Musk going boring

Musk going boring

Dramsey | 18 décembre 2016

Sadly, only available to subscribers.

SCCRENDO | 18 décembre 2016

@Ross. Looks like you have a little secret club going there. We can't access

Bighorn | 18 décembre 2016

I saw some tweets about boring a tunnel under traffic, but I thought it was just idle chatter. Perhaps not?

RedShift | 18 décembre 2016

Boring chatter? How boring can boring be?

SCCRENDO | 18 décembre 2016

@mscott. Thought his hyperloop stuff was initially BS. Soon we will have the mayor of LA announcing this tunnel thing as a pilot program. We have to take him seriously.

Ross1 | 18 décembre 2016

I tried.
Mollom allowed the link but not the article.
Elon is going to take up boring tunnels to alleviate traffic congestion.
Wants to call the business "Boring".

He is off his rocker.

Ross1 | 18 décembre 2016

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 17, 2016
But that doesn't appear to be enough, commenting: "Traffic is driving me nuts. Am going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging…"

He offered up a name for the venture, calling it "The Boring Company," and began branding it with a slogan: "Boring, it's what we do."

Then he capped it off by tweeting, "I am actually going to do this."

With the tweets, Musk's Twitter bio got an update, too. It now lists his presumed priorities as "Tesla, SpaceX, Tunnels (yes, tunnels) & OpenAI."

The executive may have been taking cues from President-elect Donald Trump, who commented during his election campaign about the need for infrastructure rebuilding. Musk was one of 18 tech executives who met Trump last week in New York during a tech advisory team summit.

Whether this was just the musings of a guy stuck in a traffic jam with time to tweet or someone with the cash and the technical knowhow to actually execute a feasible business plan for a new venture is still to be determined.

Ross1 | 18 décembre 2016

Is it April 1 over there?

Ross1 | 18 décembre 2016

I dont subscribe to possibly has to do with Trump voters being denied access.

SO | 19 décembre 2016

Elon actually mentioned tunnels a long time ago when someone asked him about flying cars during an interview. He said he didn't think flying cars are viable but he believed more tunnels are the answer to help reduce congestion. So....he is actually following through on this. Pretty cool.

And for people who say "he needs to focus", he can have other people do a lot of the work. It's just a matter of getting the right group of people to move this forward. Just like the hyper loop which is slowly coming to fruition.

It would be cool if he could privatize the tunnels and make them for EVs only. That would be similar to a carpool lane and would help with fumes in the tunnel. But the legal ramifications will be huge.

I don't see this happening for many years. But I'm also never saying never either.

tedirelan | 19 décembre 2016

I remember his interview where he mentioned the tunnel idea as better than flying cars. I believe it was with Stephen Colbert.

Remnant | 19 décembre 2016

@Ross (December 18, 2016)

<< I dont subscribe to possibly has to do with Trump voters being denied access. >>

Accidental Fecal Release has universal equal access, especially in the guise of wet farts and floating poop. | 19 décembre 2016

Tunnels offer a few challenges but there existence proofs all over the place. Many trips through the Holland and Lincoln tunnels in years past convinced me that I didn't want to get stuck in a backup inside a tunnel where ventilation is critical. In LA where Elon gets stuck in traffic, there is the small matter of potential earthquake cave ins. In Florida flooded tunnels would be the fear.

It might be more practical to build aerial trams over snarled traffic. Drive in one end, ride the tram car to the other end and drive out. Build them on a loop for two way operation.

carlk | 19 décembre 2016

One challenge would be to keep air quality inside those long tunnels. Elon's tunnel could be restricted to zero emission car use only. Just saying.

Ross1 | 19 décembre 2016

I see it now...
Making America Great Again.
Tunnels would be bored with manual (Manuel) labor.
Convicts, slaves, Mexicans, illegal immigrants. Criminals, abortionists, ISIS captives.....
What a lot of jobs this would create, and with no oil being used. And you wouldn't have to pay them.

@SCCR: Make sure your papers are irrefutable. :))

Ross1 | 19 décembre 2016

...and hopefully, Forum Spoilers. You know who you are.

carlk | 19 décembre 2016

Don't underestimate Elon's ability to think through complicated matters with ease. He does his first principle thinking while us mere mortals could only use analog to figure things out. Read Ashley Vance's book "Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future ". Elon never learned about rockets until he became interested in Mars exploration. In the beginning he was thinking about purchasing rockets from Russia. He took a couple experts with him in a trip to Russia to negotiate business. Russia of course did not take him seriously and were asking for a very high price. The trip did not go well except they drunk a lot of Vodka. On the flight back the other guys were relaxing from the exhausting trip but Elon was just busy writing something on a pad. Before the flight landed on London he woke the two guys up and showed them his calculation and declared they could do it themselves much cheaper than buy from Russia. The rest is of course history. Tunnel boring is not exactly rocket science it may be difficult to you but I'm sure pretty simple for Elon.

pagrimm1 | 19 décembre 2016

Why doesn't he hire a professional business leader to lead Tesla and get the business on track to be sustainable and profitable ?

carlk | 19 décembre 2016

Why? Have any person particular in mind?

carlk | 19 décembre 2016

Like perhaps CEO of GM, Mercedes or Pepsi? Apple did just that and hired a "professional" business leader to totally screw up the company until Jobs came back to run the company "unprofessionally". No one from Facebook, Amazon, Google or Netflex, four of the hottest growth companies which happen to still be run by their founders, dares to suggest the same thing again.

SCCRENDO | 19 décembre 2016

@ross. My papers are as good as all the haters of foreigners. Legal naturalized citizen with full voting rights. I am the bigots' worst nightmare. A highly successfull foreigner.

anoorag.bansal | 21 décembre 2016

My 9 year old son came up with the next logical step for Tesla, with the buy of Solar City, could the engineers mount the solar panels in a stylish way to enhance the range and the eco-friendliness.

carlgo2 | 21 décembre 2016

There has to be a better way to dig tunnels than with today's giant bit systems. Maybe some atomic laser particle beam blaster, lining the tunnel with the melted rock. Automatous too, just point it at the destination and wait for it there.

Who would be afraid of being sent down a dark tunnel at 700 mph, knowing that the Mole People were trying to claw their way into it?

Ross1 | 21 décembre 2016

I am not joking.
If EM is serious about making a settlement on Mars then he will need just such a lightweight device as proposed by Carlgo2. Lightweight because it needs to be "cargo 2" (pun).
Tunnel to get a habitable space.
Practise in LA, Build on Mars.

SCCRENDO | 21 décembre 2016

@Ross. Prefer he practice in Tasmania than LA. Can cause far more damage if wrong in LA.

compchat | 22 décembre 2016


But you still do not qualify to become the President of the United States. You are NOT a natural born citizen.

See it's still funny how you see yourself as a "A highly successfull foreigner.". The key word being foreigner. Since you think of yourself as a foreigner it makes me wonder about your loyalties to the United States of America. BTW how you think does come out in your hatred of Our President Donald Trump. A true patriot would never say the things you do about him. I would characterize you best as a foreigner or likes to agitate.

sp_tesla | 22 décembre 2016

carlk | December 19, 2016
Don't underestimate Elon's ability to think through complicated matters with ease.

+10, one of the best informative post by far.

jdanielp_uk | 22 décembre 2016

Maybe @elonmusk was trolling @BoredElonMusk ;)

lilbean | 23 décembre 2016

Where is boring?

Ross1 | 23 décembre 2016

A town in Oregon, dont you good citizens know that? :),+OR,+USA/@45.4323688,-122.3837476,13z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x54959bae23a922ff:0x5999408136deae2e!8m2!3d45.4313662!4d-122.3734641

lilbean | 23 décembre 2016

Haha! :-)