website charging calculator

website charging calculator

I was looking at the cost estimate calculator for charging. Plug in the cost of gas, price of electricity, which then calculates your savings. Issue, the electrical prioce can't be increase past $0.24kWh... seriously, if you live in CA, your electric rates are going to hit second tier (for SDGE) when charging an electric vehicle, which can increase upwards of $0.40kwh.
Can this calculator be fixed to account for higher electric tier rates?

DonS | 15 février 2017

If you buy an EV and do not switch to time-of-use pricing, you are throwing money away. Tiers become irrelevant then. | 15 février 2017

PG&E rates, which I expect are similar for SDGE for midnight to 6 am with Time-of-day pricing is $0.10 kWh. In 4 years, I know I've charged less than 1% of the time outside this time period, not including Superchargers. No fix needed.

drklain | 15 février 2017

DonS -- Not quite true. People need to look at their rates. In my case (NOVEC), it isn't necessarily a great deal.

Regular plan -- $.097 per kWh anytime
TOU plan --1 to 6 pm- $.334 per kWh, rest of the day $.079 per kWh

So in my case I save $.018 in off-peak hours, but in peak hours I pay .237 MORE per hour. Since 1-6 pm is when air conditioners and other house activities are going on. I just don't see this as a plan that will save me money, even with the additional charging of the car being done at night (or after 6 pm in my case).

DonS | 15 février 2017

I can't say there are never exceptions, but I encourage you to run the numbers to be sure. In northern California, everyone I know that has actually done the comparison with real usage data has found TOU to be cheaper.

Rocky_H | 16 février 2017

If you drive a low number of miles, such that the car charging is a lesser portion of your electricity use than your regular household daytime use, then you would be shifting the larger portion onto higher rates. That probably isn't good. Also, if you have solar that covers most of your use, then you get to stay in low usage tiers most of the time, and it is cutting down that high summer time afternoon peak anyway, etc. etc.

Haggy | 17 février 2017

PG&E will show you what you are saving and what your bills would have been on a different rate plan.

drklain | 17 février 2017

@DonS -- I get it. Virginia has very different pricing than California and I'm part of an electric cooperative where the pricing is even lower than most of Virginia. Issue is a look at how NOVEC's TOU plan stacks up/compares to the one's mentioned for SOCAL. The TOU plan I can get gives me a very small discount for off-peak charge times, but the peak time charges go up almost 250%... Given that solar is not an option and I'm not interested in turning off my air conditioner or heaters during peak hours, it just doesn't make sense for me. I agree that everyone's case is different, but do believe that this is a case where the buyer has to do the research. A TOU plan does NOT always guarantee one will have lower electric bills than the regular plan.

janendan | 18 février 2017

Has anyone used Sunport( solar charging outlets ) with any success. It seems like a great idea to use solar credits to slow charge. I wonder if it uses stored solar or would be active only?