Energy & Tesla

Energy & Tesla


I spent a few months writing a research report about Tesla and global energy. Its
on the Apple iBookstore

there is a free version of the book too. There are quite a few interesting conclusions that
i didn't expect to make or find. Perhaps even Tesla will find a couple interesting
blurbs too. My 40+ years of investing experience and my formal education and business
experience all support what's in the book...136 pages. 48 for the free one...

The Foreward gives you a quick high level view. Thats in both versions fyi.
Its very positive...

James Danforth

McLary | 30 Janvier 2017

Full disclosure please. James Danforth as in James Danforth Quayle?

jamesd567 | 31 Janvier 2017


Bighorn | 31 Janvier 2017

Then spell potato.

NKYTA | 31 Janvier 2017

That was a good chuckle, thanks BH! :-)

jamesd567 | 7 février 2017

The book is called "Energy and Tesla".
It lays out the future of energy on the planet.

the basic premise is:

A. Tesla's entire business is driven by advancements in solar power,
B. These advances enable greater penetration of solar into the global energy grid,
C. increased solar in the grid generates demand for lithium batteries for storage
D. Increased lithium battery demand boosts manufacturing scale and advances in LB tech
E. Better lithium batteries make EV's longer range and lower cost
F. More EV's demanding Kwh from the grid produces demand for more solar on the grid

the above is a positive feedback loop. As a result, the global energy grid is shifting to
solar only, over the next 30 years. This is worth over $100 trillion in energy and transport business.

As a result, Tesla is 10X undervalued by the market today because the market does capitalize the
value that I see in this global energy grid transition. The only solution for a 7+ billion population that is growing, is to shift to a source of infinite energy, the Sun. My book covers how, why and when since the stock was at $198.


jamesd567 | 7 février 2017

oops! the market does not capitalize this value into the stock price yet. I need more coffee!

james | 23 mars 2017

This patent for a more powerful and lower cost solar power was just issued 3 days ago. they are achieving 50% more power output than today's solar panels at 50% lower cost. another great step toward eliminating all highly toxic nuclear power plants.

brando | 24 mars 2017

thanks james and here are a few more signs of the trends

Why Solar PV Power Plants Will Fundamentally Change the Way We Power the Planet


side note: China closing or stopped building over 100 coal electric power plants
Changes are happening

http://energypost. eu/chinas-electricity-mix-changing-fast-co2-emissions-may-peaked/

RGH | 25 mars 2017

brando, I wonder if that article was paid for by the Chinese. They are not stopping the building of coal-fired plants. In the last couple of years they have averaged one new plant every 7-10 days !!! And they are still doing it.

finman100 | 28 mars 2017

And you know this because...?

I can say anything on the 'net too.

Remnant | 28 mars 2017

@ Pink Floyd Roadie (March 25, 2017)

<< They are not stopping the building of coal-fired plants. In the last couple of years they have averaged one new plant every 7-10 days !!! >>

They also seem to have under construction a lot of Coal-Fired Power in excess of their need.


RedShift | 28 mars 2017

Look, china does this as a government sponsored jobs scheme to keep their masses quiet.

Kinda like what Trump is trying to do here.

brando | 1 avril 2017

pink floyd roadie -

China, a fast paced place, try a search on " clear sky in China "
A lot going on. And I only know what I read. sort of

"If you don't read, you are ill-informed".
"If you do read, you are mis-informed".

interesting times

brando | 2 avril 2017

side note: I suspect that Flow Batteries will be used by electric utilities. Of course depends on economics.

https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Flow_battery edu/2016/battery-molten-metals-0112

lar_lef | 2 avril 2017

Not directly related, but read that Ford electrified truck program for commercial companies is IN(H)OFWIW a possible game changer?

brando | 5 avril 2017

Sadly it seems having problems getting trucks on the road. What is the problem?
Anyone know? I think they are still in Alameda, CA.

Ross1 | 6 avril 2017

What are your thoughts on Tidal Power generation.
I noticed you were quick to dismiss all but solar.
However the moon up there pulls tides more often and more reliably than the sun.
Wind too, why are you discounting wind?
Perhaps it is because the book is about Tesla, and therefore Tesla's power source (solar)? And that is OK, just tell me what you think having done more research than me.

El Mirio | 6 avril 2017

i like the oscillating water column concept, is quite simple and looks like is maintenance friendly.

brando | 6 avril 2017

+7 billion people - that is a really, really large market for electricity. Location is certainly a factor. Wind, solar, tidal, geothermal, using temperature differences in ocean depths, you get the idea. Where you are is no doubt a factor in which methods are cheapest - or which combinations of methods work best.

james | 25 avril 2017

Tidal Power is far too costly because of all the moving parts and the detrimental effects of salt on the equipment. It is far more expensive than basic solar right now. Wind is far less energy than solar by at least a factor of 1000 compared to all the energy hitting the planet every minute. In addition, wind is unreliable. The sun shines and the sun will always shine. Solar is technology and advancements will continue to drive the cost of solar generated power lower and lower until eventually we will all get electricity for free, but this all takes 30 years. In the context of the global energy grid and humanity's ongoing needs for energy as we push toward 10 billion people by 2050, 30 years is a blink of the eye.

johndoeeyed | 26 avril 2017

There is enough wind energy globally to supply, many times over, our current total power consumption.
Wind and solar were also very expensive when they were first developed - tidal/wave is no different.
There is currently more wind installed globally than solar.

jdonovan | 26 avril 2017

Whether or not one accepts the overwhelming scientific consensus on climate, I think everyone will agree that having a cleaner and more sustainable electrical grid helps us all. That said, I wonder if you'all have seen these two videos. The first by Tony Seba on technology disruption. He makes some claims that seem unbelievable, but I've looked a bit at numbers and can't find where he's wrong.

In fact, the above talk is from a year ago, and since then his curve projections in several specific areas have already been exceeded!

The second talk is even more wonky than Seba's talk (though the first 20% is just history, though well done), but totally worth watching the whole thing I think.

Bill Ellard an energy economics consultant and seems to know what he's talking about. This video shows that what's happening in some places already, is just a precursor of what's going to happen everywhere soon...

If you haven't seen these talks they are quite fascinating. I'd be interested in what everyone thinks about these projections.

brando | 27 avril 2017

Listened to a couple of Tony Seba, I agree with him completely. His talks continue to improve with more information, so YouTube search and look for other venues that catch your interest.

From a Utility perspective, I'd suggest
https://youtu. be/jFZ8g0W7jV0?list=PLB568795BC54570A7

USC Urban Growth Seminar Series and the Schwarzenegger Institute for State & Global Policy.
Over eighty percent of the energy used worldwide today is from fossil fuels. That’s a changing paradigm though as renewable energy continues to gain momentum, and proven technologies such as solar power are rapidly growing more cost effective and efficient. Join Dr. Buttgenbach for this presentation as he explains why photovoltaic (PV) power plants are becoming mainstream, and what economic and technological factors are driving this growth. Topics discussed will include national and global renewable trends, irradiance patterns, solar pricing vis-­‐à-­‐vis natural gas, energy storage, distributed versus utility generation, and more.

Jeff Dahn for details on battery development (5 year contract/agreement with Tesla).
https://youtu. be/9qi03QawZEk?list=PLB568795BC54570A7

brando | 27 avril 2017

James - suggest you try google search, here is one example - tidal starting to make advances

tidal power australia

Surely you could think of better search terms to narrow down results, but this a fine start.