Can RN tell you when your Model 3 is Sceduled?

Can RN tell you when your Model 3 is Sceduled?

Any way to tell?

PhillyGal | 13 décembre 2016

Nope, the order remains a mystery to anyone but Tesla. (And, even to them, because they can't control their suppliers.)

jordanrichard | 13 décembre 2016

Yes, there is a way to tell. First you are going to need a crystal ball, 2 tsp of pixie dust, 1 tsp of sage and Elon's magic decoder ring...... :-)

or listen to PhillyGal

Frank99 | 13 décembre 2016

You can guess at your position in line if you reserved during the first week, by looking at Elon's tweets of how many deposits they've received. After that, they pretty much went quiet.

Then, you have to apply a bit of Kentucky Windage - are you a current Tesla owner? Do you live near the Factory? Are you planning on purchasing a lot of options, or getting the base car? All of these will affect your delivery date in mysterious and unforeseeable ways.

I reserved a Model 3 on March 31, about an hour after the Tesla store opened, so I figure I'm near the front of the line. I'm not a current owner, so that pushes me back behind the current owners. I'm in Phoenix, so I expect that I'll be in the second or third wave of deliveries (My guess: first wave - Bay area. Second wave: CA. Third wave - states bordering CA). I'll probably order an average level of options, so I'll get pushed behind some people ordering expensive cars and in front of some people ordering base cars. So I figure I'll get my car...about this time next year optimistically, first quarter 2018 pessimistically, assuming that Tesla is somewhat close to their expected ramp rates.