The big debate. Who should be the next secretary of State

The big debate. Who should be the next secretary of State

Never thought I would say this. But I'm hoping for Romney. Giuliani is another candidate. Another candidate is also a smart guy. But I guess he needs to notify his parole officer within 72 hours he has changed job. This may not be directly Tesla related but our foreign relations matter to Tesla.
Petraeus will have to notify his probation officer if Trump taps him as secretary of state

Captain_Zap | 30 novembre 2016

And how is this related to Tesla?

SCCRENDO | 30 novembre 2016

Its not Captain

compchat | 1 décembre 2016

Sccrendopes source was CNN, as usual.

Cnn claims;

"Petraeus, once a widely celebrated military leader who oversaw operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, was sentenced on April 23, 2015, to serve two years of probation and pay a $100,000 fine for sharing classified information with his biographer and lover, Paula Broadwell."

Sharing classified information ?? Sounds familiar (Hiliary). Yet Screendope was willing and anxious to vote for her as president of the United States. Execuse me, he voted for her for president of the United States.

Seems hypocritical that Screendope would like Hiliary as President but objects to Petraeus as Secretary of State as they were both guilty of sharing classified information.

David N | 1 décembre 2016

Perhaps there are other forums other than Tesla where this type of topic could be taken up.
Doesn't seem appropriate for an Electric Car/ Tesla forum.

SCCRENDO | 1 décembre 2016

David N. You are correct. Just thought it was interesting. We have had more drivel put up but if everyone objects I am happy to take it down

Mel. | 1 décembre 2016

Tulsi Gabbard is my choice . If not her than someone with her understanding.

SCCRENDO | 1 décembre 2016

@Mel. If you are serious she would be mine too. Doubt she has been invited up to Trump tower or for the $880 vegetarian meal. Guess we may have to settle for Romney.

Mel. | 1 décembre 2016

She has met with Trimp at Trump tower and has been criticized for doing so... . She could be president one day.

SCCRENDO | 1 décembre 2016

Ist female president? Gee why not? Do you support her Mel? If offered a job in the regime she should definitely take it. I think we need to get as many liberals as we can in this regime.

Mel. | 1 décembre 2016

I really think she is a realist. Puts America before Party... not trying to disagree but she has not backed any administration. She is against unneeded wars.

bish | 1 décembre 2016

Scott Baio.

SCCRENDO | 1 décembre 2016

Looks like a good dem. Good for the Trump cabinet. Will re-evaluate her when she stands in the Dem primaries in 2020.

@Bish. Please don't joke. Trump may want to reward him

KP in NPT | 1 décembre 2016

Now Rachel Maddow is reporting the 2 new people in the running for Secretary of State are the current and former CEOs of Exxon-Mobil.


SCCRENDO | 1 décembre 2016

Yes I heard that on my way home. Pigtailed on his post election campaign rally things are not looking good. Our worst nightmare may be playing out. Buckle your seatbelts. We are in for a rocky ride

Al1 | 1 décembre 2016

Romney has called Tesla a failure twice per E. Musk. I do hope however Romney has overcome his Tesla phobia by now.

I don't have much preferences of one candidate over the other. Exxon CEO's would be terrible idea. Hope these rumors turn out false.

SCCRENDO | 1 décembre 2016

@A11. Exactly my point. When our best hope is Romney you know we are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

J.T. | 2 décembre 2016

This is the fun of the political system. No meritocracy, no promoting from within, no track record for any of these jobs.

We don't know if Trump will be effective or not as President. We just know he will be different than anyone who has come before him. That scares a lot of people. I think it's kind of funny that it scares a lot of people who think that the Constitution is outdated and irrelevant. On one hand they want to keep the status quo but on the other hand they want to throw out the rule book.

Romney might be a great SofS. Who can tell? Has he ever failed at a similar position?
Mattis isn't even eligible as the SofD has to be retired for 7 years before taking office. But these are different times.
The majority leader's wife as Secretary of Transportation. How do you think those confirmation hearings will go?

My point is that every 4 or 8 years we put our country into the hands of people who have no experience at the job they're about to do. We hope they're smart, honest, diligent and compassionate but we won't know if they're well suited for the task until they're in the thick of it.

Do any of you run your businesses that way?

Silver2K | 2 décembre 2016

Romney? the guy that was completely against Trump and actually tried to rally all conservatives to go against Trump?

He and Ryan think party first, never the people first. Giuliani is politically crippled and thinks everything is personal.

Mel. | 2 décembre 2016

I agree with you on Romney and Ryan .. they think about what is good for their small club

lilbean | 2 décembre 2016

Romney is a joke. He has ties with multi-level marketing pyramid fraudsters.

RedShift | 2 décembre 2016


In the end, everyone looks out for what's in it for them. 'I hate that guy, until he offers me the corner office!' Odd as that may seem, I actually support those who stood with Trump and are now being considered for a job under him (as vile as they are). Tulsi, Romney, etc these people don't have any backbone.

Then there is Trump himself walking back (or is he) every major promise made. It's hard not to be dramsey sometimes. (Apologies to dramsey for using his good name in place of 'cynicism')

Silver2K | 2 décembre 2016

The problem here is, the smart ones don't want to be part of the Trump Administration, because they plan on running against him in 4 years.

You can tell by all the losers kissing his ass

RedShift | 2 décembre 2016


So it's a lose-lose. Not for me, personally. My taxes might go down and I'm not offshoring (tried it, hated it) and I have my Tesla. It's a comedy show with promises of tragic ending these next 4 years!

compchat | 3 décembre 2016

@Sccrendope said:
"But I'm hoping for Romney"

Trump cannot trust that man and it would be a huge mistake for him to forget and forgive what Romney said about him (Trump) before the election.

My way Romney will be selected by Trump who does hold grudges.

SCCRENDO | 3 décembre 2016

I have no idea who he will chose and am no fan of Romney. But looking at the options he is looking at I would take Romney over the rest.

bigd | 3 décembre 2016

SCCRENDO, the beauty of it all is that his selection, no matter who he choses, is better than what Pres Obama chose his 1st term for secretary of State. Sorry I could not pass that up.

SCCRENDO | 3 décembre 2016

@bigd. All's fair in love and war but frankly I would say not even close.

Mel. | 3 décembre 2016

Now who would be more qualified than Vallerie Jarret and Susan Rice? Can anyone tell us what positions they held in the private economy?

SCCRENDO | 3 décembre 2016

Mel I think we are talking about Secretary of State. A position in the private economy probably is not the prime requisite for Secretary of State.

Mel. | 4 décembre 2016

You are correct. I agree.
Just wondering how Clinton got along with these two. I think Joe was all by himself in national policy discussions.
I know not the subject, but I think Joe would have made a good President.

J.T. | 4 décembre 2016

@Mel I agree Joe would have been great. In all honesty I think Hillary would have made a good president and because of her drive maybe an excellent one. Too bad the DNC felt it necessary to screw over Bernie and alienate not only his supporters but anyone who respects fair play.

Mel. | 4 décembre 2016

That would have made a wild race. Bernie against Donald.
Asking for fair play is a little over the top.
What do you the know of Gabbard as Sec. of State?

J.T. | 4 décembre 2016

Though she is most impressive, I just don't think she's seasoned enough for such an august position. But from what I've read she has no problem standing up for what she believes in and also to her credit has no problem admitting that being a soldier changed her opinion on the meaning of freedom.

Boonedocks | 4 décembre 2016

Ambassador Bolton is my bet

SCCRENDO | 4 décembre 2016

@boonedocks. God help us

Jon Huntsman is the latest candidate and from what I recall would be a pretty good guy. Was a Republican presidential candidate, a mormon, but a liberal one and I think he was ambassador to China under Obama. Fluent in Mandarin. This is a real mensch i could strongly support.

Mel. | 5 décembre 2016

Gore met with Trump, and said they will have a second meeting.

J.T., thanks. I hope Donald puts her on the national stage.

SCC, +1

SCCRENDO | 5 décembre 2016

@Mel. Met with Ivanka not Donald but indeed a very positive step. Wish our president elect good luck in pushing our new climate change agenda through all those deniers in congress.

Mel. | 5 décembre 2016

Huffington, CNN, and Washington Post have him meeting with Ivanka for a short period and the the majority of the time was spent with Donald, who he plans to meet with again in the near future.

SCCRENDO | 5 décembre 2016

@Mel. I stand corrected. I heard about the Ivanka meeting on the way to work. Us working stiffs don't always have time to catch up on the news during the day. But if what you report is correct I would say a very positive step.

Mel. | 5 décembre 2016

Yes, I was really surprised and impressed.

J.T. | 5 décembre 2016

@SCCRENDO You said you didn't have time to catch up on the news but still felt you had enough information to contradict Mel.

Really. :-)

SCCRENDO | 5 décembre 2016

@JT. I contradicted him on my 7:30 am news. When he informed me of the update I mentioned that I stand corrected. I will repost my answer for your benefit

"@Mel. I stand corrected. I heard about the Ivanka meeting on the way to work. Us working stiffs don't always have time to catch up on the news during the day. But if what you report is correct I would say a very positive step"

J.T. | 5 décembre 2016

You shouldn't have contradicted him at all. You should have allowed for the possibility that you didn't have the latest information, you should have checked Mel's information, would have taken 5 seconds, and then you wouldn't be wasting your time with me. :-)

SCCRENDO | 5 décembre 2016

@JT. Go to bed. Don't you have anything more intelligent to offer.

J.T. | 6 décembre 2016

@SCCRENDO No, I think your arrogance in thinking your information is better than someone else's is palpable. It's probably that far left mindset which is so comfortable with the notion that conservatives and Republicans are ill informed that you have a knee jerk reaction to anything we say.
Now, be honest, if RedShift had said the meeting was with Donald would you have corrected him out of hand or would you think "Red Shift said it so it must be good info."?

RedShift | 6 décembre 2016

I am a neo-con. So SCCRENDO wouldn't blindly agree with me.

SCCRENDO | 6 décembre 2016

JT. Whatever