they are going to differ in terms of what the manufacturer's emphasis is. They are also going to differ on price by a factor of 2-3x. Again, different market (to me).

Every maker is going to decide on their focus. A Cayenne focuses on great driving experience, but it's got way less room. An Escalade focuses on being... well, large. But I don't think they drive particularly well. It's all about choice. And yes, competition can only help the consumer.

The current Model X is just a different type of car than the OP is looking for. It might not be the perfect car for everyone, but that's why we have choice. For me, I think It's going to work out pretty well, and the features it DOES have is what sold me.

I do get the point about making the interior more functional. I think it's a valid point. I just think that given the other things it does/has, it's probably OK.

bhoskins | 30 novembre 2016

Missed the boat??? It pulls mine just fine! | 1 décembre 2016

Had a Honda Oddyssey. 8 seats, very functional and versatile, good safety rating, relativeliy low cost, drove like a bus, 21 mpg.
Now have an X . 7 seats, less functional but good storage, excellent safety, high cost, drives like a Tesla, uses no gasoline. Personally I need the seating capacity more than the interior configurability. Safety extremely important, zero emissions a personal big plus. OTA software updates have been a big plus. Drives like a Tesla? There's no comparison except the Model S. The X is fabulous on the road. Not everyone's cup of tea but, if you can afford one, it is a great car to have.

poloX | 1 décembre 2016

Yeah, only wish there is an Odyssey on the MX's platform. How wonderful would that be!

lilbean | 1 décembre 2016

Get on that by and buy the hideous minivan. Don't complain here. Loser.

burdogg | 1 décembre 2016

beaners is on one this morning ;)

PedanticOne | 1 décembre 2016

Someone needs their morning scotch :-)

Oh wait. That's me.

lilbean | 1 décembre 2016


burdogg | 1 décembre 2016

Did you even sleep last night :)

lilbean | 1 décembre 2016